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Volume 50:

1. Mr. Miff (The July Four)(The July Four, Cameo C-480: 1967, P: Plus Productions)

2. Surfer Street (The Allisons, Tip 1011: 1963)

3. Smile (M. Stoker-J. Grear)(Tommy Burk & The Counts, H.I.P. H-1181: 1964)

4. I Dare You To Try (Gummoe-Stevens-Snyder)(The Cascades, RCA Victor 47-8402: 1964, P: Joe Reisman)

5. Sail Away (Charlie Rich)(Carousels, Autumn 13: 1965)

6. A Million Tears Ago (L. Crockett-K. Gough)(Johnny and The Canadians, Columbia 4-43353: 1965, P: Lor Crane)

7. All Night Long (D. & J. Beaudoin)(The Palace Guard, Orange-Empire 331: 1965, A,C: Jack Nitzsche Orange Empire Prod., Inc. Beverly Hills, Calif., U.S.A.)

8. Keep The Fire Burning (H. Giosasi-D. Marchand)(The James Boys, Columbia 45-43717: 1966, P: A Morty Craft Production, A,C: Morton Craft)

9. Up Off My Knees (Keith Colley-Linda Colley)(Keith Colley, Challenge 59934: 1966)

10. Time To Move Along (B. Ulvaeus-M. Dean)(The Northern Lights, United Artists UA 991: 1966)

11. Would You Believe (H. Martin-J. Butt-R. Branch-M. Branch)(The Tempests, Smash S-2094: 1967, P: Ted Bodnor for Bodnor Productions, A: Roger Branch and Ted Bodnor)

12. Bring Back The Time (Mark Charron)(The B M O C, World Pacific WP-77829: 1967, P: Richard Bock, A,C: George Tipton, Vocal Arrangements by Ed Lojeski)

13. Right Track (Lenny Roberts)(The Split Level, Dot 45-17085: 1967, P: Gerry Granahan)

14. I Played My Part Well (Tony Romeo)(Good & Plenty, Senate S-2105: 1967, P: Wes Farrell in collaboration with Tony Romeo, A: Wes Farrell, Tony Romeo and Joe Renzetti)

15. The Minstrel (John David Souther-Mark G. Creamer)(The Kitchen Cinq, Decca 32374: 1968, P: Tom Thacker)

16. All The World Is Mine (Doug Shaffer)(The Best of Friends, Laurie LR 3450: 1968, P: Laurie Productions Inc. & Dennis Pantzer, A: The Best of Friends)

17. Happiness Is (Don & Dick Addrisi)(The Byzantine Empire, Amy A-11,034: 1968, P: Eddie Higgins & Bob Schiff for Dunwich Productions, Inc., A: Higgins & Schiff)

18. Never In A Month Of Sundays (A. Bernstein-V. Millrose)(The Six Mile Chase, Dot 45-17130: 1968, P: A Millrose-Bernstein Production, A: Joe Renzetti)

19. Gilbert Green (B. Gibb-R. Gibb)(Soft Pillow, Musicor MU 1345: 1969, P: Basart Intíl. for Flower Pot Productions)

20. Leave Us Alone (G. Simmons; D. Culvar)(Terry Fox, M.O.C. 45-669: 1969)

21. November Monday (B. Martin-T. Wine-C. Bayer-C. Douglas)(Will-O-Bees, SGC 45-007: 1969, P: Bill Traut for Dunwich Productions)

22. My House (Peter Sarstedt)(The Johnstons, Tetragrammaton T-1530, P: Nathan Joseph, A: David Palmer) *

23. Good Day (W.J. Chirino)(Los Vivos, Jamie 1389: 1970, P: Thomas Fundora)

24. Witchi Tai To (Jim Pepper)(Todays Tomorrow, Bang B-577, P: A Teen Town Prodution, Supervised by Jon Hall)

25. Coloured Mile (A.C. Smith)(Design, Epic 5-10623: 1970, P: Motive Music Productions)

26. Don't Let Him Touch You (Jonathan King)(The Angelettes, London 45-1040: 1971, Invented, imagined, conceived, created, produced and directed by Jonathan King, A: Johnny Arthey)

27. I Believe In You (Arnold-Martin-Morrow)(Arnold, Martin & Morrow, Bell 45-135: 1971, P: Arnold, Martin & Morrow, A: Lew Warburton)

28. Due To The Fact That (D. Monda & D. Cox)(Two Brothers, Smobro SB 402: 1969, P: Doug Cox)

Volume 51:

1. Love Can't Be A One Way Deal (Johnson)(The Rev-Lons, Reprise R-20,200: 1963, A: Gary Paxton A Product of Star-burst Records)

2. Evil Love (Samy Phillip)(Thee Midnighters, Chattahoochee CH-684: 1965, P: Eddie Torres)

3. There Is Love (James Valley)(Jim Valley, Jerden 814: 1967, Supervision: Jerry Dennon)

4. Love Ain't Easy (M. James/G. Klein)(The Clique, Scepter SCE-12212: 1967, P: The Cinemen)

5. Two Bananas In Love (Sepe-Brooks-Maselow-Braico)(Marty and The Mellow Yellow Bunch, Mega-Phone! M-101: 1967, P: Sepe/Brooks/Productions, A: H.B. Barnum)

6. I Love My Dog (Stevens)(Common Market, RCA Victor 47-9302: 1967, P: Al Schmitt, A,C: Al Capps)

7. Take Your Love (Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil)(Barry Mann, Capitol 2082: 1968, P: Barry Mann for Our Prod. Co.)

