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Volume 71:

  1. Sheís The One (PíNut Langford)(The Barron Knights featuring Duke DíMond, UK Columbia DB 7427: 1964)
  2. Til The Day I Die (D. Lambert-L. Pegues)(The Rugbys, Smash S-1997: 1965, P: D. Lambert & L. Courtney, A: D. Lambert & L. Courtney)
  3. Leave Her Alone (R. Weintraub)(London & The Bridges, Date 2-1502: 1966, P: Al Harvey & Steven Scott A Harvey Talents Production)
  4. Drollery (Leo Cornelissen & Dick Kooiman)(The Fun Of It, Yep Y 1011: 1966, P: Peter Koelewijn Production)
  5. (Bye Bye) Out The Window (W. Dewart-J. McEwan)(Teddy & The Pandas, Musicor MU 1176: 1966, P: Bruce Patch)
  6. Trapped (J. Edwards)(Joey Edwards, Columbia 4-43620: 1966, P: A J. L. Production)
  7. From A Boy To A Man (Ellis)(Wayne Fontana, MGM K13762: 1967, Accomp. Dir. By Arthur Greenslade)
  8. Ainít It Babe? (Marty Cooper)(United Fruit Co., York 403: 1967, P: Marty Cooper)
  9. Donít Cry No More (D. Malone)(The Swinginí Medallions, Smash S-2084: 1967)
  10. Cowboys And Indians (J. & T. Boylan)(The Epic Splendor, The Hot Biscuit Disc Company 1450: 1967, P: John Boylan, A,C: Trade Martin)
  11. In A Dream Of Silent Seas (Smokey-L. Stallman)(Smokey & His Sister, Columbia 4-43995: 1967, P: David Rubinson, A: Joey Scott)
  12. Itís Sunday (Les Baxter)(The Forum, Mira 243: 1967, P: Norm Ratner/Les Baxter)
  13. Green Plant (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(The Steeple Peeple, B.T. Puppy 45-534: 1967, P: The Tokens for Bright Tunes Productions, A,C: Herb Bernstein)
  14. Help Me Please (Christie)(The Outer Limits, UK Deram DM 125: 1967, P: Dru Harvey for Derrytone Record Co.)
  15. Lookiní Around (Wally Holmes-Marjorie Brooks)(The Inrhodes, Dunhill D-4078: 1967, P: Norm Ratner A Boone/Ratner Production)
  16. In The Early Evening Time (M. Benedikt-M. Small)(The Pop Explosion, We Make Rock ĎN Roll 1603: 1968, P: A James Foley/Richard Grasso Production)
  17. Milk And Honey (Carroll Quillen-Grady Smith)(The Bleus, Amy A-11,038: 1968, P: Eddie Hinton and Paul Ballenger)
  18. Not Today (S. Paine-F. Baker)(Company Front, Rising Sons RS-711: 1968, P: Ray Allen & Stuart Paine, A: Fred Baker)
  19. Iím Suspectiní (J.A. Griffin-M.Z. Gordon)(The Roosters, Philips 40504: 1968, P: J.A. Griffin & M.Z. Gordon A Snuff Garrett Production, A: Al Capps)
  20. Someday (Wills)(The New Dawn, RCA Victor 47-9569: 1968, P: Felton Jarvis)
  21. The New Breed (J. Easter)(Ron Moody & The Centaurs, Columbia 4-44908: 1969, P: Tom Meeder & Charlie Bradford for Old Coach Productions, Ltd.)
  22. I Know What It Is (Mark Gallagher & Ken Dammand)(The Fragile Lime, Sabrina SR003: 1969, P,A: Bill Frederick)
  23. Oscar Crunch (P. Steinberg-G. Paulak-B. Goldberg)(The Nickel Revolution, Philips 40569: 1969, P: Moby Steinberg for Candy Floss Productions)
  24. This Kind Of Feeling (Ken Tobias)(Tobias, Bell B-810: 1969, P: Bill Medley A Medley Production)
  25. Down The Mississippi Line (J. Christie)(Christie, Epic 5-10626: 1970, P: Mike Smith)
  26. Carolina Train (J. Berick)(Trakstod, Philips 40655: 1970, P: Milan M. Melvin Of Western Maintenance Productions, Horns by Martin Fierro)
  27. When Iím Dead And Gone (Gallagher-Lyle)(Bob Summers, MGM K-14206: 1971, P: Bob Summers) *
  28. Cuddle Up (Dennis Wilson-Darryl Dragon)(The Beach Boys, Brother/Reprise REP 1021: 1972, P: The Beach Boys)

Volume 72:

