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Volume 61:

  1. Say Yeah! (L. Crockett-S. Gough)(Johnny and The Canadians, Columbia 4-43353: 1965, P: Produced by Lor Crane)
  2. Iíll See You Tomorrow (Howard Blaikley)(The Honeycombs, Warner Bros. 5634: 1965, P: A Pey Records, U.K. Recording)
  3. Let Your Hair Hang Long (E. Gurren-R. Keith)(Starbuck and The Rainmakers, Valiant V-744: 1966)
  4. Winter Weather (John Wilkin)(Ronny & The Daytonas, RCA Victor 47-9022: 1966, P: Bucky Wilkin in association with Felton Jarvis)
  5. Mr. Hunkachunk (T. Romeo)(Tony Romeo, Columbia 4-43939: 1966, P: Kapralik/McCoy A Daedalus Production, A: Van McCoy)
  6. Tonight Iím Telling You (Keith Colley)(Keith Colley, Challenge 59334: 1966)
  7. Letís Live For Today (Mogol-Shapiro-Julien)(Living Daylights, Buddah BDA-2: 1967, P: Dennis Berger & Stephen James A This Production)
  8. Simple Simon (B. Rand)(Arnie Corrado, Columbia 4-44382: 1967, P: Charlie Calello, A,C: Jimmy Wisner)
  9. Where Do We Go From Here (T. Andre-R. King)(New Wave, Canterbury C-503: 1967, P: Ken Handler, A: Gene Page, E: Ami Hadani)
  10. Charlie No One (K. Young)(The Seagulls, Date 2-1551: 1967, P: A Kenny Young Production, A,C: Jimmy Wisner)
  11. Just One More Chance (Christie)(The Outer Limits, UK Deram DM 125: 1967, P: Dru Harvey for Derrytone Record Co.)
  12. The Magic Book (Greenaway; Cook)(The Gibsons, Deram 45-DEM-85008: 1967, MD: Charles Blackwell)
  13. I Cannot Stop You (Dick Wagner)(The Cherry Slush, U.S.A. 895: 1968)
  14. Say What You See (Robb Royer-Tim Speed Hallinan)(The Curtain Calls, Dot 45-17093: 1968, P: James A. Griffin A Griffin/Newman Production, A: David Gates)
  15. Pretty Young Thing (Jimmy Curtiss)(The Hobbits, Decca 32270: 1968, P: Terry Philips A Lee Harridan Production)
  16. The Gumdrop Trilogy (M. Foeliger)(The New Lime, Columbia 4-44597: 1968, P: Ray Allen)
  17. Melodies (Rich Dee)(The Best Of Friends, Laurie LR 3450: 1968, P: Laurie Productions Inc. & Dennis Pantzer, A: The Best Of Friends)
  18. October Country (Michael Lloyd)(Raw Edge, Sidewalk 936: 1968, P: Michael Lloyd)
  19. I Donít Wanna Live This Way (Ogerman-English)(The Marshmellow Highway, Kapp K-904: 1968, P: Claus Ogerman & Scott English, A,C: Claus Ogerman)
  20. Night Time Music (J. Vetere-R. Santarpia)(Majic Ship, B.T. Puppy BTP 548: 1969, P: The Tokens for Bright Tunes Productions)
  21. What You Hear (L. Van Eaton-B. Foster)(Jacobs Creek, Columbia 4-44856: 1969, P: Al Lawrence, A: Lon Van Eaton)
  22. Half And Half (Mac Davis)(Everyday People, Abnak AB-150: 1969, P: Billy Strange) *
  23. I Still Care For You (John Tolbart-Jack Burke)(The Here and Now, Monument Mn45-1153: 1969, P: Ray Pennington)
  24. Howíd You Get To Be So Wonderful (Lee; Reynolds)(The Smoke Ring, Buddah BDA 77: 1969, P: Lee, Kesler & Reynolds For Rivertown Productions)
  25. Take What You Want (Hiller-Goodison)(West Point, Parrot 45-40052: 1970, P: Tony Hiller, MD: Cy Payne)
  26. Stay Awhile (R. Windmill-J. Michaels)(Montage, United Artists UA 50700: 1970, P: Alan Klein & Jerry Myers for Stone Gold Productions, A: Montage, Al Russ & Alan Klein, E: Vlad MaLeckar)
  27. Pigeon (Guy Fletcher-Doug Flett)(Jam, Bell 45-138: 1971, P: A Penny Farthing Production)
  28. People Show (Belling)(Little Joe, MGM K14230: 1971, P: Don Perry, A: Bob Summers) *

Volume 62:

  1. Spring Fever (S. Cristy)(Sonny & Orch., Vault 916: 1963)
  2. Yes Sir, Thatís My Baby (G. Kahn-W. Donaldson)(Hale & The Hushabyes, Apogee A-104: 1964, P: Greene, Stone & Nitzsche, A: Jack Nitzsche)
  3. Old Cape Cod (Rothrock-Yakus-Jeffrey)(The Four Freshmen, Capitol 5471: 1965, P: Bill Miller-Gary Paxton, Music by Gary Paxton)
  4. A Young Girl (Aznavour; O. Brown Jr.)(Noel Harrison, London 45-LON-9795: 1965, P: Marcel Stellman, A,C: Reg Guest)
  5. Wonderful You (F. Carrell)(The Coastliners, Back Beat 554: 1965)
  6. Come On And Sing (Achim Reichel)(Sounds [Auckland] Unlimited, NZ Philips PF338079: 1966)
  7. Silly Baby (Leo Cornelissen)(The Fun of It, Holland Yep Y 1011: 1966, P: Peter Koelewijn Production)
  8. Never Throw Your Dreams Away (J. Levine)(Joanie Sommers, Columbia 4-43567: 1966, P: Allen Stanton)
  9. Picture Me Gone (Al Gorgoni-Chip Taylor)(Evie Sands, Cameo C-413: 1966, P: A Taylor-Gorgoni Production, A: Al Gorgoni)
  10. Just You And I (S.J. Anander)(The Marshmellows, Columbia 4-44159: 1967, P: A Peter Shekeryk Production)
  11. Iím A Simple Man (Steff Sulke)(Steff Sulke, Dial 45-4058: 1967)
  12. Richard & Me (Gene Pistilli-T.P. West)(Gene & Tommy, ABC 10981: 1967, P: Bob Thiele)
  13. Contact (Alan Gordon-Garry Bonner)(Teddy Neeley, Capitol 5967: 1967, P: Ted Daryll A Product of Koppelman-Rubin Associates, Inc., A,C: Lee Holdridge)
  14. The Truth Is Not Real (G. Usher)(Sagittarius, Columbia 4-44503: 1967, P: Gary Usher, A: Gary Usher)
  15. Lands Of Shadow (S. McMains-W. Sheller-J. McMains)(Arch of Triumph, Date 2-1634: 1968, P: John Naikce)
  16. Bubblegum Music (Kanyon-Curtiss)(The Sweet Bippies, A&M 990: 1968, P: Jimmy Curtiss for Perception Productions)
  17. Give It A Try (George Saul)(The Camel Drivers, Buddah BDA 61: 1968, P: Artie Fields For Top Dog Records)
  18. Sing Me A Rainbow (Paint Me A Dream)(Bayer-Fischoff)(The Strawberry Street Singers, RCA Victor 47-9479: 1968, P: Jim Fogelsong, A,C: Marty Manning)
  19. Iíll Sing You A Song (Mason-Richardson)(The Fourmyula, NZ His Masterís Voice HR.374: 1969, P: Peter Dawkins & The Fourmyula)
  20. The Wall (John Carter-Russell Alquist)(The Fruit Machine, American Music Makers AMM-0021: 1969, P: Barry Kingston A Meridian Production for Spark Records Ltd.)
  21. Iíll Hold Out My Hand (C. Taylor, A. Gorgoni)(Wind, Life L-202: 1969, P: Paul Naumann and Bo Gentry)
  22. Iím Gonna Give You Good Loviní (Mike Appel-Jimmy Cretecos)(Mike Appel, Capitol 2828: 1970, P: Wes Farrell)
  23. Ainít No Way (Peyton-Kaniger)(P.K. Limited, Colgems 66-5010: 1970, P: David Gates, A: David Gates & P.K. Limited) *
  24. Summertime Girl (P. Anders-V. Poncia)(Salt Water Taffy, Metromedia MM-220: 1971, P: Rod McBrien, A: Meco Monardo)
  25. Donít Shut Me Out (David Gates)(Deryk Jones Party, Bang B-583: 1971, P: Norm Miller, Strings & Horns Arranged By Hoppy Hallman)
  26. Old Fashioned Girl (John Keen)(John Keen, UK Track 2094-103: 1972, P: John Keen) *
  27. Sassy (B. Crewe-B. Gaudio)(The Wonder Who?, Philips 40324: 1965)

Volume 63:

  1. S.P.C.L.G. *(Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Little Girls)(Malcolm Dodds)(The Society Girls, Vee Jay VJ 524: 1963, P: A Goledo Production, A,C: Malcolm Dodds)
  2. Oil In My Lamp (Lee-Morris)(The Ska Kings with Monty Morris & Chorus, Atlantic 34-2232: 1964)
  3. Where The Sun Has Never Shone (King)(Johnathan King, Parrot 45-PAR 9804: 1965, P: Marquis Enterprises, MD: Ken Jones)
  4. Playgirl (T. Hudgings)(The Palace Guard, Orange-Empire 331: 1965, A,C: Jack Nitzsche Orange Empire Prod., Inc. Beverly Hills, Calif., U.S.A.)
  5. Dreaminí Isnít Good For You (Danny Hutton)(Danny Hutton, MGM K-13502: 1966, P: Danny Hutton, Orch. Cond. By Gene Page)
  6. First Tell Me Why (Travers-Coventry)(Clefs of Lavender Hill, Date 2-1510: 1966, P: Steven Palmer)
  7. Hollow Woman (J. Johannessen)(Mark IV, Columbia 4-43911: 1966, P: John Simon)
  8. Iíll Probably Understand It When Iím Older (D. Weintraub)(London and The Bridges, Date 2-1535: 1966, P: Al Harvey & Steven Scott A Harvey Talents Inc. Production)
  9. Dear Mrs. Applebee (Billy Meshell; P.L. Barr)(Flip Cartridge, Parrot 45 PAR 306: 1966)
  10. Waiting For Her (T. Huzjak, Jr.)(New Hudson Exit, Date 2-1576: 1967, P: Carl Maduri)
  11. Baby Itís You (David-Bacharach-Williams)(Gary and The Hornets, Smash S-2090: 1967, P: Lou Reizner, A: Dick Reynolds)
  12. Iím Real (Valley-Gallucci)(Jim Valley, Jerden 814: 1967, Supervision: Jerry Dennon)
  13. Incense And Peppermints (J. Carter-T. Gilbert)(A Little Bit Of Sound, Carole 1002: 1967, P: Jerry Styner)
  14. Let The Good Times In (Bayer-Sedaka)(The Hung Jury, Colgems 66-1010: 1967, P: Chris Houston for Tai-Pan Productions)
  15. Go Try To Put Out The Sun (Billy Page)(The Forum, Mira 248: 1967, P: Norm Ratner, A: Gene Page)
  16. Driftiní (R. Edwards-B. Kimmel)(The Collage, Smash S-2150: 1968, P: Steve Douglas, A,C: Perry Botkin, Jr.)
  17. The Keeper Of The Games (C. Boettcher)(Sagittarius, Columbia 4-44613: 1968, P: Gary Usher, Curt Boettcher, Keith Olsen, A: Gary Usher, Curt Boettcher, Keith Olsen)
  18. Clown (A. Guido-J. Piscola-P. Bellettieri-M. Cherwin)(The Boys and Girls, Smash S-2166: 1968, P: Herb Bernstein & John Ashley, A,C: Herb Bernstein)
  19. If Youíre Ready (D. Dahlquist)(The Will-O-Bees, Date 2-1543: 1968, P: A Dunwich Production for Screen Gems-Columbia, Supervision: Bill Traut)
  20. Sheís So Fine (Ronald Mack)(The Kitchen Cinq, Decca 32374: 1968, P: Tom Thacker)
  21. Do Wah Diddy (Jeff Barry-Ellie Greenwich)(The New Yorkers, Decca 32569: 1969, P: Jim Bailey A Product of Lionel Entertainment Corp.)
  22. The Brain (Kusik-Snyder-Delarue)(The American Breed, Acta 45-837: 1969, P: Bill Traut for Dunwich Productions Ltd.) *
  23. When Tomorrow Comes Tomorrow (Cook-Greenaway)(Family Dogg, Bell B-885: 1969, P: Steve Rowland)
  24. Baby Make It Soon (Tony Macaulay)(Michele and Jeff, Decca 732630: 1969, P: Neil Levenson and Hank Hunter, A,C: Charles Callelo) *
  25. Iím Gonna Get You (Mark Gallagher)(Fragile Lime, Warner Bros. 7424: 1970, P: Neil Rush, Don McKinney A Seattle Sound Recording)
  26. Baby Believe Me (D. Janssen-J. Friedman)(Kurt Russell, Capitol 3032: 1970, P: Danny Janssen & Bobby Young A La La Production)
  27. American Family (Alan OíDay)(Vogues, Bell 45-158: 1971, P: Dick Glasser, A: John DíAndrea)
  28. I Like To Throw My Head Back And Sing (That Good Ole Rock And Roll)(Ardith Polley)(The Tokens, Bell 45,190: 1972, P,A: P. Margo, J. Siegel, M. Margo, E: Bill Radice, Sweetening: Leon Salem)