8. Answer Me, My Love (C. Sigman-G. Winkler-F. Rauch)(Larry Henley, Atco 45-6610: 1968, P: Bobby Goldsboro for Unicorn Productions)

9. Where Did Our Love Go (E. Holland-L. Dozier-B. Holland)(The New Christy Minstrels, Columbia 4-44500: 1968, P: Gregar Productions, A,C: Chuck Sagle)

10. Thank You Love (Cosby, Moy, Wonder)(Billy Eckstine, Motown M 1120: 1968, P: H. Cosby)

11. Thank You Love (James A. Griffin-R. Wilson Royer)(James Griffin, Viva V-627: 1968, P: J.A. Griffin Snuff Garrett Productions, A: Al Capps)

12. Love Machine (J.A. Griffin-M.Z. Gordon)(The Roosters, Philips 40504: 1968, J.A. Griffin & M.Z. Gordon A Snuff Garrett Production, A: Al Capps)

13. Story Of My Love (Ray Saporita)(The Convention, Buddah BDA 53: 1968, P: Brilliant Sun Productions)

14. Learn To Love (J. Grant and D. Hughes)(Bryan, ABC 45-11131: 1968, P: Steve Clark, Vocal arrangements by J. Grant)

15. Love Is Blue (Popp-Cour)(Hilary, Philips 40563: 1968, P: Art Heatlie)

16. The Word Is Love (Robert Lenox)(The Enchanted Forest, Variations 50,010: 1968, P,A: Mort Shuman)

17. I Love You Baby (Like Nobody's Business)(Rudy Martinez)(? and The Mysterians, Capitol 2162: 1968, P: Mark Taylor)

18. A Love That's Real (P. Rose-R. Rhodes)(Stix & Stonz, Columbia 4-45029: 1969, P: Billy Jackson, A,C: Charlie Calello)

19. Make Love Not War (J. Katz; J. Kasenetz)(Ohio Express, Buddah BDA 129: 1969, P: J. Katz; J. Kasenetz A Product of Kasenetz-Katz Assoc., Inc.)

20. Love Is (John And Anne Ryder)(John and Anne Ryder, Decca 732596: 1969, P: Mark Edwards) *

21. I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Bacharach-David)(The Sugar Townes, RCA 74-0225: 1969, P: Bob Ferguson/Mike Weesner, A: Norbert Putnam) *

22. Is My Love Strong (J. Fleck)(The East Side Kids, UNI 55105: 1969, P,A: Buzz Clifford & Dan Moore)

23. Hey Baby I Love You (Danny Janssen)(Kurt Russell, Capitol 3032: 1970, P: Danny Janssen & Bobby Young A La La Production) *

24. Let Him Love You (Al Boniface)(The Loving Tree, Viva V-639, 1970, P: Wilder Brothers Ė Brenenan Productions A Snuff Garrett Production)

25. Sweet Taste Of Love (Dante-Carr)(Ron Dante, Kirshner 63-5007: 1970, P: Jeff Barry) *

26. The World Gets Better With Love (Greenaway; Cook)(White Plains, Deram 45-85076: 1971, P: Roger Greenaway, MD: Zack Laurence)

27. Ain't Love Easy (Carol Hall)(Shirley Jones, Bell 45,253: 1972, Production & Sound by Bones Howe, A: Bob Alcivar, Bill Holman & Bones Howe) *

Volume 52:

1. Everything Will Be Alright (Part 1 - Instrumental)(Stephen Ferguson)(The Odyssey, Imperial 66323: 1968, P: Tommy Oliver)

2. Will Yer Or Won't Yer (Ted Harvey)(The Hi-Fi's, Interphon IN-7701: 1964)

3. The One Who Really Loves You (William Robinson)(Jamie Coe and The Gigolos, Enterprise E-5070: 1965)

4. Cattle Call (Tex Owens)(The Tokens, B.T. Puppy 45-512: 1965, P,A: Big Time Productions, E: Frank Abbey)

5. Headlines (Nilsson-Garfield-Botkin, Jr.-Cole)(The Sunday Funnies, Capitol 5614: 1966, P: Botkin-Garfield Productions)

6. It's The Wrong Time (M. Schulman)(The Cradle, Jubilee 45-5549: 1966, P: Murray Wecht)

7. Let's Call It A Day Girl (Irwin Levine & Neil Sheppard)(The Razor's Edge, Pow! POW 101: 1966, P: Bob Yorey Ent. Inc.)

8. Violets Of Dawn (E. Anderson)(The Robbs, Mercury 72730: 1967, P: A Robb Production)

9. Chris Craft No. 9 (Sundkvist)(The Shanes, Capitol 5963: 1967)

10. Her Love's A Lie (Jim Casey-John Schrad)(The Smoke Ring, Mala 568: 1967, P: A Rivertown Production for Papa Don Productions, Inc.)

11. Free Spirit (She Comes On)(S. Duboff-A. Kornfeld)(The Changin' Times, Bell 675: 1967, P: Steve Duboff & Art Kornfeld A Product of Koppelman-Rubin Associates, A: Artie Butler)

12. In My Mind Lives A Forest (J. Carter-T. Gilbert)(The Rainy Daze, UNI 55002: 1967, P: Frank Slay)

13. Freedom Now (Michael Chain-Larry Gould)(The Knack, Capitol 2075: 1968, P: John Palladino)

14. Band In Boston (G. Allan-R. Dante-B. Feldman)(Bob Dileo, Columbia 4-44609: 1968, P: Jimmy "Wiz" Wisner, A,C: Peter Dino)

15. Let's Ride (Roger Nichols-Paul Williams)(Roger Nichols and The Small Circle of Friends, A&M 946: 1968, P: Roger Nichols, A: Tommy LiPuma)

16. The Odd Couple (Sammy Cahn-Neal Hefti)(Neal Hefti His Orchestra and Chorus, Dot 45-17105: 1968, P: Tom Mack)

17. Rainmaker's Daughter (D. OíKeefe)(Calliope, Buddah BDA 83: 1969, P: Lewis Merenstein for Inherit Productions: A Division of Schwald-Merenstein, Inc., Horn & String Arrangements by Larry Fallon)

18. Push Push (Sandler-Steinberg)(Rumbles Ltd., Sire 45-4110: 1969, P: A Sandler-Steinberg Production)

19. Baby, I'll Leave It Up To You (N. Levenson-R. Dahrouge-E. Woolley)(Michele and Jeff, Decca 732630: 1969, P: Neil Levenson and Hank Hunter, A,C: Charles Callelo) *

20. I'll Always Take The Time (B. Morrison)(Bob Morrison, Barnaby ZS7 2010: 1969, P: Bob Morrison)

21. Carolina In My Mind (James Taylor)(The Everly Brothers, Warner Bros 7326: 1969, P: Don & Phil Everly, A: Al Capps)

22. Happy And Free (Out In The Country)(S. Linzer-D. Randell)(Ferguson, Davis & Jones, Epic 5-10661: 1970, P: Sandy Linzer, A,C: Charlie Calello)

23. Pet Names (W. Robinson)(Chuck Jackson, V.I.P. V.I.P.-25059: 1970, P: "Smokey," A: David Van De Pitts)

24. My Friend Is Here (K. Lavoie)(Kent Lavoie, Laurie LR 3526: 1970, P: A Phil Gernhard-Laurie Prod., A: John Abbott, Recorded at Allegro Sound Studios)

25. One Bad Thing (Barry Gibb)(New Horizon, Bell 982: 1971, P: Tony Burrows)

26. You (In My Mind)(Bill Cowsill)(The Cowsills, London 45-153: 1971, P: Bill Cowsill)

27. Love Me, Love My Dog (T. Macaulay/R. Cookaway)(Driftwood, Bell 45,267: 1972, P: Macaulay/Cook/Greenaway, String Arrangement By Jerry Butler)

28. The Five-Seventeen (Ellie Greenwich-M. Rashkow)(The Definitive Rock Chorale, Bell B-844: 1969, P: Ellie Greenwich & Mike Rashkow A Pineywood Production!)

