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Volume 41:

1. Oh Jennie (Traditional)(The Nomads, Pharos PR101: 1964, P,A: Jackie DeShannon)

2. I'm In Love With Mary (A Love Song)(Vance-Pockriss)(Theodore Love, Kapp K-678: 1965, P: A Vance-Pockriss Production)

3. Crazy Daisy (L. Martine, Jr.)(Layng Martine, Jr., Date 2-1511: 1966)

4. Cheryl's Goin' Home (Bob Lind)(The Cascades, Arwin MM-132-45: 1966, P,A: Andy Di Martino)

5. Breezy (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(The Tokens, B.T. Puppy 45-519: 1966, P: Bright Tunes Productions, A: Trade Martin, E: Bill Mac Meekin)

6. Alice (Johnny Cole)(Gil & Johnny, World Pacific 77868: 1966, P: A Cogar Production, A: George Tipton & Perry Botkin, Jr.)

7. The Heart Of Juliet Jones (Gary Bonner-Allen Gordon)(The Trav'lers, Atlantic 45-2398: 1967, P: Chris Huston)

8. Dolly's Magic (Ahern)(Chapter V, Verve Folkways KF5046: 1967, P,A: Brian Ahern)

9. Twiggs (K. Young)(The Seagulls, Date 2-1551: 1967, P: A Kenny Young Production, A,C: Jimmy Wisner)

10. Samantha (J. Fessenden-P. Nazaretian)(The Garden Of Eden, Verve VK-10541: 1967, P: Jimmy Woods)

11. Anabella (Nash-James-Duncan)(Rufus Lumley, RCA Victor 47-9398: 1967, P: Bob Cullen, A,C: Joe Renzetti)

12. Sally Had A Party (G. St. Clair-T.M. O’Brien)(Flavor, Columbia 4-44521: 1968, P: Tim O’Brien, A: Tim O’Brien)

13. Sadie The Cleaning Lady (Gilmore-Madura-White)(Johnny Farnham, Capitol 2128: 1968, P: David Mackay, Vacuum Cleaner Solo: Mrs. Jolly)

14. Linda T. (David Bullman-Bob Motta)(The Sound Idea, Coral 62553: 1968, P: A D.B.M. Production)

15. Sugaree (Sugar Every Day And Night Girl)(K. Colley-D. Monda)(Keith Colley, Challenge 504: 1968, P: Colley-Stec-Buff, Horns by Mike Henderson, E: Paul Buff)

16. Hey There, Little Miss Mary (Roger Grenaway, Roger Cook)(The Convention, Buddah BDA 53: 1968, P: Brilliant Sun Productions)

17. Vicky - Vicky (Daryl Hall)(Daryl Hall, Parallax P 404: 1968, P: A Cellar Door Prod. for John Madara Enterprises, Ltd., A: Daryl Hall)

18. Mollie - "A" (A.C. Bernard-S.A. Saltman)(The Osmond Brothers, Barnaby ZS7 2004: 1968, P: Gary Klein A Product of Koppelman & Rubin Assoc.)

19. The Day Lorraine Came Down (K. Young)(San Francisco Earthquake, Smash S-2218: 1969, P: Steve & Bill Jerome, A,C: Herb Bernstein)

20. Sherry, Sherry (Don Hill)(The Sound Laboratory, SSS International SSS 764: 1969, P: Shelby S. Singleton, Jr. for Shelby Singleton Productions, Inc.)

21. Belinda (R. Harris; T. Wammack)(Terry Fox, M.O.C. 45-669: 1969)

22. Arabella Cinderella (Mike D’Abo-Nicholas Chinn)(Mike D'Abo, Bell B-956: 1970, P: Mike D’Abo for Gem Productions)

23. She's My Melody (A. Roberts-C. Welch)(Georgy, UNI 55269: 1970, P: John Andrew Tartaglia & Austin Roberts)

24. Angelica (Barry Mann-Cynthia Weill)(Oliver, Crewe 341: 1970, P,D: Bob Crewe, A: Hutch Davie)

25. Reach Out Lorraine (Ardith Polley)(Wyatt, Bell 972: 1971, P: The Tokens and Dave Appell, A,C: The Lone Arranger, E: Bill Radice)

26. Cider Rosey (Bob Saker)(New Horizon, Bell 982: 1971, P: Tony Burrows)

27. Suzanne, Suzanne (M. Reddyhoff/P. Henning)(Pop-Tops, ABC ABC-11324: 1972, P: Alain Milhaud, MD: Jack Laurence, Sound Engineer: John Mackswith) *

28. Rise Sally Rise (Carter-Alquist)(Stamford Bridge, Epic 5-10812: 1972, P: A Sunny Records Production) *

Volume 42:

1. Moonwalk (Cy Coben)(Libra, Ranwood R-850: 1969, P: Charles R. Green)

2. How Far Should I Let My Heart Go Tonight (J. Robinson-D. Linden)(The Fans, Dot 45-16688: 1964)

3. Can't We Go Somewhere? (Terry Black, Tollie 9026: 1964, P: Sloan & Barri for Dunhill Prod.)

4. Twelve Months Later (Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer)(The Sheep, Boom BM 60,000: 1965, P: A Feldman-Goldstein-Gottehrer Production, A,C: Bassett Hand )

5. Love Unreturned (Carnaby-Shakespeare)(The Red Coats, Laurie LR 3319: 1965, P: A Steve Rappaport Production)

6. Help Me (Stanley-Taub)(The Oxfords, ABC 10780: 1966)

7. Another Time, Another Place (Perry Botkin, Jr.-Johnny Cole)(The Sunday Funnies, Capitol 5614: 1966, P: Botkin-Garfield Productions)