Volume 64:

  1. New Sunset (Bob Thompson)(Sidney Sharp and His Orchestra, Warner Bros. 5417: 1964, P: Jimmy Haskell & Joe Saraceno)
  2. Strange Strange Feeling (Margo, Margo, Medress, Siegel)(The Cinnamons, B.T. Puppy 45-503: 1964, P,A: Big Time Productions, E: Brooks Arthur)
  3. Happy (B. Theen-J. Mann)(The Fabulous Four, Brass 314: 1964, P: Geo. Hodes)
  4. A Message To The World (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(Eddyís Groop, B.T. Puppy 45-510: 1964, P A Big Time Production, E: Buck Barash)
  5. A Long Time Ago (George Colovas)(Jamie Coe and The Gigolos, Enterprise E-5070: 1965)
  6. Modesty (Modesty Blaise Theme)(J. Dankworth-B. Green)(David and Jonathan, 20th Century Fox 641: 1966, Orch. Cond. By John Dankworth)
  7. Swinging Little Government (F. Briggs-C. Arrington)(The Corvairs, Columbia 4-43603: 1966, P: V. Millrose & T. Bruno A Kama Sutra Production, A,C: Artie Butler)
  8. Batman And Robin (L. Pegues-L. Russell-t.L. Garrett)(The Spotlights, Smash S-2020: 1966, P: Snuff Garrett & Leon Russell A Snuff Garrett Production)
  9. 221 East Maple (N. Levenson)(Ronnie Dante, Columbia 4-43720: 1966, P: Neil Levenson, A: Arnold Goland)
  10. Avril (April)(Irwin Levine & Neil Sheppard)(The Razorís Edge, Pow! POW 101: 1966, P: Bob Yorey Ent. Inc.)
  11. House On The Hill (T. Anderson)(Ted Anderson, Columbia 4-44282: 1967, P: Wally Brady, A,C: George Tipton)
  12. Iím Gonna Make It (Walt Meskell)(The Rubber Band, Reprise 0637: 1967, P: Mike Post, A: Mike Post)
  13. Look For The Silver Lining (B. DeSylva-J. Kern)(Hines, Hines & Dad, Columbia 4-44294: 1967, P: Harry Ascola and Sal Forienza for Kenjo Productions, A,C: Bob Freedman)
  14. Ol Man River (Oscar Hammerstein-Jerome Kern)(The Steeple Peeple, B.T. Puppy 45-534: 1967, P: The Tokens for Bright Tunes Productions, A,C: Herb Bernstein)
  15. Every Boy In The Crowd (M. Aiese-D. Scott)(Christopher, Bell 667: 1967, P: A Real Good Production, A: John Abbott, Conducted by Bill Jerome Jr.)
  16. Easy Does It (Dominick Demieri)(The Sundowners, Decca 32296: 1968, P: Charles Bud Dant)
  17. Hi Ho Silver Lining (S. English-L. Weiss)(Giant Crab, UNI 55094: 1968, P: Bill Holmes)
  18. Little Girl (D. Wagner)(Dick Wagner and The Frosts, Date 2-1596: 1968, P: Dick Wagner)
  19. She Fancies Herself A Lady (Les Emmerson)(The Staccatos, Capitol 2126: 1968, P: Nick Venet)
  20. Jack In The Box (Esnest Susser)(The Cowboys Ďní Indians, Kama Sutra KA-249: 1968, P,A,C: Jerry Davis A Jerry Davis Production)
  21. Itís Not Easy (Mann; Weil)(Neil MacArthur, Deram 45-85054: 1969, P: A Mike Hurst Production, MD: Phil Dennys)
  22. Animal (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(Gerard, Laurie LR 3507: 1969, P: A Laurie Production, A: Dave Mullaney, Recorded at Allegro Sound Studios)
  23. My Little Yellow Bird (Mickey Zellman)(The Everly Brothers, Warner Bros. 7326: 1969, P: Jack Rael, A: Al Capps)
  24. Hello Hello (Lee Michaels)(Calliope, Buddah BDA 83: 1969, P: Lewis Merenstein for Inherit Productions: A Division of Schwald-Merenstein, Inc.)
  25. A Friend In The City (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim)(Andy Kim, Steed 45-723: 1970, P: Jeff Barry, A: Charlie Calello) *
  26. Mama Do (George M. Jones)(John Howard Abdnor, Abnak AB-147: 1970, P: Chunky and Big Shag) *
  27. Mammy Blue (H. Giraud-P. Trim)(Pop-Tops, ABC 11311: 1971, P: Alain Milhaud, A,C: Zack Laurence)
  28. Leaves (Murry Wilson)(Murry Wilson, Capitol 2063: 1967, P: Murry Wilson, A,C: Don Ralke)