  1. Seven Days To Tahiti (S. Applebaum)(The Hornets, Columbia 4-42999: 1964, P: Mike Berniker)
  2. Make It Go Away (J. Hooven-E. Carroll-H. Winn)(The Munsters, Decca 31670: 1964, Inspired By The T.V. Characters "The Munsters")
  3. If This Is Love (Craigemmerson)(The Staccatos, Capitol of Canada 72244: 1965, P: A Dasanda Production)
  4. But Not Today (B. Dorsey)(Bill Dorsey, Double-Shot 103: 1966)
  5. War Is A Card Game (P. Polland)(Nancy Ames, Epic 5-10003: 1966, P: Manny Kellem and Billy Sherrill, A,C: Sid Bass)
  6. My Olí Gin Buddy And Me (T. Romeo)(Tony Romeo, Columbia 4-43839: 1966, P: Kapralik/McCoy A Daedalus Production, A: Van McCoy)
  7. Donít Take The Lovers From The World (Hugo & Luigi; George David Weiss)(Flip Cartridge, Parrot 45 PAR 306: 1966)
  8. Sunny Goodge Street (Donovan Leitch)(Tom Northcott, Warner Bros. 7051: 1967, P: Lenny Waronker, A: Leon Russell, Directed by Leon Russell)
  9. Canít Get Over You (Theodore Barbella)(The Young Savages, Roulette R-4777: 1967, P: Bob Wyld & Art Polhemua for Shelby Singleton Productions, Inc.)
  10. Like My Girl (N. Ford)(The Sound Investment, Laurie 3398: 1967, P: Neil Ford for Five Star Productions, Inc.)
  11. Vinegar Man (S. Jacobus)(The Care Package, Jubilee 45-5545: 1967, P: Tash Howard for Smith-Howard Productions, C: Norman Robbins)
  12. Find Yourself A Rainbow (Greenfield-Keller)(Sally Field, Colgems 66-1008: 1967, P: Jack Keller, A,C: Don McGinnis)
  13. Tell Tale (T. Hatch)(Gary & The Hornets, Smash S-2090: 1967, P: Lou Reizner, A: Dick Reynolds)
  14. Heart Trouble (Clinton-Barnes)(Eyes Of Blue, Deram 45 DEM 85001: 1967, P: Noel Walker)
  15. Another Teardrop (D. Arlon)(Roly Daniels, UK CBS 3754: 1968, P: Deke Arlon, A: Ian Green)
  16. Lookiní Like Somethiní That Ainít (D. Harris-K. Harris)(Lance Rentzel, Columbia 4-44595: 1968, P: Jackie Mills A Wednesday Child Production)
  17. Variations On A Theme Called Hanky Panky (J. Barry-E. Greenwich)(The Definitive Rock Chorale, Philips 40529: 1968, P: Ellie Greenwich and Mike Rashkow A Pineywood Production, A: Sammy Lowe, E: Tory Brainard)
  18. Sweet Pajamas (Jason Schulman)(The Rock Garden, B.T. Puppy 45-536: 1968, P: Elliot Weiss & Bright Tunes Productions, E: Wally Sheffey)
  19. Make You Mine (Rudy Martinez)(? & The Mysterians, Capitol 2162: 1968, P: Mark Taylor)
  20. Nobodyís Child (Jimmy Curtiss-Dan Mahoney)(The Bag, Decca 32279: 1968, P: Perception Productions, Inc.)
  21. Stained Glass Lady (K. Morrill)(Johnny Green & The Greenmen, Ranwood R-838: 1969, P: Andy DiMartino An A. DiMartino Production, A: Jimmie Haskell)
  22. I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City (Harry Nilsson)(The New Yorkers, Decca 32569: 1969, P: Jim Bailey A Product of Lionel Entertainment Corp.)
  23. A Little Bit Of Faith (M. Holly-V. Garay-P. Phillips)(California, Columbia 4-44892: 1969, P: David Rubinson, A,C: David Rubinson)
  24. Letís Get To Gettiní (J. Katz-J. Kasenetz)(Flying Giraffe, Bell B-801: 1969, P: J. Katz-J. Kasenetz A Super K Production A Product of Kasenetz-Katz Assoc.)
  25. Let Me Live (S. Berge-R. Cuccia)(Shane Martin, Epic 5-10552: 1969, P: Jay Darrow)
  26. Feelings (Mann-Weil)(P.K. Limited, Colgems 66-5012: 1970, P: David Gates, A: David Gates) *
  27. Weíre On Our Way (T. Randazzo-V. Pike)(The Vogues, Bell 991: 1971, P: Teddy Randazzo, A: Teddy Randazzo)
  28. I Stand Rejected (Bob Brady)(Bob Brady, A&M 1382: 1972, P: J. Cash & Bob Gordon for B.O.F. Talent Management, Inc.)
  29. Conquest (Alfred Newman)(Sidney Sharp and His Orchestra, Warner Bros. 5417: 1964, P: Jimmy Haskell & Joe Saraceno)

Volume 73:

  1. Iím Not Gonna Worry (Cause I Know Heís Mine)(Rufus Horton)(The Cinnamons, B.T. Puppy 45-503: 1964, P,A: Big Time Productions, E: Brooks Arthur)
  2. Thank You Babe (Kornfeld-Duboff)(The Changiní Times, Philips 40320: 1965, P: Kornfeld-Duboff A Product of Koppelman-Rubin Associates)
  3. I Was There (Jerry Goffin-Carole King)(Tony Conigliaro, RCA Victor 47-8793: 1966, P: Paul Robinson, A,C: Bob Halley)
  4. Ski-Daddle (T. Romeo)(6 7/8, Dot 45-16877: 1966, P: Tony Romeo A Peer-Southern Production)
  5. Siamese Cat (R. Mull)(The Cowsills, Philips 40382: 1966, P: Shelby S. Singleton, Jr.)
  6. So Whatís New? (John Pisano-Peggy Lee)(Vic Dana, Dolton 326: 1966, P: Bob Reisdorff, A,C: Leon Russell)
  7. My Heart Loves The Samba (Best Of All)(Barough-Lai-Keller)(Jerry Keller, RCA Victor 47-9221: 1967, P: Bob Cullen, A,C: James Wisner)
  8. Knot Tier (E.P. Mocko)(The Marshmellows, Columbia 4-44159: 1967, P: A Peter Shekeryk Production)
  9. 90 Pound Weakling (Capello)(The Gentrys, MGM K13749: 1967, P: The Gentrys, A: Larry Raspberry)
  10. Touch Talk (L. Chandler)(Len Chandler, Columbia 4-44269: 1967, P: Elliot Mazer, A,C: Len H. Chandler, Jr., Executive Producer: John Hammond)
  11. Just Another Face (Joey Day-Al Dischel)(The Blades Of Grass, Jubilee 45-5590: 1967, P: Steve & Bill Jerome For Real Good Productions, A: John Abbott & Al Dischel)
  12. Our Snowflake Dreams (T. Anderson)(Ted Anderson, Columbia 4-44282: 1967, P: Wally Brady, A,C: George Tipton)
  13. Not From You (T. Andre-R. King)(New Wave, Canterbury C-503: 1967, P: Ken Handler, A: Gene Page, E: Ami Hadani)
  14. Inside Out (Bobby Rambo & Bob Kriss)(The In Crowd, Abnak AB-121: 1967, P: Dale Hawkins)
  15. In The Hush Of The Night (Bobby Goldsboro)(Larry Henley, Atco 45-6610: 1968, P: Bobby Goldsboro for Unicorn Productions)
  16. Green Bamboo (Michael Brewer-Tom Shipley)(Michael Brewer & Tom Shipley, A&M 938: 1968, P: Allen Stanton)
  17. Last Of The Great (Old Hang Around Type Girls)(T.H. Kidd-Bobby Gosh)(Bobby Gosh, Roulette R-7013: 1968, P: T.H. Kidd, A,C: Artie Schroek)
  18. Stop In The Name Of Love (E. Holland-L. Dozier-B. Holland)(The New Christy Minstrels, Columbia 4-44500: 1968, P: Gregar Productions, A,C: Chuck Sagle)
  19. Itís A Happening World (Mann-Weil)(Paula Wayne, Colgems 66-1021: 1968, P: Shorty Rogers, A,C: Shorty Rogers)
  20. I Still Believe In Tomorrow (R. Scott-M. Wilde)(John & Anne Ryder, Decca 732506: 1969, P: Mark Edwards, Vocal Arranged by Cy Payne) *
  21. Twelve Twenty Nine (Sterling)(Neil MacArthur, Deram 45-85054: 1969, P: A Mike Hurst Production, MD: Phil Dennys)
  22. Mill Stream (Mason)(The Fourmyula, NZ His Masterís Voice HR.374: 1969, P: Peter Dawkins & The Fourmyula)
  23. Sittiní In Circles (Barry Goldberg-Steve Miller)(Max Frost & The Troopers, Tower 478: 1969, P: Harley Hatcher for Sidewalk Productions)
  24. Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy (Ray Whitley-J.R. Cobb)(Bobby And I, Imperial 66436: 1969, P: Martin Cooper, A: Al Capps) *
  25. Didnít I Blow Your Mind (Bell, Hart)(Sue & Sunny, UK Deram DM 318: 1970, P: Tony Hiller, MD: Keith Mansfield)
  26. Noises (In My Head)(Cook-Greenaway)(White Plains, Deram 45-85066: 1970, P: Roger Greenaway, MD: Zack Laurence)
  27. (Nicchi Sgnacchi Mucchi Mucchi) The Fortune Cookie Song (Music: A. Venturini-Eng. Lyrics: R. Loring & L. Adelson)(Eve Plumb, RCA 74-0409: 1971, P: Neely Plumb IMC Productions, Inc., A,C: Nicky Welsh) *
  28. You Canít Touch Me (R. White)(Paper Lace, Bang B-700: 1972, P: Roy White) *

Volume 74:

  1. Dayflower (L. Russell-T. Garrett-S. Singleton)(The Spotlights, Smash S-2020: 1966, P: Snuff Garrett & Leon Russell A Snuff Garrett Production)
  2. You Better Stay Home (Malcolm Dodds)(The Society Girls, Vee Jay VJ 524: 1963, P: A Goledo Production, A,C: Malcolm Dodds)
  3. It Might As Well Be Me (S. Edwards-H. David)(Henrietta & The Hairdooz, Liberty 55572: 1963, P: Ed Silvers, A: Garry Sherman)
  4. Who Could It Be? (A. Love-M. Myers)(The Fabulous Four, Brass 314: 1964, P: Geo. Hodes)
  5. Green Is The Grass (King)(Johnathan King, Parrot 45-PAR 9804: 1965, P: Marquis Enterprises, MD: Ken Jones)
  6. Face To Face (With Love)(L. Emmerson)(The Staccatos, UK Capitol CL 15478: 1966)
  7. My First Heart Break (Linda Parrish-Carl Edmondson)(2 Of Clubs, Fraternity F 972: 1966, P: Carl Edmondson, Supervisor: Bill Stith)
  8. Think (N. Levenson-R. Selig)(Ronnie Dante, Columbia 4-43720: 1966, P: Neil Levenson, A: Arnold Goland)
  9. Donít Put Off Tomorrow What You Can Do Today (H. Fuqua, J. Bristol)(The Monitors, V.I.P. 25039: 1966, P: H. Fuqua, J. Bristol)
  10. Heís My Friend (Spirt-Burke)(The Sidekicks, RCA Victor 47-9079: 1967, P: Bernie Loew & Bob Cullen, A,C: Jimmy Wisner)
  11. Take A Chance On Me Baby (Bill Burkette)(The Vogues, Co & Ce C-244: 1967, P: Willett-Vogues)
  12. Kind Of Funny (Ernie Orosco)(The Giant Crab, Corby CR2178: 1967, P: A Corby Record Production)
  13. I Donít Understand (P. Gary)(Phil Gary, Tower 371: 1967, P: Ray Allen)
  14. Looking Glass (R. Novak)(The Will-O-Bees, Date 2-1583: 1967, P: A Dunwich Production for Screen Gems-Columbia Music, A: Shorty Rogers)
  15. Pray For Rain (P. Weston)(The Hello People, Philips 40572: 1968, P: Lew Futterman A Concert House Production)
  16. Walking In Different Circles (Laurence Weiss-Scott English)(The Peppermint Rainbow, Decca 32316: 1968, P: Paul Leka, A,C: Paul Leka, Executive Producer: Dick Jacobs)
  17. Your Tomorrow (Spaulding-Wood)(The Spaulding Wood Affair, Kapp K-942: 1968, P: A Daedalus Production, A: Alan deMause & The Spaulding Wood Affair, C: Alan deMause)
  18. A Lonely Girl (John Madera)(Daryl Hall, Parallax P 404: 1968, P: A Cellar Door Prod. for John Madera Enterprises, Ltd., A: Tom Sellers) *
  19. You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (M. Radice)(Mark Radice, Decca 32349: 1968, P: A Cloak and Dagger Production, A:: Arthur Schroeck and Mark Radice)
  20. Love, Anyway You Want It (Jimmy Curtiss)(The Sweet Bippies, A&M 990: 1968, P: Jimmy Curtiss for Perception Productions)
  21. Go My Way (Flanagan-Goldberg-Wagner)(Flanagan, Smash S-2221: 1969, P: Ellie Greenwich & Mike Rashkow A Pineywood Production, A: Joe Renzetti)
  22. El Paso County Jail (Libert-Miranda)(The Happenings, Jubilee 45-5677: 1969, P: The Happenings for Mira-Lee Productions)
  23. Donít Go Cryiní (Mavis McCauley)(Southbound Freeway, Atco 45-6690: 1969, P: Norman Petty)
  24. Willow Tree (Stephen Gould-Yash Klodzinsky(The Fruit Machine, American Music Makers AMM-0021: 1969, P: Barry Kingston A Meridian Production for Spark Records Ltd.)
  25. Here We Go Again (R. Rover-Al Traps)(The Peace Pipe, Parrot 45-345: 1970, P: Al Van Dam)
  26. Itís So Better (P. Kiney, J. Darcel)(Aeroplane, Dutch Pink Elephant 333.016: 1971) *
  27. You And Me (Ardith Polley)(The Tokens, Bell 45,190: 1972, P,A: P. Margo, J. Siegel, M. Margo)
  28. Everything Fine (F. Zeufeldt-W. Beck-K. Eggers-M. Rogers)(The Surprise Package, Columbia 4-43922: 1966)