8. You're Bad (Dick Addrisi-Don Addrisi)(Dick and Don, Valiant V-742: 1966)

9. New Games To Play (R. Cordell-V. Poncia, Jr.-P. Andreoli)(The Wildlife, Columbia 4-44285: 1967, P: John Walsh)

10. Butterscotch Monday (B. Kessler)(Hines, Hines & Dad, Columbia 4-44294: 1967, P: Harry Ascola and Sal Forlenza for Kenjo Productions, A,C: Bob Freedman)

11. People World (Jean Glover)(Jim & Jean, Verve Forecast KF-5073: 1967, P: Jimmy Wisner – A Lauren Music Prod., Production Supervisor: Jerry Schoenbaum, A,C: Pete Dino)

12. Ops And Pops (A. Westbrook-J. Abbott)(Ops 'N Pops, Columbia 4-44328: 1967, P: Jerry Abbott Productions, Inc.)

13. Yellow Beads (C.H. Woolery-B. Fowler)(The Avant-Garde, Columbia 4-44388: 1967, P: Bob Johnston)

14. Tunesmith (Jimmy Webb)(The Elastik Band, Kapp K-968: 1968, P: Norm Ratner, A: David Cortopassi, E: Don Landee)

15. I've Never Really Been In Love Before (Richie Adams-Teddy Randazzo-Victoria Pike)(Chad Munro, Decca 32256: 1968, P,A: Teddy Randazzo)

16. Ten Below (A. Kasha-J. Hirschhorn)(Chris & Peter Allen, Mercury 72776: 1968, P: Al Kasha For Audio Management Ltd., A,C: Jimmy Wisner)

17. Tears In My Heart (K. Scott-L. Difran)(Penny Arcade, Smash S-2190: 1968, P: Joey Day-Alan Dischel for Power House Productions)

18. Natural Morning (M. Radice)(Mark Radice, Decca 32349: 1968, P: A Cloak and Dagger Production, A: Arthur Schroeck and Mark Radice)

19. Little Miss (Roy Weinmann)(The Package, Bell B-842: 1969, P: Paulmik Productions)

20. All Night Long (Vance-Holmes-Florio)(Street People, Musicor MU-1365: 1969, P: Paul Vance, A: Rupert Holmes)

21. Mouse (Phil Stover)(The Mouse, Capitol 2460: 1969, P: Brian Ross – A Brian Ross Production) *

22. Beautiful Woman (Doyle-Britt-Donnelly)(The Mod Squad featuring Lee Greenwood, Dot 45-17195: 1969, P: Gerry Granahan, A: Artie Butler)

23. Let It Shine Thru (Lynn Pearlstein)(Rabbitt, Bell 926: 1970, P: Larry Marks & Lee Hazlewood for Lee Hazlewood Productions, A: Larry Marks)

24. Jubilation (N. Tanega; N. Kutzer)(The Bards featuring Bob Galloway, Parrot 45-344: 1970, P: Jerden Music, Inc., A: Ray Pohlman)

25. Willow Stream (A.C. Smith)(Design, Epic 5-10623: 1970, P: Motive Music Productions)

26. Grain Of Sand (John Seaman)(Indiana, King 45-6388: 1971, P: C.M.C. Records Ltd. London)

27. She's Coming Home (Albert Garcia)(Royal Jesters, Bell 45-105: 1971, P: Oscar Lawson and Henry Hernandez, Jr.)

28. I Can't Stop (Hill; Hill)(White Plains, Deram 45-85080: 1972, P: Cook/Greenaway, A: Lew Warburton)

29. Virgo (G. Usher)(Sagittarius, Columbia 4-44289: 1967, P: Gary Usher, A: Gary Usher)

Volume 43:

1. Summer Time (Is The Best Time For Making Love)(Spencer-Northern-Levy)(Tony Sales & The Tigers, Roulette R-4630: 1965, P: Hugo & Luigi)

2. Sunshine Comes To My House (Billy Goodson)(Bobby Gallant, Soft S-780: 1965)

3. A World Without Sunshine (Vance-Pockriss)(Derrik Roberts, Roulette R-4656: 1965, P: A Vance Pockriss Production)

4. Summer Song (V. McEntire)(Vern McEntire, Liberty 55781: 1965, P: Dave Pell, A: Gene Page)

5. What A Summer (M. Wecht)(The Cradle, Jubilee 45-5549: 1966, P: Murray Wecht)

6. Summer's Over (R. Reitmen)(Peanut Gallery, Canterbury C-502: 1966, P: Ken Handler, A: Gene Page, E: Ami Hadani)

7. Sad, Sad, Sunshine (Al Kooper)(The Hard Times, World Pacific WP 77864: 1967, P: Steve Alaimo)

8. Little Sunshine (R. Greenaway-R. Cooke)(Arnie Corrado, Columbia 4-44382: 1967, P,A: Charlie Calello)

9. Walk With The Sun (Bucky Wilkin)(Ronny & The Daytonas, RCA Victor 47-9107: 1967, P: Bucky Wilkin)

10. Summer Afternoon (Don & Dick Addrisi)(The Vogues, Co & Ce C-244: 1967, P: Cenci-Hakim)

11. Sunshine, Flowers And Rain (Roger Carroll)(The Same, Barrington ABR-5004: 1967, P: Mike Joseph exclusively for Barrington Recordings, A: Jack Eskew)

12. Enter Sunshine (Exit Darkness)(B. Nosal-G. Leonard)(Georgie Porgie and The Cry Babies, Jubilee 45-5597: 1967, P: Pierre Maheu For Look Ahead Productions, A: Trade Martin, E: Eddie Youngblood)