Volume 65:

  1. For You (V. McCoy)(The Spellbinders, Columbia 4-43384: 1965, P: A Deadelus Production)
  2. Little Bird (S. Coburn-N. Bergen)(Shawn Elliott, Roulette R-4634: 1965, P: Hugo & Luigi, A,C: Claus Ogerman)
  3. 6 OíClock News (America The Beautiful)(Adapted by A. Kornfeld)(The Hopeful, Mercury 72637: 1966, P: Artie Kornfeld)
  4. He Wore The Green Beret (P. Barsella-F. Catana)(Nancy Ames, Epic 5-10003: 1966, P: Manny Kellem and Billy Sherrill, A,C: Sid Bass)
  5. The Last Letter (Rex Griffin)(Ronny & The Daytonas, RCA Victor 47-9107: 1967, P: Bucky Wilkin)
  6. Big Cities (Mike Rabon, Norman Ezell, & John Durrill)(The In Crowd, Abnak AB-121: 1967, P: Dale Hawkins)
  7. They Donít Give Medals (To Yesterdayís Heroes)(Bacharach-David)(Rufus Lumley, RCA Victor 47-9398: 1967, P: Bob Cullen, A,C: Jimmy Wisner)
  8. Pictures Are My Only Souvenirs (Al Capps, Thomas L. Garrett-Glen D. Hardin)(Peter Courtney, Viva V-175: 1967, P: Snuff Garrett Snuff Garrett Productions, A: Al Capps)
  9. Walk Tall (Vance-Pockriss)(2 Of Clubs, Fraternity F 975: 1967, P: Carl Edmondson, Supervision: Bill Stith)
  10. Today Is Today (Vern McIntire)(The Brothers, White Whale WW-250: 1967, P: Ted Glasser A Feigin & Lassoff Production, A: Hial King)
  11. I Think Of You (James Hendricks)(James Hendricks, Soul City 763: 1968, P: Johnny Rivers)
  12. Lotus (Terry Britten)(The Twilights, NZ Columbia DNZ.10610: 1968, P: Howard Gable)
  13. Now Iím Missing You (Thomas Alessandro-Salvatore Pate)(Roman Rebellion, Mr. G G 818: 1968, P: Buddy Carroll For Bee Cee Productions)
  14. Another Day Goes By (Martin/Morrow/Arnold)(Seth Martin, UK Page One POF 073: 1968, P: Larry Page, A: Colin Frechter)
  15. When The Green Berets Come Home (Boudleaux Bryant)(Capt. Ty Herrington U.S. Special Forces Ė Green Berets, Monument Mn45-1115: 1968, P: Fred Foster, Steve Poncio)
  16. World Of Hurt (Mark James-Glen Spreen)(Butterscotch Caboose, AGP 117: 1969, P: Mark James and Glen Spreen)
  17. Good Morning God (M. David-L. Kaye)(Puppet, Date 2-1666: 1969, P: Ron Budnik for Sonny Productions)
  18. Miss Georgia (Don Cooper)(Don Cooper, Roulette R-7057: 1969, P: Hutch Davie for Big Seven Music, A: Hutch Davie)
  19. Something Beautiful Is Gone (J. Darrow-G. Shayne)(Shane Martin, Epic 5-10552: 1969, P: Jay Darrow)
  20. The Ballad Of The Virgin Soldiers (Kusik-Snyder-Davies)(Leon Bibb, RCA Victor 74-0322: 1970, P: Jim Foglesong) *
  21. Itís A Fact (Marty Markiewicz)(Tension, Poison Ring PRR 713: 1970, P: John Parris for Poison Ring Records)
  22. Loviní You Baby (Cook-Greenaway)(White Plains, Deram 45-85066: 1970, P: Roger Greenaway, MD: Zack Laurence)
  23. Youíre Gonna Miss Me (Paul Gross)(Wishbone, Scepter SCE-12312: 1971, P: Barry Keane, A: Barry Keane and Peter Rochon)
  24. Whatís Happening (Arnold, Martin & Morrow)(Edison Lighthouse, Bell 989: 1971, P: Arnold, Martin & Morrow for Gem Record Productions, Ltd., A: Lew Warburton)
  25. You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (Brian Wilson-Jack Rieley)(The Beach Boys, Brother/Reprise REP 1091: 1972, P: The Beach Boys)

Volume 66:

  1. Tabasco Road (Joe Leahy)(American Brass Co., Viva V-306: 1967, P: Pacific Ocean Productions Snuff Garrett Productions, A: Joe Leahy)
  2. Sheís The One (Ted Harvey)(The Hi-Fiís, Interphon IN-7701: 1964)
  3. Only My Friend (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(The Tokens, B.T. Puppy 45-512: 1965, P,A: Big Time Productions)
  4. When You Take More Than You Give (Jimmy Curtiss)(Tony Conigliaro, RCA Victor 47-8793: 1966, P: Paul Robinson, A,C: Bob Halley)
  5. Grown Up Games (Roger Atkins-Neil Sedaka)(Vic Dana, Dolton 326: 1966, P: Bob Reisdorff, A,C: Leon Russell)
  6. Too Young To Marry (T. Roe)(Summerís Children, Date 2-1508: 1966, P: Curt Boettcher for Our Productions)
  7. Everybodyís Got A Home But Me (T. Romeo)(6 7/8, Dot 45-16877: 1966, P: Tony Romeo A Peer-Southern Production)
  8. One Of These Days (Tim Ward)(The Roosters, Progressive Sounds of America PSA 1151: 1966, P: Sound Enterprises/Richie Allen)
  9. You Just Seem To Know (S. Duboff-A. Kornfeld)(The Changiní Times, Bell 675: 1967, P: Steve Duboff & Art Kornfeld A Product of Koppelman-Rubin Associates)
  10. Youíll Forget (Neil Diamond)(Neil Diamond, Bang B-542: 1967, Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich)
  11. 24 Sycamore (Reed-Mason)(Wayne Fontana, MGM K13762: 1967, Accomp. Dir. By Les Reed)
  12. When Does Happiness Begin (Scott-Rubino)(The Third Degree, Music Factory MU401: 1967, P: Bill Ramal, Joe Scott & Carmen Rubino A Ramal-Parker Prod.)
  13. The Music In Me (J. Koss)(The Rumbles, Ltd., Mercury 72723: 1967, P: A Dunwich Production Supervised by Bushor & Koss)
  14. We Only Kill Each Other (J. Barry-T. Randall)(Tony Randall, Mercury 72797: 1968, P: Bob Halley, A: Arnold Goland)
  15. Iím A Train (Hammond-Hazlewood)(Colors Of Love, Page One 21,001: 1968)
  16. The Fun Song (Bill & Bob Cowsill)(The Cowsills, MGM PEP-1: 1968)
  17. Lady In The Window (Michael Chain)(The Knack, Capitol 2075: 1968, P: John Palladino)
  18. Now (B. Wallace)(The Comfortable Chair, Ode ZS7 112: 1968, P: John Densmore & Robby Krieger)
  19. I Gotta Know Whatís Going On (Cees Veerman)(The Cats, Sire 45-4109: 1969P: Klaas Leyen, A: Wim Jongbloed)
  20. Thatís All I Want From You (M. Rotha-Fritz Rotter)(Bob Miranda & The Happenings, B.T. Puppy BTP-549: 1969, P: The Tokens for Bright Tunes Productions, A: Herb Bernstein)
  21. F Oh G (Howard Boggess-Neil Goldberg)(The Breeze, A&M 1131: 1969, P: A Goldberg-Boggess Production)
  22. Radio (Harison)(Buckwheat, Super K SK 12: 1969, P: Bob Margouleff, A: J. Corigliano)
  23. Love Is On Our Side (J. DiBenedetto-S. Tudanger)(The Playhouse, Steed 45-719: 1969, P: Jeff Barry) *
  24. Gone, Gone, Gone (Howard Blaikley-Cat Stevens)(Chris Simmons, Kapp K-2070: 1970, P: Mike Leander)
  25. One Night Stand (Hammond-Hazelwood)(The Magic Lanterns, Atlantic 45-2560: 1970, P: Steve Roland A Steve Roland Production)
  26. Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep (Harold Stott)(The California Gold Rush, Scepter SCE-12321: 1971, P:Conception & Production: John Walsh & Ron Dante, A: Ron Frangipane, Recorded At: Scepter Recording Studios, New York City, Audio Engineer: Don Casale)
  27. The Oke-Fen-Okee Electric Harmonica Band (Paul Vance-Lee Pockriss)(The Cufflinks, Atco 45-6867: 1972, A Vance/Pockriss Production, A,C: Hutch Davie)
  28. Sad Wind (C. Whitsett)(The Imperial Show Band, Epic 5-10005: 1966, P: A Mississippi Artists Corp. Production)

Volume 67:

  1. Cool One (A. Westbrook-J. Abbott)(Ops ĎN Pops, Columbia 4-44328: 1967, P: Jerry Abbott Productions, Inc.)
  2. I See A Change Is Gonna Come (Paul Wibier-Dale Beckner)(13th Power, Sidewalk 927: 1967, P: Eddie Beram)
  3. Legacy (B. Dean-J. Campbell)(The Answer, Columbia 4-43992: 1967, P: Magimer Productions, Inc., A: Music Makers)
  4. Itís Not Easy (B. Mann-C. Weil)(The Will-O-Bees, Date 2-1583: 1967, P: A Dunwich Production for Screen Gems-Columbia Music, A: Shorty Rogers)
  5. Dear Mrs. Applebee (P.L. Barr-W. Meshel)(The Guilloteens, Columbia 4-44089: 1967, P: John Simon, A: John Simon)
  6. Iím On My Way (Eliot Greenberg-Doug Morris)(Dean Parrish, Laurie LR 3418: 1967, P: Laurie Productions, Inc. for Guardian Productions, Inc.)
  7. From Your Side (Norman Saller-Mike Papaleo)(Sons Of Cajun, Atco 45-6490: 1967, P: Pebble In The Sand Productions, A: Bob Stone)
  8. In Jimís Garage (B. Force-P. Kahan)(Brute Force, Columbia 4-44091: 1967, P: John Simon, A,C: Pat Williams)
  9. Maintain (Jim Valley)(Jim Valley, Dunhill D-4103: 1967, P: Steve Barri & Gabriel Mekler)
  10. Some Good Advice (Fay)(Bill Fay, Deram 45-DEM-85017: 1967, P: Peter Eden, A: Bill Fay)
  11. Tudor Impressions (Mitchell-Prokop)(The Paupers, Verve KF5056: 1967, P,A: Rick Shorter And The Paupers, Prod. Supervisor, Jerry Schoenbaum)
  12. You Look Good Together (Jarman; Dunning; Ditchfield; Eckstein)(The Bats, Parrot 45-40013: 1967, P: Tony Clarke)
  13. I Love Those Tree (M. Crespo)(Love-Michael, Columbia 4-44253: 1967, P: John Hurley)
  14. When Iím Gone (B. Hudson-M. Hudson)(The New Yorkers, Scepter SCE-12190: 1967, P: A Jerden Production Produced For Brett Productions For Jim Bailey)
  15. The Best Thing (S. Salisbury)(Sandy, Our 50,005: 1967, P: Steve Clark for Our Productions, A: S. Salisbury & M. Henderson)
  16. Coat Of Colors (Murray McLaughlin)(3ís A Crowd, Dunhill D-4120: 1967, P: Cass Elliot & Steve Barri)
  17. Dance For Me (Dave Jullian Guill)(The Court Jesters, Roulette R-4746: 1967, P: Danny Jordan and Tommy Wynn)
  18. Dream Machine (E. Bedrick)(Music Bachs, Date 2-1584: 1967, P: Bob Gallo for Loudon Prod. Inc.)
  19. Listen Girl (Tom Kouza)(The Giant Crab, Corby CR 216: 1967, P: A Corby Record Production)
  20. In A World Of Pretty Faces (Weiss)(The Models, MGM K13775: 1967, P: Tom Wilson, A: Larry Fallon, E: Gary Keligren)
  21. Just A Girl (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(Lou Gossett, Warner Bros. 7078: 1967, P: The Tokens for Bright Tunes Prod., Inc., A,C: Herb Bernstein)
  22. Right Back Where I Started From (Jeff Barry-Ellie Greenwich)(The Meantime, Atco 45-6524: 1967, P: Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich)
  23. (As Long As Youíre Not In Love With Anyone Else) Why Donít You Fall In Love With Me (Al Lewis-Mabel Wayne)(Frank Sinatra, Jr., RCA Victor 47-9181: 1967, P: A Fit Production by Ivan Mogull, A,C: Frank Owens)
  24. Honey And Gall (B. Fowler)(The Avant-Garde, Columbia 4-44388: 1967, P: Bob Johnston)
  25. Half Past Midnight (Emmerson)(The Staccatos, Tower 322: 1967, P: A Dasanda Production, A: The Staccatos)
  26. Girls, Girls (D. Robb)(The Robbs, Mercury 72730: 1967, P: A Robb Production)
  27. Raga Theme From Ragu (D. Brubeck)(Dave Brubeck featuring Ragu, Columbia 4-44345: 1967, P: Teo Macero)

Volume 68:

  1. This And That (E. Greenberg-D. Morris-G. Schwartz-V. Neuland)(The Waterproof Tinker Toy, Laurie LR 3457A: 1968, Recorded at Allegro Sound Studios)
  2. The Young Electric Psychedelic Hippie Flippy Folk & Funky Philosophic Turned On Groovy 12 String Band (Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil)(Barry Mann, Capitol 2082: 1968, P: Barry Mann & Gorgoni for Our Prod. Co.)
  3. Lonely Child (R. Morrison)(The Contrasts featuring Bob Morrison, Monument 45-1058: 1968, P,A: Bill Justis)
  4. Dreaminí In The Shade (Tom Shipley)(Mike Brewer & Tom Shipley, A&M 996: 1968, P: Allen Stanton & Jerry Riopelle)
  5. Lemons And Limes (Paul Levinson)(Fuzzy Bunnies, Decca 32364: 1968, P: Ellie Greenwich and Mike Rashkow)
  6. Springfield Plane (Kenny OíDell-Harold Gay)(Kenny OíDell, Vegas V-722: 1968, P: Kenny OíDell & Bill Porter)
  7. Everything Is Meant To Be (J. Duncan/J. Arthey)(Cupids Inpiration, UK NEMS 56-3702: 1968, P: Jimmy Duncan, A,C: Johnny Arthey)
  8. I Just Donít Know What To Do With Myself (David-Bacharach)(The Bleus, Amy A-11,017: 1968, P: Eddie Hinton and Paul Ballenger)
  9. If Thereís A Thought (Gerry Mudry-Danny Ferguson)(The Happy Feeling, Mala M-12,034: 1968, P: Norman Petty)
  10. Canít Stop Loving You (R. John-M. Gately)(Robert John, Columbia 4-44697: 1968, P: David Rubinson, A: Charlie Calello)
  11. Saturday Morning Repentance (Bob Siller)(The Waterproof Candle, Dunhill D-4118: 1968, P: Jimmy Webb, A: Jimmy Webb)
  12. 1968 (A Message To The Presidential Candidates)(King)(Jonathan King, Parrot 45-PAR-3021: 1968, P,A: Jonathan King for Marquis)
  13. On Top Of The World (Ray Sutton)(The Sugar Canyon, Buddah BDA 58: 1968, P: Bob Feldman & Jerry Goldstein For F.G.G. Productions)
  14. (Thatís Why) Baby I Love You (Joe Rock-The Jaggerz)(The Jaggerz, Gamble G-218: 1968, P: A Gamble Huff Prod., A: The Jaggerz)
  15. I Can (Ed Jenny)(The Truth, Cadet 5627: 1968, P: M. Cooperstein & A. Spector)
  16. It Was Fun While It Lasted (Jimmy Georgantones)(Jimmy George, Viva V-326: 1968, P: Jimmy George Snuff Garrett Productions)
  17. Get Around (F. Beckett-Bobott)(The Pebbles, Mainstream 695: 1968, P: Rikki Stein for Eddie Barclay Records)
  18. You Started Me Laughing (B. Gentry-T. Bruno)(Bruno, Gregar 71-0500: 1968, P: Bo Gentry A Tolaina Production, A: Bo Gentry)
  19. Last Night! (Carl Strube)(Rumplestilskin Kartoon, Jamie 1365: 1968, P: A Pebble in the Sand Production, A: Bob Stone)
  20. Iíd Like To Know (P. Selph-t. Rasico)(The Castels, Laurie 3444: 1968, P: Stacy and Kenny Davidson)
  21. Black On White (Noel Thatcher)(The North Atlantic Invasion Force, Mr. G G 808: 1968, P: Peter Birch For Whiteway Productions, A: Artie Schroeck)
  22. Whenever Iím Lonely (Bruce Kerr)(The Byzantine Empire, Amy A-11,034: 1968, P: Eddie Higgins & Bob Schiff for Dunwich Productions, Inc., A: Higghins & Schiff)
  23. Sheís High On Life (John Boylan)(The Epic Splendor, The Hot Biscuit Disc Company P-1452: 1968, P: John Boylan & James Foley A Product Of Koppelman-Rubin, A,C: John Boylan)
  24. My Island (Barnswallow Farquahr)(Fabulous Farquahr, Verve Forecast KF-5085-SS, 1968, P: A Taylor-Gorgoni, Prod. Supervisor: Jerry Schoenbaum) *
  25. A Sunday Kind Of Sunshine (A. Bernstein-V. Millrose)(The Six Mile Chase, Dot 45-17130: 1968, P: A Millrose-Bernstein Production, A: Joe Renzetti)
  26. Yesterday Was Mine (J. Grant and B. Ryman)(Bryan, ABC 45-11131: 1968, P: Steve Clark, Vocal arrangements by J. Grant)
  27. The Sound Of Silence (Paul Simon)(The Distant Galaxy, Verve VK 10627: 1968, P: Esmond Edwards, A,C: Son Sebeski)