Volume 75:

  1. And The Next Day Too (Bill & Bob Cowsill)(The Cowsills, JoDa J-103: 1965, P: Johnny Nash)
  2. Move (R. Alfred, H. Davie)(Patrick, RSVP 1117: 1965, P: Galligan-Davie, A: Hutch Davie)
  3. You Thrill Me To Pieces (Bill Bates)(Sounds [Auckland] Unlimited, NZ Philips PF338079: 1966)
  4. I Donít Feel Alone (D. Robb)(The Robbs, Mercury 72616: 1966, P: Dee Robb)
  5. You Gotta Run (Tim Ward)(The Roosters, Progressive Sounds Of America PSA 1151: 1966, P: Sound Enterprises/Richie Allen)
  6. Hitting The Moon With A Sling Shot (K. Young)(The Seagulls, Date 2-1536: 1966, P: Kenny Young, A: Kenny Young)
  7. Tee Hee Hee (My Life Seems Different Now)(Danny Whitten)(The T-Bones, Liberty 55951: 1967, P: Joe Saraceno, A: Leon Russell)
  8. In The Night (Us-Lot)(The Barron Knights, UK Columbia DB 8161: 1967, P: Monty Babson)
  9. Time (Michael Merchant)(The Shanes, Capitol 5963: 1967)
  10. Time After Time (I Keep On Loviní You)(R. Barcelona)(Band Without A Name, Sidewalk 913: 1967, Mike Curb)
  11. Left Hand Lawyer (Karp-Whelchel-Holloway)(The Fourmost Authority, GNP Crescendo GNP 386: 1967, P: 2-D Productions)
  12. I Want You To Know (S. Diamond)(A Little Bit Of Sound, Carole 1002: 1967)
  13. Iím Real (G. Watt-Roy)(Living Daylights, Buddah BDA-2: 1967, P: Dennis Berger & Stephen James A This Production)
  14. Stay By Me (L. Lawson)(The Clique, Scepter SCE-12202: 1967, P: An Andrus Production)
  15. Sounds Of The City (D. Huberberger)(Jim & Dale, Roulette R-4755: 1967, P: A Hunter-Levenson Production for Big Seven Productions)
  16. 1941 (Harry Nilsson)(Tom Northcott, Warner Bros. 7160: 1968, P: Lenny Waronker & Leon Russell, A: Leon Russell)
  17. I See You (Dave Holeman)(A Small World, Mira 250: 1968, P: Clancy Grass and Bob Mahoney)
  18. Old Laces (J. Moore-P. Varisco-S. Chaisson-R. Brians)(The Glory Rhodes, Atco 45-6559: 1968, P: Stanley Chaisson, A: Harold Batiste & Johnny Moore)
  19. Leave A Little (Mason-Dante)(Men, Parrot 45-3026: 1968, P,A: Men Marsam Music Production)
  20. If My World Falls Through (Kenny OíDell)(The Rose Garden featuring Diana DeRose, Atco 45-6564: 1968, P: Brian Stone & Charlie Greene A York/Pala Production, E: Stan Ross)
  21. White Paper Sail (Richard Segall)(The Smubbs, Monument Mn45-1141: 1969, P: Bob Gallo)
  22. High Horse (K. Nolan)(The Summer Winds, Metromedia MM 131: 1969, P: Michael Gordon For S.G.G. Productions, A: George Tipton)
  23. Goodbye Mr. Applegate (Harison)(Buckwheat, Super K SK 12: 1969, P: Bob Margouleff)
  24. Sad Day Song (Martin Kosins)(Vic Dana, Liberty 56150: 1969, P: Ted Glasser, A: Al Capps, E: Dino Lappas)
  25. My Imagination (Peyton-Kaniger)(P.K. Limited, Colgems 66-5010: 1970, P: David Gates, A: David Gates & P.K. Limited) *
  26. Brown Eyed Woman (B. Mann-C. Weil)(Cupidís Inspiration, Date 2-1665: 1970, P: Jimmy Duncan, A,C: Johnny Arthey)
  27. Off And Running (Guy Fletcher-Doug Flett)(Jam, Bell 45-138: 1971, P: A Penny Farthing Production)
  28. Merry-Go-Round (B. Andersson, S. Anderson, B. Ulvaeus)(Bjorn & Benny, Playboy P 50014: 1972, P: A Polar Music Production) *