13. Sunshine (D. Wagner)(Dick Wagner and The Frosts, Date 2-1596: 1968, P: Dick Wagner)

14. Sunshine Showers (James Hendricks)(James Hendricks, Soul City 763: 1968, P: Johnny Rivers, Strings & Horns Arranged by Marty Paich)

15. Sunny Day People (Kerim Capli-Dominick Demieri)(The Sundowners, Decca 32296: 1968, P: Charles Bud Dant)

16. Sock It To Me Sunshine (M. Davis-B. Lind-F. Weller)(The Curtain Calls, Dot 45-17093: 1968, P: James A. Griffin – A Griffin/Newman Production, A: David Gates)

17. The Sun Shines On My Street (Ed Fournier)(Free For All, Dot 45-17149: 1968, P: Richard Delvy for Robbins Productions, A: Gene Page)

18. Sunshine And You (T. Arena)(Arch of Triumph, Date 2-1634: 1968, P: John Naikce)

19. Sunshine On A Cold Morning (Stone)(Fountain of Youth, Colgems 66-1032: 1968, P: Richie Podolor)

20. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (Bob Crewe-Bob Gaudio)(Fuzzy Bunnies, Decca 32364: 1968, P: Ellie Greenwich and Mike Rashkow)

21. Pretty Sunshine Girl (Roger Flax-Mary McDavit-Dave Harris)(The NJ Orange, Vanguard VRS 35074: 1968, P,A,C: Roger Flax for Roger Flax Enterprises, Inc.)

22. Summer Never Go Away (P. Nunn-S. Nunn)(Saturday's Photograph, Columbia 4-44904: 1969, P: Billy Jackson & Tom Wells, A,C: Carlton Palmer)

23. Summer Morning (M. Kent- J. Arthur)(The Ray Charles Singers, ABC/Command 45-4130: 1969, A: Bill Holman)

24. It's Gonna Be A Lonely Summer (Barry Mason-Tony Macaulay)(Edison Lighthouse, Bell 907: 1970, P: Tony Macaulay for Mustard Record Productions, Orchestra Direction by: Lew Warburton)

25. Raindrops, Love And Sunshine (Robert John-Michael Gately)(Robert John, A&M 1210: 1970, P: George Tobin, A: Louie Shelton, E: Henry Lewy)

26. Lady Sunshine (Albert Garcia)(Royal Jesters, Bell B-964: 1971, P: Oscar Lawson and Henry Hernandez)

27. Spend The Sunshine (L. Grossman-H. Hackady)(Salt Water Taffy, Metromedia MM-220: 1971, P: Rod McBrien, A: Meco Monardo)

28. All On A Summer's Day (Arnold-Martin-Morrow)(Butterscotch, Bell 45-114: 1971, P: Arnold, Martin and Morrow, A: Lew Warburton)

Volume 44:

1. The Disadvantages Of You (M. Leigh)(The Answer, Columbia 4-43992: 1967, P: Magimer Productions Inc., A: Music Makers)

2. Jamaica Ska (Lee)(Ska Kings, Atlantic 45-2232: 1964)

3. The Wild One (Usher-Christian)(The Grads, Mercury 72346: 1964, P: Ben-Ven Productions, Vocal Directed by Nick Venet)

4. I Will Be Free (John Herring)(The Poor Boys, General American GA-005: 1965)

5. In The Rain (Rosenfeld)(Ronnie Dante, Musicor MU 1090: 1965, P: Stan Kahan, A: Bert Keyes, E: Brooks Arthur)

6. A Long Way Down (H. Shrager-S.Shrager-A. Chorney)(The Forerunners, Liberty 55852: 1965, P: A Ditto Production)

7. If You Don't (Dana and Emma Neale King)(The Casuals, Monument 45-937: 1966, P: Fred Foster, A: Ray Stevens)

8. A Whole Lot More (S. Whittingham-G. Ellingworth)(The Washington D.C.'s, Date 2-1537: 1966, P: Barry Mason)

9. I'll Be Gone (F. Carroll)(The Coastliners, Back Beat 566: 1966, P,A: Fred Carroll)

10. Lazy Afternoon (J. Latouche-J. Moross)(The Luv Birds, ABC 10863: 1966, P: Albert Marx Productions, A,C: Bob Florence)

11. Houdini (F. Hardin)(The Dream Machine, Decca 32205: 1967, P: Gernhard Enterprises in association with John Brumage)

12. Flower Girl (W. Levine)(Plant Life, Date 2-1572: 1967, P: Al Kasha for Genius Inc.)

13. Daffodil Days (The Affection Song)(Alan Bernstein-Jerry Vance-Terry Philips)(The Hobbits, Decca 32226: 1967, P: Terry Philips – A Lee Haridan Production, A: Jerry Vance, Jimmy Curtiss, Terry Philips)

14. Buses (Parker-Moeller)(The Hung Jury, Colgems 66-1010: 1967, P: Chris Houston for Tai-Pan Productions)

15. Tip-Toe Thru The Tulips With Me (Joseph A. Burke-Al Dubin)(The Humane Society, Liberty 55968: 1967, P: A 2-D Production)

16. Get Off My Tulips (T. Howard-B. Kirin)(The Caretaker, ABC 11110: 1968, P: Tash Howard)

17. Silky (Keith Sykes)(The Gentrys, Bell 740: 1968, P: Dale Hawkins, A: Pruitt-Hawkins)

18. Sing Me Life (J. Murphy)(The Merchants Of Dream, A&M 989: 1968, P,A: Vinny Testa, EP: Shadow Morton)

19. Happy Feeling (James Aiello)(The Happy Feeling, Mala M-12,034: 1968, P: Norman Petty)

20. We (G. Zekley-M. Bottler)(The Fun And Games, UNI 55128: 1969, P: Gary Zekley for Gulf Pacific Industries, A: Jimmie Haskell)