Volume 69:

  1. Broad Street (B. Borisoff-B. Binnick)(The Electric Indian, United Artists UA 50563: 1969, P: Len Barry)
  2. Gilbert Green (B. Gibb-R. Gibb)(Soft Pillow, Musicor MU 1345: 1969, P: Basart Intíl for Flower Pot Productions)
  3. Letmekissyouwithadream (William Oliver Swofford)(Oliver, Crewe 337: 1969, Produced and Directed by Bob Crewe, A: Hutch Davie)
  4. Where Were You When I Needed You (P.F. Sloan-S. Barri)(The Pastors, GWP 508: 1969, P: Joe Rene, A,C: Joe Rene)
  5. If I Never Knew Your Name (Neil Diamond)(Vic Dana, Liberty 56150: 1969, P: Ted Glasser, A: Al Capps, E: Dino Lappas)
  6. October Rain (Daryll)(The Cinammon Ship, RCA 74-0308: 1969, P: Ted Daryll and Steve Schwartz, A: Steve Schwartz)
  7. Paxton Quigleyís Had The Course (Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde)(Max Frost & The Troopers, Tower 478: 1969, P: Harley Hatcher for Sidewalk Productions)
  8. Gotta Get Back To You (Tom Rizzi)(Monday Rain, A&M 1107: 1969, P: Tom Rizzi for Fireplace Prod.)
  9. Write To You (J. Robb-C. Robb)(The Robbs, Dunhill D-4208: 1969, P: Steve Barri & Joel Sill)
  10. Happy Days (Herb Ryals-Jerry Willis)(The Maddening Crowd, Parrot 45-329: 1969, A: Bill Haney-Herb Ryals)
  11. The Mickey Mouse Club March (J. Dodd)(The Fifth Estate, Jubilee 45-5655: 1969, P: Steve & Bill Jerome for Real Good Productions, Inc., A: John Abbott)
  12. Bring Back Howdy Doody (J. Katz-J. Kasenetz-S. Doworkin-G. Willet)(Flying Giraffe, Bell B-801: 1969, P: J. Katz and J. Kasnetz A Super K Production A Product of Kasenetz-Katz Assoc.)
  13. Nickels And Dimes (John Cymbal, George Tobin, and Austin Roberts)(The Side Show, GRT 6: 1969, P: Cymbal-Tobin Production)
  14. Dance Little Girl (Harley Hatcher)(Mike Curb, Sidewalk S-111: 1969)
  15. Good Time Boy (Ray Whitley)(Decemberís Children, World Pacific 77910: 1969, P: Ray Whitley, A: Ray Whitley)
  16. Let The Good Times In (N. Sedaka-C. Bayer)(The Wishbone, Fontana F-1651: 1969, P: Rod McBrien, A: Meco Monardo)
  17. Take A Bus (P. Rose-R. Rhodes)(Stix & Stonz, Columbia 4-45029: 1969, P: Billy Jackson, A,C: Charlie Calello)
  18. Get The Message (E. Carmen)(Cyrus Erie, Epic 5-10451: 1969, P: Sandy Linzer & Mike Petrillo, A: Sandy Linzer & Mike Petrillo)
  19. Open Up Your Heart (John Worsley-David Myers)(Thomas & Richard Frost, Liberty 56191: 1969, P: Ted Glasser, A: Gene Page, E: Dino Lappas)
  20. First To Know (Ford)(Rumbles Ltd., Sire 45-4110: 1969, P: A Sandler-Steinberg Production)
  21. Getting To Know You (Rogers-Hammerstein II)(Sajid Khan, Colgems 66-1026: 1969, P,A: Stu Phillips for Wrightview Productions)
  22. Where Do I Go/Be-In (Hare Krishna)(Rado-Ragni-MacDermot)(The Happenings, Jubilee JB 5666: 1969, P: The Happenings for Mira-Lee Productions)
  23. Hard Life (Steve Kennedy-William Smith)(Motherlode, Buddah BDA 131: 1969, P: Mort Ross & Doug Riley)
  24. Now Iíll Cry (Billy Alessi)(The Pendulum, Kama Sutra KA-257: 1969, P: P: David Lucas & George Grant for Sata Fortas Attractions, Ltd.)
  25. What Gets You Going (Ed Thomas)(The Sugar Blues, Bell 766: 1969, P: Bob McRee & Staff)
  26. Like A Cast-Off Puppy (M. Kasho)(The King Tones, Atco 45-6673: 1969, Recording of Nippon Grammaphon Co., Tokyo)
  27. Wild Windy Rooms Of My Home (Peter Schickele)(Peter Schickele & His Orchestra, Vanguard VRS-35096: 1969, P: Seymour Solomon)