Volume 76:

  1. Eine Kleine Beatlemusic: (a) Allegro (b) Minuet and Trio (c) Finale (Original music by Lennon and McCartney)(The Barock-and-Roll Ensemble, UK His Masterís Voice 7EG 8887: 1965, Directed by Fritz Spiegl)
  2. My Ringo (Ward-Landsberg-Tipton-Cole)(The Rainbows, Dot 45-16612: 1964, P: A Ward-Vine Street Production)
  3. Ringo For President (Bob Hilliard-Mort Garson)(The Young World Singers, Decca 31660: 1964, P: A Bud-Granoff Production)
  4. All My Loving (Lennon-McCartney)(Jimmy Griffin, Reprise 0268: 1964, P: Jimmy Bowen)
  5. Beattle Rule (Silva-Verissimo-Htde)(Jim Doval and The Gauchos, Diplomacy X-6: 1964, P: Silva-Verissimo)
  6. Liverpool Town (Jerry Merritt-Alva Norman)(Jerry Merritt and The Crowns, American AM-3366: 1965, P,A: Jay Colonna)
  7. Michelle (John Lennon-Paul McCartney)(The Spokesmen, Decca 31895: 1966, P: Madera-White Productions, A: Jimmy Wisner)
  8. If I Needed Someone (George Harrison)(The Stained Glass, RCA Victor 47-8889: 1966, P: Danny Davis)
  9. Theme From "The Family Way" (Paul McCartney)(The Tudor Minstrels, London 45-1012: 1967)
  10. L.S. Bumble Bee (Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, UK Decca F 12551: 1967)
  11. Yellow Submarine (McCartney & Lennon)(John Foster & Sons Ltd. Black Dyke Mills Band, Apple 1800: 1968, P: Paul McCartney
  12. Run For Your Life (J. Lennon/P. McCartney)(The Raw Meat, Musicor MU 1326: 1968, P: Bob Schwartz for Flower Pot Productions, Recorded at Groove Sound Studio, N.Y.)
  13. Good Day Sunshine (J. Lennon-P. McCartney)(Sweet Linda Devine, Columbia 4-44954: 1968, P: Al Kooper, A,C: Charles Calello and Al Kooper)
  14. Trash Can (Trash-Tennent)(Trash, Apple 1811: 1969, P: Tony Meehan) *
  15. Maxwellís Silver Hammer (Lennon/McCartney)(The Good Ship Lollipop, Ember EM 701: 1969, P: Mike Berry)
  16. Give Peace A Chance (Lennon-McCartney)(Hot Chocolate Band, Apple 1812: 1969, P: Tony Meehan A Derek Lawrence Production)
  17. Oh Darling (Lennon-McCartney)(Joy Unlimited, Mercury 73005: 1970, P: Peter Kirsten)
  18. Here Comes The Sun (G. Harrison)(We Five, Vault V-964: 1970, P: Michael Stewart for Wednesdayís Child Prod., A: We Five, Michael Stewart and Al Capps) *
  19. Try Some, Buy Some (George Harrison)(Ronnie Spector, Apple 1832: 1971, P: Phil Spector & George Harrison, Orchestral Arrangement by J. Barham) *
  20. Deep Blue (George Harrison)(George Harrison, Apple 1836: 1971, P: George Harrison & Phil Spector) *
  21. Weíre On Our Way (Chris Hodge)(Chris Hodge, Apple 1850: 1972, P: Tony Cox) *
  22. Valse De Soleil Coucher (Sundown Waltz)(D. Higginbotham)(The Sundown Playboys, Apple 1852: 1972, P: A Swallow Records Production)
  23. Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Version)(McCartney and McCartney)(Wings, Apple 1847: 1971, P: The McCartneys) *

Volume 77:

  1. Iíll Cry Tomorrow (The Honeycombs, Interphon IN-7713: 1964)
  2. Hard Road Ahead (S. DiNunzio-H. Cohen)(The Fenways, Blue Cat BC-116: 1965, P: A Cenci-Hakim Production)
  3. Show Me The Way (Ben Weisman-Sid Wayne)(Barry Young, Dot 45-16756: 1965, P: Larchmont Productions, Inc. & D and M Music Co., A,C: Ernie Freeman)
  4. He Thinks Heís A Hero (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(The Happenings, B.T. Puppy 45-520: 1966, P: Bright Tunes Productions)
  5. Baby (Youíre My Everything)(Spain; Williams)(Hedgehoppers Anonymous, Parrot 45 PAR 3002: 1966, P: A Johnathan King Enterprises Production)
  6. Love Special Delivery (Thee Midnighters)(Thee Midnighters, Whittier 500: 1966, P: Eddie Torres)
  7. So Right (To Be In Love)(B. Taylor-B. Winslow)(The Royal Guardsmen, Laurie LR 3397: 1967, P: Gernhard Enterprises)
  8. Whisper Words (Les Emmerson)(The Staccatos, Capitol 5979: 1967, P: Nick Venet)
  9. Listen To My Heart (Jarman; Dunning; Ditchfield; Eckstein)(The Bats, Parrot 45-40013: 1967, P: Tony Clarke)
  10. Flying On The Ground (Neil Young)(Summer Snow, Capitol 2031: 1967, P: Dan Dalton & Rusty Evans)
  11. Heís Just Like That (Georgie Porgie)(Georgie Porgie & The Cry Babies, Jubilee 45-5578: 1967, P: Pierre G. Maheu for Look Ahead Productions)
  12. American Eagle Tragedy (Peter Rowan)(Earth Opera, Elektra EK-45636: 1968, P: Peter K. Seigel) *
  13. Strawberry Children (Jimmy Curtiss)(The Hobbits, Decca 32270: 1968, P: Terry Philips A Lee harridan Production)
  14. The Boy With The Green Eyes (Diamond)(The Angels, RCA Victor 47-9612: 1968, P: Pierre G. Maheu, A,C: Lee Holdridge, E: John Woram, Technician: Dick Baxter)
  15. Teddy Bear Days (Barnswallow Farquahr)(Fabulous Farquahr, Verve Forecast KF-5085-SS: 1968, P: A Taylor-Gorgoni Production, Prod. Supervisor: Jerry Schoenbaum) *
  16. May My Heart Be Cast Into Stone (S. Linzer-D. Randell)(Don & The Goodtimes, Epic 5-10280: 1968, P: Sandy Linzer & Denny Randell, A,C: Charlie Calello)
  17. Listen To The Music (Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil)(Will-O-Bees, SGC 002: 1969, P: Bill Traut)
  18. One & One Make Two (R. McBrien-B. Rose)(The Wishbone, Fontana F-1651: 1969, P: Rod McBrien, A: Meco Monardo)
  19. Children In The Making (R. John-L. Stallman)(Robert John, Columbia 4-44950: 1969, P: Billy Jackson, A,C: Charles Calello)
  20. Dead Dog (Billy Alessi)(The Pendulum, Kama Sutra KA-257: 1969, P: David Lucas & George Grant for Sata Fortas Attractions, Ltd.)
  21. Quick Like A Bunny (J. Doss-G. Van Allen-L. Blaskey)(Sandy & Dick St. John, Congress C-6021: 1970, P.A: Allen Breed & Mike Henderson for Treswood Productions)
  22. Susie Cincinnati (Alan Jardine)(The Beach Boys, Brother/Reprise 0894: 1970, P: The Beach Boys, E: Stephen Desper)
  23. Every Lonely Day (B. Mason-M. Manger)(Edison Lighthouse, Bell 858: 1970, P,A: Tony Macaulay for Mustard Record Productions)
  24. Candy Apple Red (R. Dean Taylor)(R. Dean Taylor, Rare Earth R 5030F: 1971, P: R. Dean Taylor, A: R. Dean Taylor & David Van De Pitte, E: Bob Olhsson)
  25. Lonely Girl (So Sad And Blue)(Howard Chadwick)(Howard Chadwick, TRX 45-T-5038: 1972, P,A: Billy Empson) *

Volume 78:

  1. Bee Side Soul (Greene-Stone)(The Date With Soul, York 408: 1967)
  2. No Go Showboat (Wilson-Christian)(The Timers, Reprise 231: 1963, P: Jimmy Bowen, A,C: Gary Usher)
  3. The Fever (A. Spezze-Kenny Ancell)(Jody Miller, Capitol 5192: 1964, P: Curly Walter, A,C: Hank Levine)
  4. The Richest Girl (J. Flanagan)(The Sweets, Valiant V-711: 1965, P: DeVorzon, Chandler, Sanders)
  5. Come Back Baby (Mike Lewis & Ricky Lisi)(Roddie Joy, Red Bird RB 10-021: 1965, P: Mike Lewis & Stuart Wiener)
  6. Never Less Than Yesterday (R. Ahlert-L. Kusik)(Paula Wayne, Columbia 4-43727: 1966, P: Howard A. Roberts, A,C: Sammy Lowe)
  7. Icicles (Fell From The Heart Of A Bluebird)(Kenneth King)(Jonathan King)(Parrot 45-PAR-3008: 1966, P: A Marquis Enterprises Production)
  8. In A Funny Sort Of Way (Dee Robb)(The Robbs, Mercury 72679: 1966, P: Lou Reizner)
  9. Youíre In A Bad Way (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(The Scene, B.T. Puppy 45-533: 1967, P,A: Neil Sheppard for Bright Tunes Productions, E: Jack Adams & Wally Sheffey)
  10. Ice Melts In The Sun (R. Dante-G. Allen-B. Feldman)(Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Liberty 55949: 1967, P: Snuff Garrett A Snuff Garrett Production)
  11. Oh To Get Away (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(Randy & The Rainbows, B.T. Puppy BTP-535: 1967, P: The Tokens for Bright Tunes Productions, Mitch Margo played all the instruments)
  12. Whoís The Bird! (Kenny Young)(The Squirrels, RCA Victor 47-9127: 1967, P: Kenny Young)
  13. Revalation (B. Fuller-M. Stone)(Randy Fuller, Show Town 466: 1967, P: A Bob Keene Prodution)
  14. Love Is Real (R. Naylor)(The Poor, York 402: 1967, P: Barry Friedman)
  15. Donít Walk Away (The Cherry Slush, U.S.A. 895: 1968)
  16. 14th Annual Fun & Pleasure Fair (S. Duboff-Artie Kornfeld)(The Guild Light Gauge, We Make Rock ĎNí Roll 1600: 1968, P: Artie Kornfeld for Justa-Virgo Enterprises, A: Jimmy "The Whiz" Wisner)
  17. Speak Like A Child (T. Hardin)(The Osmond Brothers, Barnaby ZS7 2002: 1968, P: Gary Klein A Product of Koppelman-Rubin Assoc., Inc., A,C: Kirby Johnson)
  18. Rainbow Ride (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim(Andy Kim, Steed S-0711: 1968, P: Jeff Barry, A: Ronald Frangipane, S.D. Christopher) *
  19. Eeny Meeny (C. Edmonds-J. Thompson)([The] Safe As Milk, Roulette R-7027: 1968, P: Paul Leka for Heather Productions, Inc., A: Joe Messina)
  20. Thereís A Better Day A Cominí (Na, Na, Na, Na)(R. Cordell-J. Kasenetz-J. Katz)(Crazy Elephant, Bell B-846: 1969, P: J. Katz; J. Kasenetz; R. Cordell; S. Charles; G. Edwards A Prod. Of Kasenetz-Katz Assoc., Inc.)
  21. Little Miss Know It All (Austin Roberts)(The Side Show, GRT 6: 1969, P: Cymbal-Tobin Production)
  22. Hayride (Cason Gayden)(The Flying Circus, GNP Crescendo GNP-426: 1969, P: Mike Perjonik For E.M.I. Australia)
  23. Baby The Rain Must Fall (Sheldon-Bernstein)(The New Establishment, Colgems 66-5006: 1969, P: Ernie Sheldon, A: Don McGinnis) *
  24. Stay Together (Pete Bellotte)(Sunday People, Jamie 1403: 1970, P: Pete Bellotte, A: Fritz Muschler, Licensed by Ariola-Euradisc-Amalthea Musikproduktion GMBH, Germany)
  25. Weíre Not Gonna Take It (Townshend)(Jennifer, Parrot 45-343: 1970, P: Allan Capps for Martin Cooper Prod.)
  26. When He Comes (G. Gouldman-J. Katz-J. Kasenetz)(Fighter Squadron, Bell B-966: 1971, P: G. Gouldman-J. Katz and J. Kasenetz A Product of Kasenetz and Katz Assoc., Inc.)
  27. Small Beginnings (Banks-Carter)(Flash, Capitol 3345: 1972, P: Derek Lawrence) *
  28. Sea Side Shuffle (John Lewis)(Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs, UK 45-49003: 1973, P: An Original Sonet Recording) *
  29. Bee Side Blues (T. Howard-D. Smith)(The Caretaker, ABC 11110: 1968, P: Tash Howard)