21. Poor Old Organ Grinder (Tandyn Almer)(Pleasure featuring Billy Elder, Tower 506: 1969, P: A Patheway Production)

22. Don't Cry Over Me (M. Malmborg)(Mark Eric, Revue R 11052: 1969, P: Norman Gregg H. Ratner, A: Vic Briggs)

23. Little Jacky Monday (R. Price-M. Tyler)(Sight And Sound, Fontana F-1648: 1969, P: Irving Martin)

24. As Long As I'm With You (Herb Ryals-Jerry Willis)(The Maddening Crowd, Parrot 45-329: 1969, A: Bill Haney-Herb Ryals)

25. Listen To The Words (Listen To The Music)(Margo, Margo, Medress, Siegal)(The Tokens, Buddah BDA 187: 1970, P: The Tokens for Bright Tunes Production, A,C: Norman Bergen)

26. Candyapple (Keith Follese)(The Youngsters, Jubilee 45-5687: 1970, P,A: David Sandler)

27. Coins (Peyton-Kaniger)(P.K., Bell 45,164: 1971, P: David Gates)

28. Barefoot In The Park (Johnny Mercer-Neal Hefti)(Boots Brown and The Pflugelpipers, Dot 45-17069: 1967, P: Dick Peirce)

Volume 45:

1. A Letter From My Love (H. Kane-R. Green)(Bonnie Brooks, United Artists UA 708: 1964, P: A Platune Production)

2. Stone In Love (J. Curry)(The Spellbinders, Columbia 4-43384: 1965, P: A Daedelus Production)

3. Under The Smile Of Love (I. Raymonde-M. Hawker)(Sharon Black, Philips 40290: 1965, P,A: Hal Mooney)

4. Love, Love My Friend (K. Resnick-A. Resnick)(The Corvairs, Columbia 4-43603: 1966, P: V. Millrose & T. Bruno – A Kama-Sutra Production, A,C: Artie Butler)

5. A Love That Loves You (R. Fowler)(The Distortions, Smash S-2068: 1966, P: Rickie Becker)

6. Baby, I Dig Love (R. Clark)(The What Four, Columbia 4-43711: 1966, P: Teo Macero, C: Teo Macero, Vocal Arrangement: Rick Shorter)

7. I Fall In Love (All Over Again)(Billy Page)(The Forum, Mira 232:1967, P: Norm Ratner, E: John Haeny)

8. Love Is On The Way (S. Linzer-D. Randell)(Linzer & Randell, Columbia 4-44250: 1967, P,A: Charlie Calello)

9. Wonderful Love (Joe Levine)(Christopher, Bell 667: 1967, P: Bill Jerome Jr. – A Real Good Production, A: John Abbott)

10. Catch The Love Parade (Les Emmerson)(The Staccatos, Capitol 5979: 1967, P: Nick Venet)

11. Love Her And Cherish Her (F. Haber)(Blades Of Grass, Jubilee 45-5662: 1968, P: Steve & Bill Jerome For Steve & Bill Jerome Associates, A: John Abbott)

12. Give Him Love (Calvert-Marzano-Naumann)(The Feathers, Kapp K-887: 1968, P: Jimmy Calvert & Norman Marzano – A Big Kahoona Production, A,C: Jimmy Calvert)

13. Love Is A Symphony (L. Reed/B. Mason)(Roly Daniels, UK CBS 3754: 1968, P: Deke Arlon, A: Les Reed)

14. Beyond Love (R. Atkins – C. D’Errico)(Lance Rentzel, Columbia 4-44595: 1968, P: Jackie Mills – A Wednesday Child Production)

15. Love Seeds (Ray Whitley)(Bobby Langford, Mala M-12,008: 1968, P: Ray Whitley and Bobby Langford)

16. Taking A Chance On Love (J. Latouche-T. Fetter-V. Duke)(The Osmond Brothers, Barnaby ZS7 2005: 1969, P: Jerry Careaga, Ron Joelson – A Captain Milk Production, A: Michael Henderson)

17. The Word Is Love (Richard Frost-Thomas Frost)(Thomas & Richard Frost, Imperial 66405: 1969, P: Ted Glasser, A: Al Capps)

18. A Love Song (L. Van Eaton)(Jacobs Creek, Columbia 4-44856: 1969, P: Al Lawrence)

19. I Love You (E. Greenwich-M. Rashkow)(The Definitive Rock Chorale, Bell B-844: 1969, P: Ellie Greenwich & Mike Rashkow – A Pineywood Production!, Strings & Horns Arr. By Hutch Davie)

20. A Sign Of Love (Mike Leander-Eddie Seago)(John and Anne Ryder, Decca 732596: 1969, P: Mark Edwards) *

21. Love Is Here (B. Gentry-B. Bloom)(Bo Gentry & Ritchie Cordell, Columbia 4-44635: 1969, P: R. Cordell & B. Gentry – A Big Kahoona Production, A Product of Kasenetz-Katz Assoc., Inc.)