Volume 53:

1. I'm Always Doing Something Wrong (J. Coffin)(Fab Four, Brass 316: 1964, P: Don Price)

2. Alright (Roxx-Vanadore)(The Coastliners, Back Beat 554: 1965)

3. Desperation (McCloskey)(Sands Of Time, Big Mac 4: 1965)

4. The Bears (D. Paulen, J. Thomas, D. Moore)(The Fastest Group Alive, Valiant V-754: 1966, P: D. Moore-J. Thomas)

5. Anything You Say (James G. Churchill)(The Rogues, Action 6-6400: 1966, Vocal Ė DeRozza-Churchill-Chapman)

6. Your Heart Is Too Big For Your Head (B. Pedrick)(The Inferno, Date 2-1524: 1966, P: B. Pedrick & M. Gately A Ramal-Wilson Production, A: Ted Kobran)

7. If You Want To Know (T. Anderson)(The Drongos, White Whale WW-235: 1966)

8. Substitute (Townshend)(The Who, Atco 45-6409: 1966, By arrangement with Polydor Records of Great Britain)

9. I Dig Your Mind (Rusty Evans)(The Nervous Breakdowns, Take 6 1001: 1967, P: A Rusty Evans-Vegas Bros. Production for Take 6)

10. Don't Send Me Away (Libby Holden)(Four Below Zero, Double Shot 108: 1967, Promotion in Motion: Irwin Zucker)

11. Only Human (T. Decker)(The Tuesday Club, Philips 40478: 1967, P: Marty Cooper & Ray Ruff)

12. She's Got The Time (Sheís Got The Changes)(Tom Shipley)(The Poor, York 402: 1967, P: Barry Friedman)

13. Don't Come Around (F. Derf)(The Carnival Of Sound, U.S.A. 892: 1967)

14. Love Theme In E Major (B. Arlin-B. Sklar)(The Hook, UNI 55077: 1968, P: Norm Ratner and Arlin/Sklar)

15. Nickels 'N' Dimes (Jimmy Curtiss-Dan Mahony)(The Bag, Decca 32279: 1968, P: Perception Productions, Inc.)

16. I'll Stay With You (Smith)(Willie and The Red Rubber Band, RCA Victor 47-9628: 1968, P: Duke Niles)

17. Mirrors (R. Christie & M. Volk)(The Magic Reign, Jamie 1364: 1968, P: Howard Boggess)

18. Truly Right (Michael Brewer)(Michael Brewer & Tom Shipley, A&M 938: 1968, P: Allen Stanton & Jerry Riopelle)

19. Talent For Lovin' (Ted Paxson)(Yellow Hair, Pacific Avenue 9-457: 1969, P: Scott McCarl)

20. Truth Or Consequences (B.T. Jones, D. Dunn)(The Village Sound, Hip HIA-8021: 1969, P: Booker T. Jones & Donald "Duck" Dunn)

21. The Light (Steve McNicol)(The Rugbys, Amazon AM-4: 1969, P: The Rugbys for Shelby Singleton Productions, Inc.)

22. Yes, I Loved Her (R. Hughes)(The Velaires, Mercury 72924: 1969, P: Cliff Plegman [Iowa Great Lakes Recording])

23. Our Love (J. White)(The Bards featuring Bob Galloway, Parrot 45-344: 1970, P: Jerden Music, Inc., A: Don Ralke)

24. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is (Robert Lamm)(Tension, Poison Ring PRR 713: 1970, P: John Parris for Poison Ring Records)

25. Buena Vista (W. Bailey-B. Grimes-R. Peters)(Light, Gazette ZS7 8001: 1970, P: A Bob Gaudio Production)

26. That's The Way A Woman Is (Michael Morgan, John Hoier)(Messengers, Rare Earth R 5032F: 1971, P: Mass Productions)

27. Do You Really Have A Heart (Pollution, Prophesy 45-55001: 1971)

28. The Morning Of Our Lives (H. Price-D. Walsh-S. Barri- B. Gross)(Arkade, Dunhill D-4268: 1971, P: Steve Barri, Strings and Horns Arr. By Sid Feller, E: Phil Kaye & Roger Nichols)

Volume 54:

  1. Tia Maria (C. Whitsett)(The Imperial Show Band, Epic 5-10005: 1966, A Mississippi Artists Corp. Production)
  2. Itís Better This Way (Don Grady)(Don Grady, Capitol 5362: 1964, P: David Axelrod, A,C: H.B. Barnum)
  3. The Joker (L. Bricusse-A. Newley)(Shawn Elliott, Roulette R-4634: 1965, P: Hugo & Luigi, A,C: Claus Ogerman)
  4. Cominí At You (B. Hamilton, R. Savoy)(The Reflections, Golden World GW-20: 1965, P: Rob Reeco & Steve Venet A Wingate Production, A: "Calello")
  5. Keep Him (B. Mason)(London and The Bridges, Date 2-1535: 1966, P: Al Harvey & Steve Scott A Harvey Talents Inc. Production)
  6. Out Of Breath (B. Raisin)(Peanut Gallery, Canterbury C-502: 1966, P: Ken Handler, A: Gene Page, E: Ami Hadani)
  7. Letís Run Away (L. Emmerson)(The Staccatos, UK Capitol CL 15478: 1966)
  8. Someday Weíll Walk In The Sunshine (Levine-Springer)(The Third Degree, Music Factory MU401: 1967, P: Bill Romal, Joe Scott & Carmen Rubino A Romal-Parker Prod.)
  9. Look In Her Eyes (Robert Hough)(Dawnís Early Light, Diamond D-224: 1967, P: A Wild Prod. by Singleton, Verrona & Cymbal For Shelby Singleton Productions, Inc., A: Cohen & Venneri)
  10. A Little Rain Must Fall (R. Fishbaugh)(The Epic Splendor, The Hot Biscuit Disc Company 1450: 1967, P: John Boylan, A,C: Trade Martin)
  11. Call Out My Name (C. Conlon)(Proctor Amusement Co., Laurie LR 3396: 1967)
  12. Sheís A Big Girl Now (D. Reynolds-Addington-Lee)(The Glory Rhodes, Atco 45-6559: 1968, P: Stanley Chaisson, A: Allan Toussaint)
  13. Why Need They Pretend? (Lewis-Clark)(The Lewis & Clark Expedition, Colgems 66-1022: 1968, P: Jack Keller, A,C: Shorty Rogers)
  14. Walk Along Beside Me (M. Henry)(The Family Album, Columbia 4-44570: 1968)
  15. I Didnít Believe Her (C. Smith)(Peterís Pipers, Philips 40518: 1968, P: Dick Corby, A: Joe Renzetti)
  16. That Girl Became A Woman (R. Morrison)(The Contrasts [featuring Bob Morrison], Monument Mn45-1078: 1968, P: Bill Justis)
  17. You Donít Know It (J. DiBenedetto-S. Tudanger)(The Playhouse, Steed 45-719: 1969, P: Jeff Barry) *
  18. Ha Ram (Of Love And Peace)(Khan-Murphy-Phillips)(Sajid Khan, Colgems 66-1026: 1969, P,A: Stu Phillips for Wrightview Productions)
  19. Everybody Laughed (K. Young)(San Francisco Earthquake, Smash S-2218: 1969, P: Steve & Bill Jerome, A,C: Steve Jerome)
  20. Sparrow (E. Carmen)(Cyrus Erie, Epic 5-10451: 1969, P: Sandy Linzer & Mike Petrillo, A: Sandy Linzer & Mike Petrillo)
  21. Someday (D. Martin-B. Hinsche)(Dino, Desi & billy, UNI 55127: 1969, P,A: Martin-Hinsche)
  22. When The Party Is Over (Robert John-Michael Gately)(Robert John, A&M 1210: 1970, P: Geoerge Tobin, A: Louie Shelton, E: Henry Lewy)
  23. I Gotta Get Back To Loviní You (Joe Reed-Paul Leca)(Hollywood Spectrum, Cotillion 45-44070: 1970, P: Paul Leca For Heather Productions, A: Paul Leca)
  24. Youíre Wrong (Mike Christian & Les Margolies)(The Beeds, Buddah BDA 210: 1971, P: Norman Marzano & Jim Calvert)
  25. Baby I Could Be So Good At Loviní You (Clifford)(Little Joe, MGM K14230: 1971, P: Don Perry, A: Bob Summers) *
  26. Good Time Music (Leland Stanford Scott III)(O.C.S., Amaret AMT 143: 1972, P,A: Don Costa)
  27. Lightening Bug (Dick Hyman)(The Brass Ring featuring Phil Bodner, Dunhill D-4023: 1966)
  28. Hidden Track:

  29. Listen To This Side (M. Wecht-J. Walsh)(The Crackerjack Society, Columbia 4-44434: 1967, P: John Walsh & Murray Wecht, Supervision: John Walsh)

Volume 55:

  1. Oh Kathy (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(The Tokens, B.T. Puppy 502: 1964, P: Big time Productions, E: Brooks Arthur)
  2. Truly Julie Blues (Bob Lind)(The Cascades, Arwin MM-132-45: 1966, P,A: Andy Di Martino)
  3. A Letter To Emily (S. Linzer-D. Randell)(Linzer & Randell, Columbia 4-44250: 1967, P,A: Charlie Calello)
  4. Who Planted Thorns In Miss Aliceís Garden (T. Northcott)(Tom Northcott, Warner Bros. 7051: 1967)
  5. Caroline (D.J. Kohler)(Baskerville Hounds, Buddah BDA-17: 1967, P: J. Testa & V. Maleckar for Kama Sutra Productions, Inc.)
  6. Jezebel (W. Shanklin)(The Rumbles Ltd., Mercury 72723: 1967, A Dunwich Production Supervised by Bushor & Koss)
  7. Candy (Reed-Mason)(Men, Parrot 45-3026: 1968, P,A: Zack Laurence Marsam Music Production)
  8. Ronnie (B. Kessler)(Bob Dileo, Columbia 4-44609: 1968, P: Jimmy "Wiz" Wisner, A,C: Peter Dino)
  9. Leaviní Lisa (Eddie Hinton-Jim Coleman)(The Bleus, Amy A-11,038: 1968, P: Eddie Hinton and Paul Ballenger)
  10. Sun Down Sally (Mark James-Johnny Christopher)(Butterscotch Caboose, AGP 117: 1969, P: Mark James and Glen Spreen)
  11. Alice (Song For)(Don Cooper)(Don Cooper, Roulette R-7057: 1969, P: Hutch Davie for Big Seven Music, A: Hutch Davie)
  12. Sweet Sally Brown (R. Saxon, L. Capello)(The Cheques, HIP HIA-8019: 1969, P: Bob Robin)
  13. Lea (Arnold Muhren)(The Cats, Sire 45-4109: 1969, P: Klaas Leyer, A: Wim Jongbloed)
  14. Alley, Alley (R. Price)(Sight And Sound, Fontana F-1648: 1969, P: Irving Martin)
  15. Holly (L. Pockriss-S. Pinz)(The Ray Charles Singers, ABC Command 45-4130: 1969, A: Bill Holman)
  16. The Revolt Of Emily Young (Buzz Cason)(Foxx, Decca 32660: 1970) *
  17. A Song For Rochelle (Sal Valentino)(Sal Valentino, Warner Bros. 7368: 1970, P: Joe Wissert, Personnel: Leon Russell, Ry Cooder, Clarence White, Chris Ethridge, Milt Holland) *
  18. One Night Ann (A. Roberts-S. Tobin)(Austin Roberts, Philips 40660: 19709, P: George Tobin & Austin Roberts) *
  19. Angie (Mark Gallagher)(Fragile Lime, Warner Bros. 7424: 1970, P: Neil Rush, Don McKinney A Seattle Sound Recording)
  20. Giselle (R. Windmill-J. Michaels)(Montage, United Artists UA 50700: 1970, P: Alan Klein & Jerry Myers for Stone Gold Productions, A: Montage, Al Russ & Alan Klein, E: Vlad MaLeckar)
  21. Daisey (Chad Garrett)(Pearly Gate, Decca 32663: 1970, P: John Walsh, A: Richard Rome, E: Don Casale) *
  22. Soraya (Mike Leander-Howard Blaikley)(Chris Simmons, Kapp K-2070: 1971, P: Mike Leander)
  23. Sister Lily (Of The Driven Snow)(Riley James)(The Great American Disaster, United Artists UAS 50758: 1971, P: Pierre Tubbs, A: Ed Welch) *
  24. Lucy Lou (Bob Summers)(Bob Summers, MGM K-14206: 1971, P: Bob Summers) *
  25. Sandi (Paul Vance-Lee Pockriss)(The Cufflinks, Atco 45-6867: 1972, P: A Vance/Pockriss Production, A,C: Lee Pockriss)
  26. Julie (My Woman)(Larry Byrom-Chris Couchois)(Ratchell, Decca 32958: 1972, P: Ratchell, Inc.)