Volume 79:

  1. Show Me You Mean It (G. Davies)(Me And Them, U.S. Songs DB 101: 1964, A Pye Records, U.K., Recording)
  2. Sweets For My Sweet (Doc Pomus-Mort Shuman)(The Del Satins, B.T. Puppy 45-509: 1965, P: Big Time Productions, E: Bob Arnold)
  3. Yo-Yo (J. South)(Billy Joe Royal, Columbia 4-43883: 1966, P: Joe South)
  4. A Woman Of The World (John Hurley-Ronnie Wilkins)(The Gentrys, MGM K 13561: 1966, P: Chips Moman, A: John Hurley)
  5. Max (J. Daniels-J. Rose)(Barbara Feldon, RCA Victor 47-8954: 1966, P: Elliot F. Mazer for Miracle Records, A,C: Charlie Fox)
  6. One Born Every Minute (Baker-Cavendish)(David and Jonathan, Capitol 5934: 1967, P: George Martin, Accompaniment Directed by Mike Vickers)
  7. Junk Man (Dick Monda)(The Celebration, Challenge 59377: 1967, P: Staff)
  8. Genuine Imitation Life (J. Holmes)(Jackie Lomax, Epic 5-10270: 1967, P: A Robert Stigwood Production, Prepared for release in the U.S.A. by Manny Kellem, MD: Bill Shepherd)
  9. Turn On The Music (R. Whitley)(The Swinginí Medallions, Smash S-2107: 1967, P: Ray Whitley for Karric Productions)
  10. Window Shopping (R. Dean Taylor)(The Messengers, Soul S-35037: 1967, P: R. Dean Taylor)
  11. Ainít It Something (Jimmy Georgantones)(Jimmy George, Viva V-327: 1968, P: Jimmy George Snuff Garrett Productions)
  12. Change My Direction (Thomas-McRee-Thomas)(Tyme Syndicate, ABC 11191: 1968, P: Bob McRee and Staff and Tyme Syndicate)
  13. Why Donít They Leave Us Alone (D. Malone/B. Lamp)(Little Carl Carlton 14 Year Old Sensation, Back Beat 596: 1968)
  14. Happy Just To Be With You (Jeff Thomas)(Jeff Thomas, Warner Bros. 7227: 1968, P: Dan Dalton for Binder/Howe Productions, A: Billy Goldenberg)
  15. Reading Her Paper (B. Cooper-F. Catana)(The Cyrkle, Columbia 4-44426: 1968, P,A: Charlie Calello)
  16. Wonder Where The Mellow Went (Hinton-Sabotka-Greene)(The Bleus, Amy A-11,017: 1968, P: Eddie Hinton and Paul Ballenger)
  17. Talk To Yourself (Larry Scott)(The Renaissance, Kapp K-2012: 1969, P: A Concert House Productin by Chris Welsh)
  18. Big Bruce (M. Vickery-D. Tyson-B. Reneau-B. Stith)(Steve Greenberg, Trip 3000: 1969, P: Bill Stith & Bud Reneau)
  19. Jungle Gym At The Zoo (R. Sussman, R. Frank, S. Bronstein)(The Elephants Memory, Buddah BDA 98: 1969, P: Wes Farrell A Coral Rock Production)
  20. Where Did Yesterday Go (Thomas Frost-Richard Frost)(Thomas & Richard Frost, Liberty 56191: 1969, P: Ted Glasser, A: Al Capps, E: Dino Lappas)
  21. Forget About Me (Peyton-Kaniger)(P.K. Limited, Colgems 66-5007: 1969, P: David Gates, A: David Gates and P.K. Limited) *
  22. Stand On Your Own Two Feet (Goodison/Hiller)(Harmony Grass, UK RCA Victor RCA 2011: 1970, P: John Goodison, A: John Goodison, C: Colin Frechter)
  23. The Suitcase (R.I. Allen-C. Facchinetti-V. Negrini)(The Pooh, Date 2-1678: 1970, P: G.C. Lucariello, A,C: F. Monaldi) *
  24. Go Away (R. Cordell-S. Trimachi-J. Kasenetz-J. Katz)(1910 Fruitgum Co., Super K SK 15, 1970, P: Ritchie Cordell, Breet Kasenetz, Jeff Katz A Product of Kasenetz-Katz Associates, Inc.)
  25. Angel Baby (Irwin Levine-L. Russell Brown)(Dusk, Bell 961: 1971, P: The Tokens & Dave Appell for Three Dimensions Management Corp., A: P.F.M. 88, E: Bill Radice)
  26. You Are Always On My Mind (Romeo)(The New Christy Minstrels, Gregar SP-45-268: 1971, P: A TOM Production, A: Tony Camillo)
  27. Itís A Happy Day (B. Armstrong-D. Armstrong)(The Armstrong Brothers, Smack 1001: 1972, P: Two Bros. Productions, A: Jim Sullins)