22. Love, You Possess Me (Gerard Kenny-Robyn Supraner)(Gerard, Laurie LR 3507: 1969, P: A Laurie Production, A: John Abbott)

23. Goodbye Love (Bruce McGaw)(The Book of Matches, 20th Century Fox 6715X: 1970, P: Valione-McGaw Productions, A: Bruce McGaw)

24. Thank You Love (James A. Griffin-R. Wilson-Royer)(James Griffin, Viva V-642: 1970, P: James Griffin, A: Al Capps)

25. Lady Love (Mike Appel-Jimmy Cretecos)(Mike Appel, Capitol 2828: 1970, P: Wes Farrell)

26. Love Hurts (Ritchie Mann-Boddy Videl-Steve Coufo)(The Beeds, Buddah BDA 210: 1971, P: Jim Calvert & Norman Marzano, A: Jim Calvert, E: Odo Recording)

27. Love Songs In The Night (Michael Brown)(Steve Martin, Buddah BDA 219: 1971, P: Michael Brown For White Shoes Music Inc.)

28. More, More, More, Of Your Love (Wm. Robinson)(Bob Brady, A&M 1382: 1972, P: J. Cash & Bob Gordon for B.O.F. Talent Management, Inc.)

Volume 46:

1. Good Time Ticket (Peter Schickele)(Peter Schickele and His Orchestra, Vanguard VRS-35096: 1969, P: Seymour Solomon)

2. Dusty (B. Crewe-S. Linzer-D. Randell)(The Rag Dolls, Mala 493: 1964, P: A Bob Crewe Production, A: "Calello")

3. Now You Cry (M. Myers-A. Love)(The Fabulous Four, Brass 311: 1964, P: Don Price)

4. Mr. Cupid '65 (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegal)(The Cinnamons, B.T. Puppy 45-508: 1965, P,A: Big Time Productions, E: Seymour)

5. Alright (Ross; Vanadore)(The Legends, Parrot 45 PAR 45011: 1965, P: Saint K Productions)

6. Join The World Outside (Bayer-Harway)(Carol & Sherry, MGM K13308: 1965, P: Paul Tannen – A Tanridge Production, A: Stan Applebaum)

7. Most Of All (G. Geld-P. Udell)(The Cowsills, Philips 40382: 1966, P: Shelby S. Singleton, Jr.)

8. La La Lu (N. Marzano-J. Calvert-M. Whecht)(The Cats Meow, Decca 31940: 1966, P: Marzano-Calvert – A Pomshu Production, A Product of Koppelman-Rubin Associates)

9. Tears (Fill The Hours)(Bruce Milner-Barry Milner)(Patti's Groove, Columbia 4-43484: 1966, P: Bob Hughes, A: Bob Hughes)

10. Dig Yourself (M. Thompsen)(Music Bachs, Date 2-1584: 1967, P: Bob Gallo for Loudon Prod. Inc.)

11. (It'll All Wash Away) With The Rain (Dorlee)(The Brothers, White Whale WW-250: 1967, P: Ted Glasser – A Felgin & Lasseff Production, A: Mike Rubini)

12. Day By Day (It Happens)(Ernie Orosco)(The Giant Crab, Corby CR 217: 1967, P: A Corby Record Production)

13. Bend Me, Shape Me (English-Weiss)(The Models, MGM K13775: 1967, P: Tom Wilson, A: Larry Fallon, English, Weiss & Wilson, E: Gary Kellgren)

14. Little White Lies (Walter Donaldson)(The Shannons, Liberty 56100: 1968, P: Mel Taylor For Melee Productions, A: George Tipton)

15. I'll See You (G. Davis-B. Wallace-B. Schwartz)(The Comfortable Chair, Ode ZS7 112: 1968, P: John Densmore & Robby Krieger)

16. On The Beach (Galley-Overfield-Lees-Clee-Williams)(Finders Keepers, Fontana F-1609: 1968)

17. Good Vibrations (Wilson-Love)(Hugo Montenegro, His Orchestra and Chorus, RCA Victor 47-9712: 1968, P: Joe Reisman)

18. Everybody Oughta Meet My Baby (R. Greenaway-R. Cook)(Ches Bonetree, Fontana F-1675: 1969, P: Joe Messina, A,C: Joe Messina)

19. Funny Day (The Mongrels, Nico LM-107: 1969, P: Loren Saifer, A: Randy Bachman)

20. Commercial Guitar Man (R. Henn)(Joy, Philips 40555: 1969, P: Don Ralke – Rick Henn Productions, A: Rick Henn)

21. No Obligations (Kenny Walker)(Kenny O'Dell, White Whale WW-319: 1969, P: ABQ Productions & Kenny O’Dell)

22. Cities Make The Country Colder (Tom Northcott)(Tom Northcott, Warner Bros 7330: 1970, P,A: Lenny Waronker & Tom Northcott, A: Bob Buckley)

23. Seattle (Sheldon-Keller-Montenegro)(The New Establishment, Colgems 66-5009: 1970, P: Ernie Sheldon & Jack Keller, A: Dave Blumberg) *

24. Broken-Hearted Man (P. Upton)(Jerry Naylor, Columbia 4-45170: 1970, P: Sonny Knight, A: Al Capps) *

25. Child Of The Springtime (C. Dinnall)(Carlton Dinnall, Barnaby ZS7 2026: 1971, P: Jackie Mills for Wednesdays Child Producions, A: Al Capps) *

26. No, No, No (Egeiston-Morris-Currier-Marshall)(D.C. Hawk, UNI 55283: 1971, P: Steve Waltner & Dave Fox for Raintree Productions, Recorded at Living Sound Recorders)

27. She Let's Her Hair Down (Vance-Carr)(The Pastors, Alithia AR-6043: 1972, Produced, Arranged and Directed by Lou Toby for Alithia Records, Ltd.) *

28. Solar Light (Nozomi Aoki)(The Houstons, World Pacific 77926: 1969, A: N. Aoki) *

Hidden Track:

29. Pepsi-Cola Jingle (The Turtles, 1967)

Volume 47:

1. So Fine (Johnny Otis)(Eddy's Groop, B.T. Puppy 45-510: 1964, P,A: Big Time Productions, E: Bob Arnold)

2. I Want To Talk With You (Neil Levenson)(The Whippets, Josie 921:1964, P: A Dulev Production)

3. Wella Wella Well (Light-Davis)(Jeffrey Clay and The Diggers, MGM K13396: 1965, P: Gene Nash A Dino Production)

4. Golden Locket (John Carroll and Audrey Smith)(The Vogues, ABC-Paramount 45-10672: 1965)

5. When Blue Turns To Gray (Jagger; Richard)(The Mighty Avengers, Press 45-PRE-9746: 1965, P: Andrew Loog Oldham)

6. Lollipop Train (P.F. Sloan-S. Barri)(The Peppermint Trolley Company, Valiant V-752: 1966, P: D. Dalton)

7. Cruel To Be Kind (Rosalind)(The Frugal Sound, Red Bird RB 10-052: 1966, P: An Island Record Production, A Pye Records, U.K., Recording)

8. Pitter Patter (Tom O’Brien)(Attic Sounds, Mike MK 4003: 1966, P: A Joanie Production)

9. Out Of My Mind (F. Zeufeldt-W. Beck-K. Eggers-M. Rogers)(The Surprise Package, Columbia 4-43922: 1966, P: Terry Melcher, A: Terry Melcher)

10. If We Stick Together (T. Gilbert-J. Carter)(Tim Gilbert, UNI 55045: 1967, P: Frank Slay, A: George Tipton)

11. Mrs. MacAbee (D. Weiss)(Love-Michael, Columbia 4-44253: 1967, P: John Hurley)

12. Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde (Dunn-Barry-McCashen)(Stone Country, RCA Victor 47-9397: 1967, P: Rick Jarrard)

13. The Lovin' People (L. Chandler)(Len Chandler, Columbia 4-44269: 1967, P: Elliot Mazer, A,C: Len H. Chandler, Jr., Excutive Producer: John Hammond)

14. Hold The Night (K. Young)(San Francisco Earthquake, Smash S-2203: 1968, P: Bill & Steve Jerome for Real Good Productions Inc., A,C: Herb Bernstein)

15. Takin' It Easy (J. Spitale-J Painter-H. Corro-B. Luther)(London Phogg, A&M 1010: 1968, P: Keith Colley – Teen Scene Productions, Inc. A Product of Lumumba Productions, A: Al Capps)

16. Mrs. Orange (D. Brightman-P. Galdston)(The Cisum, Epic 6-10362: 1968, P: Stu Krane)

17. What Am I Gonna Do? (M.Z. Gordon)(The Young Men, Viva V-632: 1968, P: Michael Z. Gordon Snuff Garrett Productions, A: Al Capps)

18. Did You Hear About The End Of The World (Nixon-Kimbrough)(The Fault Line, RCA 47-9771: 1969, P: Rick Jarrard, A: Al Capps)

19. Teenybopper (Bo Gentry, B. Bloom)(Wind, Life L-202, 1969, P: Paul Naumann and Bo Gentry)

20. Palpitations (E. O’Louglin)(Playful Pups, Intrepid 75008: 1969, P: Danny Jordan, Stan Herman & Rupert Holmes A Product of: Plus Three Productions, A: Rupert Holmes)

21. Cody (John C. Stewart)(The Magic Grass, Decca 732544: 1969, P,A: Larry Banghart) *

22. Opening Night (Miki Antony)(Terry Rice-Milton, UK CBS S 5282: 1970, P: Jimmy Duncan, A,C: Johnny Arthey) *

23. Long Time Blues (M. Williams)(Andy Williams, Columbia 4-45175: 1970, P: Dick Glasser, A,C: Al Capps) *

24. Tomorrow Never Comes (Bobby Hearne)(The Early Train, Decca 32701: 1970, P: Charlie Dreyer and Bobby Hearne, A: Bobby Hearne) *

25. The Chant (Nam Myoho Renge'kyo)(S. Prokop-P. Hoffert)(Jane Avenue Bus Stop, Buddah BDA 204: 1971, P: The Prince for TKP Productions)

26. She Cares For Me (T. Saussy)(Ragnation, Bell 973: 1971, P: Tupper Saussy and Buzz Cason, A,C: Tupper Saussy)

27. High And Dry (Macaulay)(The Fantastics, Bell 977: 1971, P: Tony Macaulay for Mustard Record Productions, MD: Gerry Shury)

28. In The Morning (B. Gibb)(Paper Lace, Bang B-591: 1972, P: Philip Ward, A: Roy White)

Volume 48:

1. Chocolate On A Sunday (G. Mekler)(Gabriel, Dunhill D-4058: 1966, P: Steve Barri, A: G. Mekler)

2. I've Got Plans (Usher-Abeyta)(The Neptunes, Warner Bros 5453: 1964, P,A: Gary Usher)

3. I Took My Baby Home (Ray Davies)(The Pickwicks, Warner Bros 5492: 1964)

4. Magic Town (B. Mann-C. Weil)(Jody Miller, Capitol 5541: 1965, P: Steve Douglas, A,C: Billy Strange)

5. What's The Good Of Loving (Barbara Kay, UK Pye 7N 15774: 1965)

6. Don't Let Me Down (S. Palmier)(Stephan and Janis, Columbia 4-43665: 1966, P: Howard Roberts)

7. How Can I Get Off This Merry-Go-Round (Tony Luis)(Dawn, United Artists UA 50096: 1966, P: D & L Production, A,C: Tony Luis)