Volume 70:

  1. Mr. Tambourine Man (B. Dylan)(The Golden Gate Strings, Epic 5-9812: 1965, P: Bob Morgan & Manny Kellum)
  2. Penn Station (Brass-Levine-Kooper)(Henrietta & The Hairdooz, Liberty 55572: 1963, P: Ed Silvers, A: Garry Sherman)
  3. Awake (J.J. Jackson)(The Cascades, RCA Victor 47-8402: 1964, P: Joe Reisman, A,C: Perry Botkin, Jr.)
  4. Poor Boys (Elgin-Keyes)(Ronnie Dante, Musicor MU 1090: 1965, P: Stan Kahan, A: Bert Keyes, E: Brooks Arthur)
  5. Big Man (Glen Larson and Bruce Bellard)(The Vogues, ABC-Paramount 45-10672: 1965)
  6. Since I Lost You Girl (Fuqua, Bristol, Harris, Street)(The Monitors, V.I.P. 25039: 1966, P: H. Fuqua, J. Bristol)
  7. Turn On Your Lovelight (D. Malone-J. Scott)(The Band Without A Name, Tower 246: 1966, P: Mike Curb for Sidewalk Productions)
  8. Better Days Are Yet To Come (John Madera-David White-Ray Gilmore)(The Spokesmen, Decca 31895: 1966, P: Madera-White Productions, MD: Jimmy Wisner)
  9. Donít Go Out Into The Rain (Youíre Gonna Melt)(K. Young)(The Seagulls, Date 2-1536: 1966, P: Kenny Young, A: Kenny Young)
  10. The Things You Do To Me (K. Mansfield-D. Gold)(The Symbols, Laurie 3401: 1967, P: A President Record London Production)
  11. Flower Music (J. Goldstein-R. Regan-T. Hudson)(The Osmond Brothers, UNI 55015: 1967, P: Jerry Goldstein)
  12. Holding On (Larry Weiss)(Georgie Porgie & The Cry Babies, Jubilee 45-5578: 1967, P: Pierre G. Maheu for Look Ahead Productions)
  13. Gotta Get Away (B. Brogan)(The Clique, Scepter SCE-12212: 1967, P: The Cinemen)
  14. Early October (T. Gilbert-J. Carter)(Tim Gilbert, UNI 55045: 1967, P: Frank Slay, A: George Tipton)
  15. Thank You For The Sunshine Days (J. Avery-V. Frazier)(Steve Alaimo, Atco 45-6620: 1968, P: Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham, Strings Arr. By Mike Leech)
  16. The Light Of Your Mind (James A. Griffin-R. Wilson Royer(James Griffin, Viva V-295: 1968, P: J.A. Griffin Snuff Garrett Productions, A: Al Capps)
  17. Didnít Know The Time (Les Emmerson)(Staccatos, Capitol 2260: 1968, P: John Gross-Max Hoch)
  18. Better Way (Marc Ellis)(The Rainbow Press, Mr. G G-817: 1968, A: Marc Ellis) *
  19. Everything Will Be Alright (Stephen Ferguson)(Part II Ė Vocal)(The Odyssey, Imperial 66323: 1968, P: Tommy Oliver)
  20. Little Old Clockmaker (Addington)(Willie & The Red Rubber Band, RCA Victor 47-9628: 1968, P: Duke Niles)
  21. Itís Getting Better (Barry Mann-Cynthia Weil)(Will-O-Bees, SGC 45-007: 1969, P: Bill Traut for Dunwich Productions)
  22. Lonely (Prince-Cox)(The Bubble Puppy, International Artists IA-128: 1969, P: Ray Rush)
  23. Save The Country (L. Nyro)(The Sugar Shoppe, Epic 5-10517: 1969, P: Lorri & Roy for B & K Records, Orchestra conducted by Joe Scott, Vocal arranged by Peter Mann)
  24. Sweet Sweet Loviní (Sandy & Dick St. John)(Sandy & Dick St. John, Congress C-6021: 1970, P,A: Allen Breed & Mike Henderson for Treswood Productions)
  25. Oh To Get Away (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(The Tokens, Buddah BDA 151: 1970, P: The Tokens for Bright Tunes Productions)
  26. Will You Love Me Tomorrow (G. Goffin-C. King)(Hunnicutt, Bell 994: 1971, P: Richard Delvy, Strings Arr. By Dave Roberts)
  27. Who Was It? (R. OíSullivan)(Andy Williams, Columbia 4-45716: 1972, P: Dick Glasser) *
  28. Orange Medley (Music Inspired by "A Clockwork Orange")(Purcell, Rossini, Beethoven)(The Works, London 45-174: 1972, P: Cy Coleman for Notable Productions, A: Cy Coleman, Orchestrations: Larry Wilcox) *

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