Volume 56:

  1. Velocita (Mike Curb)(Mike Curb & The Curbstones, Reprise 0287: 1964, P: Marmike Productions)
  2. The House Of Johann Strauss (Strauss-Baun-Blun-Jimmy Kennedy)(The Barron Knights with Duke DíMond, UK Columbia DB 7427: 1964)
  3. I Found You (Howard-Buchanan)(The British Walkers, Try TR-502: 1964, P: Bobby Howard & Roy Buchanan A Chartbuster Production)
  4. How Can I Find Her (Foster; Sessody)(The Legends, Parrot 45 PAR 45011: 1965, P: Saint K Productions)
  5. What Else Do You Do For Kicks (Nancie Mentz-Keith Colley)(Carol Crane, Challenge 59292: 1965, P: Frank McKelvey)
  6. It Just Ainít Right (R. Weintraub-J. Scholle)(London & The Bridges, Date 2-1502: 1966, P: Al Harvey & Steven Scott A Harvey Talents Production)
  7. This Must Be The Place (J. Hirschhorn-A. Kasha)(The Chicago Loop, DynoVoice 226: 1966, P: Al Kasha for Bob Crewe Productions, A,C: Al Kasha)
  8. Where Are You (D. Roof)(The Counts IV, Date 2-1526: 1966, P: B. Mullarkey & M. DiVillio)
  9. Iíll Be Seeing You (Irving Kahal-Sammy Fain)(Randy & The Rainbows, B.T. Puppy BTP-535: 1967, P: The Tokens for Bright Tunes Productions, A,C: Herb Bernstein)
  10. Rolliní Stone (P. Trefzger)(Phil Gary, Tower 371: 1967, P: Ray Allen)
  11. Theme From Thunder Alley (Hemric-Styner)(Band Without A Name, Sidewalk 913: 1967, P,A: Mike Curb)
  12. Mister Child (T. Howard-R. Kirin-H. Hoffman)(The Care Package, Jubilee 45-5545: 1967, P: Tash Howard for Smith-Howard Productions)
  13. Dance, Dance (Karp-Whelchel-Holloway)(The Fourmost Authority, GNP Crescendo GNP 386: 1967, P: 2-D Productions)
  14. Trip On Me (Paul Hanen/Les Baxter)(The Forum, Mira 243: 1967, P: Norm Ratner/Les Baxter)
  15. Something About You (Joe Spaulding)(The Spaulding Wood Affair, Kapp K-942: 1968, P: A Daedalus Production, A: Alan deMause & The Spaulding Wood Affair, C: Alan deMause)
  16. The Life You Lead (Stanley Howard)(A Small World, Mira 250: 1968, P: Clancy Grass and Bob Mahoney)
  17. In A Family Tree (David Cortopassi-Scott Williams)(The Elastik Band, Kapp K-968: 1968, P: Norm Ratner, A: Don Morehouse, E: Don Landee)
  18. The Long Drive Home (Paul Hampton)(Paul Hampton, Dunhill D-4167: 1968, P: Steve Clark for Canopy Productions, A: Mike Henderson)
  19. Get In The Wind (Vocal)(P. Cotton)(Illinois Speed Press, Columbia 4-44564: 1968, P: A James William Guercio Production)
  20. Spin Spin (G. Lightfoot)(Flanagan, Smash S-2221: 1969, P: Ellie Greenwich & Mike Rashkow A Pineywood Production, A: Joe Renzetti)
  21. Donít Take The Night Away (William Elder)(Pleasure featuring Billy Elder, Tower 506: 1969, P: A Patheway Production)
  22. Sugar Kite (M. Hamlisch-J. Hirschhorn)(California, Columbia 4-44892: 1969, P: David Rubinson, A,C: Joe Scott)
  23. Gotta Find A New Place To Stay (Thomas Frost-Richard Frost)(Thomas & Richard Frost, Imperial 66426: 1969, A: Al Capps)
  24. (What A) Groovey Feeling (Johnny Nash)(Johnny Nash, JAD J 223: 1970, Produced and Directed by Johnny Nash)
  25. She Loves Me (She Loves Me Not)(B. Carl-R. Whitelaw)(Cobblestone, Mercury 73051: 1970, P: Billy Carl & Reid Whitelaw for Whitelaw & Carl Productions, Inc., A: Billy Carl-Reid Whitelaw-Meco Monardo)
  26. Donít Leave Me (Harry Nilsson)(Griffin, Capitol 6028: 1970, P: Kelly Gordon, Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by Larry Muhoberac, Vocal Arranged by Vincent Morton)
  27. Questions 67 And 68 (Japanese Version)(R. Lamm)(Chicago, Columbia 4-45467: 1971, P: James Williams Guercio) *
  28. Because Youíre There (Gouldman-Noone)(Peter Noone, Bell 45-131: 1971, P: Mickie Most A Mickie Most Production)
  29. The Cool One (Mike Curb)(The Grads, Mercury 72346: 1964, P: Ben-Ven Productions, Directed by Nick Venet)

Volume 57:

  1. James Is The Name (W. Farell-R. Alfred)(The Rugbys, Smash S-1997: 1965, P: D. Lambert & L. Courtney, A: Roy Glover)
  2. When The Partyís Over (A. Kornfeld-S. Duboff)(Tony Sales & The Tigers, Roulette R-4630: 1965, P: Hugo & Luigi)
  3. Born, St. Louis (F. Tobias-S. Lebowsky)(Darrell Glenn, Columbia 4-43934: 1966, P: Bob Johnston, A: Bob Johnston)
  4. I Wonder Why (P. McCune)(The Poppies, Epic 5-9893: 1966, P: Billy Sherrill, A: Bill Justis)
  5. Donít Blame The Rain (D. Addrisi-D. Addrisi)(The Vogues, Co & Ce C-240: 1966, P: Cenci and Hakim)
  6. Suck A Sour Lemon (B. Dorsey)(Bill Dorsey, Double Shot 103: 1966)
  7. Liviní On Love (Neil Levenson)(Jim & Dale, Roulette R-4744: 1967, P: A Hunter levenson Production for Big Seven Productions)
  8. Creators Of Rain (Smokey)(Smokey and His Sister, Columbia 4-43995: 1967, P: David Rubinson, A: Joey Scott)
  9. Ostrich People (Kenny Johnson-Jerry Ritchey)(The Chocolate Tunnel, Era 3185: 1967, P: Bakersfield International Productions, A: Gary Paxton)
  10. Donít Stop The Carnival (S. Holtzman-V. Holtzman-B. Landes)(The Sound Investment, Laurie 3398: 1967, P: Neil Ford for Five Star Productions Inc.)
  11. Flower Girl (Kenny Gist, Jr.)(Kenny OíDell, Vegas V-718: 1967, E: Bill Porter)
  12. Broken Hearts (D. Cook-G. Robau)(The Dream Machine, Decca 32205: 1967, P: Gernhard Enterprises in association with John Brumage)
  13. I See Her Face (V. Schraub)(Hudsen Bay Co., Smash S-2149: 1968, P: Bill Traut for Dunwich Productions, A: Eddie Higgins, Reed effects by the Gibson Maestro Sound System)
  14. To Be Loved By You (Calvert-Marzano-Naumann)(The Feathers, Kapp K-887: 1968, P: Jimmy Calvert & Paul Naumann A Big Kahuna Production, A,C: Jimmy Calvert)
  15. Heíll Pay (Rod McBrien, John Giametta)(Salt Water Taffy, Buddah BDA-37: 1968, P: Rod McBrien, John Giametta, A,C: Meco Monardo) *
  16. A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That (E. Greenberg-D. Morris-G. Schwartz-V. Neuland)(The Waterproof Tinker Toy, Laurie LR 3457: 1968, Recorded at Allegro Sound Studios)
  17. Boo On You (Austin Roberts)(Bazooka, Bang B-559: 1968, P: A Cymbal-Tobin Production in Association with Jim Kemper, E: Mike Consi)
  18. Peace Of Mind (Ray Whitley)(Bobby Langford, Mala M-12,008: 1968, P: Ray Whitley and Bobby Langford)
  19. Which Way To Nowhere (J. Webb)(James Royal, Columbia 4-44813: 1969, P: Mervyn Conn, A: Keith Mansfield)
  20. On Rose Walk (Ken Fishler)(Bobby and I, Imperial 66436: 1969, P: Martin Cooper, A: Al Capps) *
  21. If I Didnít Have A Dime (B. Russell-P. Medley)(Ron Moody and The Centaurs, Columbia 4-44908: 1969, P: Tom Meeder & Charlie Bradford for Old Coach Productions, Ltd.)
  22. Streets Of Dusty Towns (Phil Stover-Fred O. Knipe)(The Mouse, Capitol 2460: 1969, P: Brian Ross A Brian Ross Production) *
  23. Good Good Man (Randy Bachman)(The Mongrels, Nico LM-107: 1969, P: Loren Saifer, A: Randy Bachman)
  24. Getting Straight (Stein-Kaniger-Peyton-Arnell)(P.K. Limited, Colgems 66-5012: 1970, P: David Gates, A: David Gates) *
  25. If You Do What You Gotta Do (F. Rover-Al Traps)(The Peace Pipe, Parrot 45-345: 1970, P: Al Van Dam)
  26. She Works In A Womanís Way (Barry Mason-Tony Macaulay)(Edison Lighthouse, Bell B-907: 1970, P: Tony Macaulay for Mustard Record Productions, Orchestral Direction by: Lew Warburton)
  27. Are You Goiní My Way? (Justin Perazza)(Free ĎNí Easy, Big Tree BT 118: 1971, P: Harry "Doc" Moffitt for Together Productions, A: Tommy Sellers, E: Carl Paruolo and Don Murray)
  28. Every Little Step Of The Way (Albert Garcia)(Royal Jesters, Bell 45-105: 1971, Oscar Lawson and Henry Hernandez, Jr.)
  29. Solitude (Ledo-Lewis)(Pastors, Alithia AR-6043: 1972, Produced, Arranged and Directed by Lou Toby for Alithia Records, Ltd.) *

Volume 58:

  1. Lemon Pie (Capehart)(Jerry Berryhill and Orchestra, Liberty 55825: 1965, P: Jerry Capehart)
  2. Little Lollypop (R. Dante-T. Wynn-D. Jordan)(Ronnie Dante, Almont 307: 1964, P: Dante-Wynn-Jordan For Screen Gems, Inc.)
  3. Small Town Girl (Craigemmerson)(The Staccatos, Capitol of Canada 72244: 1965, P: A Dasanda Production)
  4. Crei (My Dream)(Herrera-Ornelas-Monge)(Rene & Rene, Cobra Co-212A: 1965, P: A. Epstein, Epstein Ent. Studios)
  5. How Big Is Big? (J. Edwards)(Joey Edwards, Columbia 4-43620: 1966, P: A J. L. Production)
  6. Behind My Wall (R. Gregg)(The Distortions, Smash S-2068: 1966, P: Richie Becker)
  7. Come On Back (Vocal)(Joe Eich-Dave Adam)(The Wild Ones, Sears 6-6576: 1966)
  8. Where Are You (When Iím Lonely)(Tom OíBrien)(Attic Sounds, Mike MK 4003: 1966, P: A Joanie Production)
  9. The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine (Paul Simon)(The Joyride, World Pacific 77883: 1967, P: Clark Burroughs)
  10. Wings (Buckley)(Common Market, RCA Victor 47-9302: 1967, P: Al Schmitt, A: Al Capps)
  11. Baby Youíre A Real Good Friend Of Mine (Bill Jerome Jr.-Steve Jerome)(The Blades Of Grass, Jubilee 45-5590: 1967, P: Steve & Bill Jerome For Real Good Productions, A: The Blades of Grass)
  12. Hanginí Out (In Someone Elseís World)(Colacrai-Orbach)(The Split Level, Dot 45-17085: 1967, P: Gerry Granahan)
  13. 853 10th Avenue (T.H. Kidd-Bobby Gosh)(Bobby Gosh, Roulette R-7013: 1968, P: T.H. Kidd, A,C: Artie Schroek)
  14. Flowers, Flowers (M. Rodell)(The Licorice Schtik, Dot 45-17131: 1968, P: M. Rodell for Marvel Productions)
  15. Listen To The Music (Mann-Weil)(The New Dawn, RCA Victor 47-9569: 1968, P: Danny Davis)
  16. Hereís Today (J. Noreen-V. Pickery)(The Rose Garden featuring Diana DeRose, Atco 45-6564: 1968, P: Briane Stone & Charlie Greene A York/Pala Production, E: Stan Ross)
  17. Get The Message (M.Z. Gordon-J.A. Griffin)(The Young Men, Viva V-325: 1968, P: Michael Z. Gordon Snuff Garrett Productions, A: Al Capps)
  18. Pink Lemonade (Shelley Pinz-Paul Leka)(The Peppermint Rainbow, Decca 32316: 1968, P: Paul Leka, A,C: Paul Leka, Executive Producer: Dick Jacobs)
  19. Another Time (C. Boettcher)(The Summer Winds, Metromedia MM 131: 1969, P: Michael Gordon For S.G.G. Productions, A: George Tipton)
  20. You Me & My Yoyo (T. Dancy)(The Unchained Mynds, Buddah BDA 140: 1969, P: Jon Hall For Teen Town)
  21. Roll With It (Steve Miller)(Southbound Freeway, Atco 45-6690: 1969, P: Norman Petty)
  22. 34-06 (D. Clark-M. Smith)(Dave Clark Five, Epic 5-10474: 1969, P: Dave Clark)
  23. Yesterday Has Gone (T. Randazzo-V. Pike)(Cupidís Inspiration, Date 2-1665: 1970, P: Jimmy Duncan, A,C: Johnny Arthey)
  24. I Donít Stand A Chance (Keith Follese)(The Youngsters, Jubilee 45-5687: 1970, P,A: David Sandler)
  25. You Could Be Born Again (Chris Dedrick)(The Neighborhood, Big Tree BT 102: 1970, P: Jimmy Bryant)
  26. Bring Back The Days (Alex Camptbell)(Todays Tomorrow, Bang B-577: 1970, P: A Teen Town Production Supervised by Jim Hall)
  27. Things I Do For You (Arnold-Martin-Morrow)(Butterscotch, Bell 45-114: 1971, P: Arnold Martin and Morrow)
  28. Charles Church On Peacock Street (John Kielnik)(Jane Avenue Bus Stop, Buddah BDA 204: 1970, P: The Pauper for TKP Productions)

Volume 59:

  1. Hey Ah (Norman Meade-Ben Raleigh)(The Pandoras, Imperial 66029: 1964, P: Jerry Ragavoy Production, A: Gary Sherman)
  2. It Doesnít Matter (S.I. Gelber)(The Orchids, Columbia 4-43175: 1964, P: Lor Crane, A,C: Lor Crane)
  3. Why Am I So Shy (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(The Penny Sisters, B.T. Puppy 501: 1964, P,A: Big Time Productions, E: Brooks Arthur)
  4. Hey, Hoagy (B. Crewe-S. Linzer-D. Randell)(The Rag Dolls, Mala 493: 1964, P: A Bob Crewe Production, A: "Calello")
  5. Iíve Got Faith In Him (Sloan-Barri)(The Ginger-Snaps featuring Dandee Dawson, Dunhill D-4003: 1965, P: Sloan and Barri)
  6. A Lonely Queen (Billy Strange-John McCarthy)(Jody Miller, Capitol 5541: 1965, P: Steve Douglas, A,C: Billy Strange)
  7. Mother Dear Youíve Got A Silly Daughter (T. Peacock-J. Renzetti-J. Ross-N. Brian)(Sharon Black, Philips 40290: 1965, P,A: Hal Mooney)
  8. Heart (Clark-Aber-Hatch)(2 of Clubs, Fraternity F 972: 1966, P: Carl Edmondson, Supervisor: Bill Stith)
  9. Forgetting How To Smile (S. Palmier)(Stephan and Janis, Columbia 4-43665: 1966, P: Howard Roberts)
  10. I Wanna Be Free (T. Boyce-B. Hart)(Linda Ball, Tower 308: 1966, P: Boyce & Hart for Screen Gems, Inc. A Jerden Music, Inc. Production)
  11. You Know Where To Find Me (C. Singleton-E. Snyder)(Nanette, CanUSA 506: 1967, P: Tony Roman, A: J. Crevier)
  12. Farina (Penny Nichols)(Penny Nichols, Buddah BDA-28: 1967, P: A Coastal Strawberries Prod., A: Penny Nichols, Directed by Artie Ripp & Billy James)
  13. If You Love Me, Really Love Me (Monnat/Parsons/Piaf)(The Same, Barrington ABR-5004: 1967, P: Mike Joseph exclusively for Barrington Recordings, A: Jack Eskew)
  14. Felicidad (Frontieri-Hilderbrand)(Sally Field, Colgems 66-1008: 1967, P: Jack Keller, A,C: Don McGinnis)
  15. What To Do (P. Margo-M. Margo-H. Medress-J. Siegel-P. Kahan)(The Angels, RCA Victor 47-9129: 1967, P: Pierre Maheu, Ted Daryll, Coordinated by Jim Foglesong)
  16. The Groovy World Of Jack And Jill (J. Goldstein-R. Regan)(Marcia Strassman: UNI 55023: 1967, P: Jerry Goldstein, A: Don Peake)
  17. P.T. 280 (Barooshian-Morillo)(The Cake, Decca 32347: 1968, P: Greene And Stone))
  18. Yours Until Tomorrow (Goffin-King)(Paula Wayne, Colgems 66-1021: 1968, P: Shorty Rogers, A,C: Shorty Rogers)
  19. Too Many Chiefs (Not Enough Indians)(M. Carr-B. Nisbet)(Jacky, Philips 40533: 1968)
  20. Are You Sincere (Wayne Walker)(The Shannons, Liberty 56100: 1968, P: Mel Taylor For Melee Productions, A: George Tipton)
  21. Sunglasses (J.D. Loudermilk)(Hilary, Philips 40563: 1968, P: Art Heatlie)
  22. Golden Days (Goffin-King)(The Paris Sisters, Capitol 2081: 1968, P: Clancy B. Grass, III and Don Peake A Sidewalk Production)
  23. Biljo (Young)(Clodagh Rogers, RCA 47-9779: 1969, P: Kenny Young, A: Ian Green, Vocal Arrangement by Kenny Young)
  24. Our Generation (Jon Reid)(The Sugar Townes, RCA 74-0225: 1969, P: Bob Ferguson/Mike Weesner, A: Norbert Putnam) *
  25. Ainít That Telling You People (Lambert, Potter)(Sue & Sunny, UK Deram DM 318: 1970, P: Tony Hiller, MD: Keith Mansfield)
  26. Itíll Come To Pass (Thomas Gass-Dennis Bouchard)(The Early Train, Decca 32701: 1970, P: Chaarlie Dreyer and Bobby Hearne, A: Bobby Hearne) *
  27. Goiní Back (Barkan-Adams)(Toomorrow, Kirshner 63-5005: 1971, P: Ritchie Adams & Mark Barkan, A: Hugh Montenegro, Music Supervision: Don Kirshner) *
  28. (The Best Part Of) Breakiní Up (P. Andreoli-V-Poncia, Jr.-P. Spector)(The Seashells, Columbia 4-45760: 1971, P: Johnny Arthey & Phillip Swerp For Dragon Fly Productions A U.K. Production) *