8. Young (Buzz Cason)(Ronny & The Daytonas, RCA Victor 47-9022: 1966, P: Bucky Wilkin in association with Felton Jarvis)

9. Better Than That (C. Goldmark)(Mark IV, Columbia 4-43911: 1966, P: John Simon)

10. They Said No (Bill Richardson)(The Hard Times, World Pacific WP 77864: 1967, P: Steve Alaimo)

11. Shadow Of Defeat (Tony Callo-The Trav’lers)(The Trav'lers, Atlantic 45-2398: 1967, P: Chris Huston)

12. Time Goes Backwards (Jim Glover)(Jim & Jean, Verve Forecast KF-5073: 1967, P: Jimmy Wisner A Lauren Music Prod., A,C: Pete Dino, Production Supervisor, Jerry Schoenbaum)

13. Friday Kind Of Monday (Jeff Barry-Ellie Greenwich)(The Meantime, Atco 45-6524: 1967, P: Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich)

14. Electric Kangaroo (Dennis Garrett)(The Family Tree, Paula 329: 1968, P: Jerry Strickland)

15. Pastel Dreams (Mike Glasser)(Michael Gram, LHI 1212: 1968, P: Michael Gram A Lee Hazlewood Production)

16. The Kissin' Game (M. Rodell)(The Licorice Schtik, Dot 45-17131: 1968, P: M. Rodell for Marvel Productions)

17. City Lights (W. Gradus-E. Maresca)(The Cardboard Zeppelin, Laurie LR 3433: 1968, P: Base Hit Productions, A: Dave Mullaney)

18. What A Feeling (John Tolbart-Jack Burke)(The Here And Now, Monument Mn45-1153: 1969, P: Ray Pennington)

19. It's So Easy (G. Bonner-A. Gordon)(Garry Bonner, Columbia 4-44027: 1969, P: Garry Bonner & Alan Gordon A Product of Koppelman-Rubin Associates, Inc.)

20. Butterflies Are Free (Schwartz)(The Cinammon Ship, RCA 74-0308: 1969, P: Ted Daryll and Steve Schwartz, A: Steve Schwartz) *

21. I Can Remember (March, Grasso, Illingworth)(Billie Davis, UK Decca F 12923: 1969, Produced and Directed by Michael Aldred, A: Mike Vickers)

22. Before My Time (Ronnie Weiss-David Stanley)(The Brass Buttons, Bell B-876: 1970, P: Dale Hawkins, Strings Arr. By Al Gorgoni, E: Dean Evenson) *

23. Dancing In The Moonlight (S. Kelly)(Boffalongo, United Artists UA 50699: 1970, P: Eric & Steve Nathanson A Music Asylum Concept, A: Boffalongo, E: Duffy, Recorded at J.T. Sound Studios, Ltd.)

24. Miss Me In The Morning (Mike D’Abo-Nicholas Chinn)(Mike D'Abo, Bell B-956: 1970, P: Mike D’Abo for Gem Productions)

25. Stained Glass Windows (P.J. Vance-L. Carr-E. Levitt)(Warfield County, Odax OK-417: 1971, P: Paul Vance, A: Paul Vance)

26. Do You Know What Time It Is (Flax-Lambert)(P-Nut Gallery, Buddah BDA-239: 1971, P: Bobby Flax & Lanny Lambert for Very Very Productions Ltd.)

27. Living Together, Growing Together (B. Bacharch and H. David)(Reunion, Bell 45,287: 1972, P: Dick Glasser, A: Mike Melvoin)

28. Wishwater (Tony Romeo-Wes Farrell)(Dr. Wishbone's Revival, Senate S-2112: 1969, P,A: Wes Farrell & Tony Romeo)

Volume 49:

1. Munster Creep (J. Hooven-E. Carroll-H. Winn)(The Munsters, Decca 31670: 1964, Inspired By The T.V. Characters "The Munsters")

2. Don't Stand Up In A Canoe (Eddie Snyder-Paul Vance)(Ronnie Dante, MusicVoice M 503: 1964, P,C: Lee Pockriss)

3. Daddy (Mark Charron)(Pebbles & Bamm Bamm of The Flinstones, HBR HBR-484: 1965, A: Hank Levine)

4. It's Raining, It's Pouring (Ed E. Miller and Ersel Hickey)(The New Chautauquans, Academy 110: 1965, Vocal Produced by Ed E. Miller)

5, Loving You Could Hurt Me So (Ornelas-Herrera)(Rene & Rene, Cobra CO-212: 1965, P: Abe Epstein, Spedcial Arr: Fred Salas, Musical Ass. The Dell Tones)

6. The Lilly (S. Flint)(Shelby Flint, Valiant V-743: 1966, A: Perry Botkin Jr.)

7. Misty Morning Eyes (Reed-Mason)(James Darren, Warner Bros 5874: 1966, P: Dick Glasser, A: Leon Russell)

8. Get Off Of My Cloud (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)(Dave, Stan & Robin, Startime SR-106: 1966, P: M. Rubini & D. Berrigan, Live! From Gazzarri’s Hollywood A Go-Go Sunset Strip!)