Volume 80:

  1. Caroleís Rebel (M. Curb)(Mike Curb and The Rebelairs, Smash S-1938: 1964, P: Ben-Ven Productions, Directed by Mike Curb)
  2. A Girl Named Arlene (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(The Tokens, B.T. Puppy 500: 1964, P,A: Big Time Productions)
  3. Georgianna (Donald Ciccone)(The Princetons, Colpix CP-793: 1966)
  4. Charlena (M. Chavez-H. Chaney)(The Rubber Band, Columbia 4-43796: 1966, P: Charles Calello)
  5. Chantilly Lace (J.P. Richardson)(Shorty Long, Soul S 35031: 1967, P: Clarence Paul)
  6. Helaina (Tony Bruno)(Tony Bruno, Buddah BDA-7: 1967, P: A Kama Sutra Production Presented & Produced by Artie Ripp, A,C: Artie Butler)
  7. For Bobbie (H.J. Deutschendorf, Jr.)(Dion & The Belmonts, ABC 45-10896: 1967)
  8. Cuddíly (B. Force)(Brute Force, Columbia 4-44091: 1967, P: John Simon)
  9. Mary Said (D. Janssen-M. Janssen-S. Kingsford)(The Youngfolk, Double Shot 117: 1967, P: Hooven-Winn, Promotion In Motion: Irwin Zucker)
  10. Goodbye Mary (D. Janssen_M. Janssen-W. Keske)(The Mother Love, Epic 5-10379: 1968, P: Jackie Mills for Wednesdayís Child Productions, A: Larry Knechtel)
  11. Lila (Jeff Barry)(Robin McNamara, Steed 45-713: 1968, P: Jeff Barry)
  12. Amandaís Man (Brute Force-Paul Kahan)(Amanda Ambrose, B.T. Puppy BTP 539: 1968, A,C: Norman Bergen for Bright Tunes Productions, Inc)
  13. Alice In Blue (Wilde-Scott)(Shannon, Heritage HE 814: 1969, Orch. Cond. By Peter Knight)
  14. Tricia Tell Your Daddy (J. Barry-M. Sanders)(Andy Kim, Steed 45-715: 1969, P: Jeff Barry, A: Ron Frangipane)
  15. Wiwwian Wevy (G. Knight, I. Levine, R. Stone)(Pastrami Malted, Metromedia MM-101: 1969, P: I. Levine & G. Knight for Herb Bernstein Productions, A: G. Knight)
  16. Moody (E. Paris-A. Mitchell)(Pat Shannon, Uni 55191: 1969, P: Dick Glasser for Dick Glasser Productions, A: Al Capps)
  17. Kelly (Dee-Mason)(Dave Dee, Bell B-905: 1970, A: Zack Lawrence)
  18. Linda Was A Lady (C. Chalmers-S. Rhodes)(Kansas City, Trump PRO-5080: 1970, P: Tommy Cogbill)
  19. Charlotte (Frank Jordan)(The Jordan Brothers, Turbo TU 002: 1970, P,A: Bert Keyes, Recorded: Soul Sound Studio, Englewood. N.J.)
  20. Suzanne (L. Cohen)(Tom Northcott, Uni 55288: 1971, P: Tom Northcott, A: Bob Buckley) *
  21. When Susie Takes The Plane (Barter-Antony)(The English Congregation, Atco 45-6865: 1971, P: John Burgess An EMI Records Recording)
  22. Kay (M. Ballew-L. Parks)(Red, Wilder, Blue; Pentagram PE 211: 1971, P: Al Schmitt for Schmitt-Douglas Productions)
  23. Crazy Ellenís Home Made Blueberry Jam (Bobby Flax and Lanny Lambert)(Reineriís Raiders, Buddah BDA 280: 1972, P: Bobby Flax and Lanny Lambert For Very Very Productions. Ltd.)
  24. Celia (Mitch Murray, Peter Callander)(Tony Christie, UK MCA MKS 5095: 1972, P: Mitch Murray & Peter Callander for Intune Ltd., Orchestra Conducted by Lew Warburton) *
  25. Marilynís Theme (Vincent Gambella-George Brown)(Vincent Bell, Decca 32659: 1970, P: Tom Morgan, A,C: Nick Perito) *

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