Volume 60:

  1. The Drummond Theme (Malcolm Lockyer)(Malcolm Lockyer and His Orchestra, Decca 32084: 1966)
  2. All I Really Wanta Be Is Me (Bill & Bob Cowsill)(The Cowsills, JoDa J-103: 1965, P: Lonie Levister)
  3. The World Is Full Of Joys (For Little Girls And Boys)(Lynn Bryson)(Pebbles & Bamm Bamm of The Flintstones, HBR HBR-484: 1965)
  4. Pied Piper (Kornfeld-Duboff)(The Changiní Times, Philips 40320: 1965, P,A: Kornfeld-Duboff A Product of Koppelman-Rubin Associates)
  5. Once Upon A Time (This World Was Mine)(W. Dewart)(Teddy and The Pandas, Musicor MU 1176: 1966, P: Bruce Patch)
  6. Itís Hard To Live On Promises (R. Shorter)(The What Four, Columbia 4-43711: 1966, P: Teo Macero, A: Rick Shorter, C: Teo Macero)
  7. Next Time You See Me (D. Robb)(The Robbs, Mercury 72616: 1966, P: A Snuff Garrett Production by Snuff Garrett & Leon Russell)
  8. Bored To Tears (J. Faragher)(The Peppermint Trolley Company, Valiant V-752: 1966, P: D. Dalton)
  9. Try And Stop Me (Wally Holmes)(The Inrhodes, Dunhill D-4078: 1967, P: Norm Ratner A Boone/Ratner Production)
  10. Where Do You Go (S. Bono)(The Wildlife, Columbia 4-44285: 1967, P: John Walsh)
  11. Splash 1 (T. Hall-R. Erickson)(The Clique, Scepter SCE-12202: 1967, P: An Andrus Production)
  12. Say It Over Again (A. Kasha-J. Hirschhorn-W. Levise, Jr.)(Plant Life, Date 2-1572: 1967, P: Al Kasha for Genius Inc.)
  13. Up And Down (Hayes-Wadey-Grainger)(Eyes Of Blue, Deram 45 DEM 85001: 1967, P: Noel Walker)
  14. The Lake (G. Leonard)(Georgie Porgy and The Cry Babies, Jubilee 45-5597: 1967, P: Pierre Maheu For Look Ahead Productions, A: Trade Martin)
  15. Perhaps The Joy Of Giving (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(The Rock Garden, B.T. Puppy 45-536: 1968, P: Elliot Weiss & Bright Tunes Productions, E: Wally Sheffey)
  16. The Last House On Cherry Lane (David Bullman-Jerry Klinger)(The Sound Idea, Coral 62553: 1968, P: A D.B.M. Production)
  17. Coming Of Goodbye (Hansen)(Aerial Landscape, RCA Victor 47-9520: 1968, P: Rick Jarrard, Orchestral Arrangements by George Tipton)
  18. Just Friends (S.M. Lewis-J. Klenner)(Chris & Peter Allen, Mercury 72776: 1968, P: Al Kasha For Audio Management Ltd., A,C: Jimmy Wisner)
  19. Picture Postcard World (P. Levinson)(The Definitive Rock Chorale, Philips 40529: 1968, P: Ellie Greenwich and Mike Rashkow A Pineywood Production, A: Paul Lewshen)
  20. Poor Man (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(The Canterbury Music Festival, B.T. Puppy BTP 541: 1968, P: The Tokens & Shenny Brown for Bright Tunes Productions)
  21. Gotta Say Goodbye (G. Zekley-M. Bottler)(The Fun and Games, UNI 55128: 1969, P: Gary Zekley for Gulf Pacific Industries) *
  22. Fairyland (When I Was A Little Man)(Mark Gallagher & Ken Dammand)(The Fragile Lime, Sabrina SR003: 1969, P,A: Bill Frederick)
  23. Youíre Not Even Going To The Fair (Ken Tobias)(Tobias, Bell B-810: 1969, P: Bill Medley A Medley Production)
  24. Richest Man In The World (Mark Radice)(Mark Radice, Decca 732525: 1969, P: A Cloak and Dagger Production, A: Artie Schroek) *
  25. Groove With What You Got (P. Vegas-B. Burns)(The Osmond Brothers, Barnaby ZS7 2005: 1969, P: Jerry Careaga-Ron Joelson A Captain Milk Production, A: Michael Henderson)
  26. Boy Of The Country (John Buck Wilkin)(John Buck Wilkin, Liberty 56176: 1969, P: Don Tweedy A Don Tweedy Production, A,C: Don Tweedy)
  27. Endless Questions (L. Hoppen)(Boffalongo: United Artists UA 50699: 1970, P: Eric & Steve Nathanson A Music Asylum Concept, A: Boffalongo, E: Vincent Odo, Recorded at ODO Sound Studios)
  28. September In The Rain (H. Warren, Al Dubin)(Aeroplane, France Pink Elephant 333.016: 1971) *
  29. Gentle Rain (Charles Calello)(The Garden Variety, GRT GRT-29: 1970, P: Irv Siegal, A: Charles Calello)

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