9. (I'm On The) Last Train To Clarksville (T. Boyce-B. Hart)(Linda Ball, Tower 308: 1966, P: Boyce & hart for Screen Gems, Inc. A Jerden Music, Inc. Production)

10. Why (Sheldon)(The Mustang, Ascot 2231: 1967, P: A Kar Production)

11. (Shake Me) Can I Be Dreamin' (Billy Carl & Reid Whitelaw)(The Young Savages, Roulette R-4777: 1967, P: Billy Carl for Shelby Singleton Productions Inc., A: Danny Cohen)

12. Yes, We Have No Bananas (Cohn-Silver)(United Fruit Co., York 403: 1967, P: Marty Cooper)

13. He's A Better Man Than Me (M. Leander)(David Essex, UNI 55020: 1967, P,A: Mike Leander)

14. There's A War On (Marc Ellis)(The Rainbow Press, Mr. G G-817: 1968, A: Marc Ellis) *

15. I'm So Happy Now (Gene Cornish)(Company Front, Rising Sons RS-711: 1968, P: Ray Allen, A: Fred Baker, Ronn Bedenbaugh)

16. Do Drop Inn (A. Gordon-G. Bonner)(The Fifth Estate, Jubilee JB 5617: 1968, P: Steve & Bill Jerome for Real Good Productions, A: John Abbott)

17. The Chewin' Gum Kid (Milan)(Ice Cream, Capitol 2321: 1968, P: Milan for Peter Schekeryk Productions, A: Milan)

18. I've Been Hurt (Ray Whitley)(December's Children, World Pacific 77910: 1969, P: Ray Whitley, A: Ray Whitley)

19. Tic Tac Toe (A. Schroeder-G. Goehring)(Jorge, Aurora 166: 1969, P: David Mook for Past, Present and Future Productions, A: Harry Head)

20. Everyday (C. Hardin/N. Petty)(The Unchained Mynds, Buddah BDA 140: 1969, P: Jon Hall For Teen Town)

21. Help Me Girl (Larry Weiss-Scott English)(Comstock Ltd. featuring Bobby Comstock, Bell B-828: 1969, P: Larry Weiss)

22. Don't Know Why (Colyer-Sweetenham-Andrews)(West Point, Parrot 45-40052: 1970, P: Tony Hiller, MD: Cy Payne)

23. She Is (George M. Jones)(John Howard Abdnor, Abnak AB-147: 1970, P: Chunky and Big Shag) *

24. Forbidden Games (Ypes; Stellman)(Ginette Reno, Parrot 45-40053: 1970, P: Marcel Stellman, MD: Arthur Greenslade)

25. Freedom (Lambert, Potter)(Sue & Sunny, UK Deram DM 328: 1971, P: Tony Hiller, MD: Keith Mansfield)

26. Costume Party (Kathleen Saroyan)(Kathleen Saroyan, Bell 962: 1971, P: Mike Post for Mike Post Productions, Inc., A: Nick De Caro)

27. Memphis, Tennessee (Chuck Berry)(Kentucky Express, Liberty 56212: 1972, P: Andy Di Martino for Armed Productions, A: Bobby West, E: David Brand)

Volume 50:

1. Mr. Miff (The July Four)(The July Four, Cameo C-480: 1967, P: Plus Productions)

2. Surfer Street (The Allisons, Tip 1011: 1963)

3. Smile (M. Stoker-J. Grear)(Tommy Burk & The Counts, H.I.P. H-1181: 1964)

4. I Dare You To Try (Gummoe-Stevens-Snyder)(The Cascades, RCA Victor 47-8402: 1964, P: Joe Reisman)

5. Sail Away (Charlie Rich)(Carousels, Autumn 13: 1965)

6. A Million Tears Ago (L. Crockett-K. Gough)(Johnny and The Canadians, Columbia 4-43353: 1965, P: Lor Crane)

7. All Night Long (D. & J. Beaudoin)(The Palace Guard, Orange-Empire 331: 1965, A,C: Jack Nitzsche Orange Empire Prod., Inc. Beverly Hills, Calif., U.S.A.)

8. Keep The Fire Burning (H. Giosasi-D. Marchand)(The James Boys, Columbia 45-43717: 1966, P: A Morty Craft Production, A,C: Morton Craft)

9. Up Off My Knees (Keith Colley-Linda Colley)(Keith Colley, Challenge 59934: 1966)

10. Time To Move Along (B. Ulvaeus-M. Dean)(The Northern Lights, United Artists UA 991: 1966)

11. Would You Believe (H. Martin-J. Butt-R. Branch-M. Branch)(The Tempests, Smash S-2094: 1967, P: Ted Bodnor for Bodnor Productions, A: Roger Branch and Ted Bodnor)

12. Bring Back The Time (Mark Charron)(The B M O C, World Pacific WP-77829: 1967, P: Richard Bock, A,C: George Tipton, Vocal Arrangements by Ed Lojeski)

13. Right Track (Lenny Roberts)(The Split Level, Dot 45-17085: 1967, P: Gerry Granahan)

14. I Played My Part Well (Tony Romeo)(Good & Plenty, Senate S-2105: 1967, P: Wes Farrell in collaboration with Tony Romeo, A: Wes Farrell, Tony Romeo and Joe Renzetti)

15. The Minstrel (John David Souther-Mark G. Creamer)(The Kitchen Cinq, Decca 32374: 1968, P: Tom Thacker)

16. All The World Is Mine (Doug Shaffer)(The Best of Friends, Laurie LR 3450: 1968, P: Laurie Productions Inc. & Dennis Pantzer, A: The Best of Friends)

17. Happiness Is (Don & Dick Addrisi)(The Byzantine Empire, Amy A-11,034: 1968, P: Eddie Higgins & Bob Schiff for Dunwich Productions, Inc., A: Higgins & Schiff)

18. Never In A Month Of Sundays (A. Bernstein-V. Millrose)(The Six Mile Chase, Dot 45-17130: 1968, P: A Millrose-Bernstein Production, A: Joe Renzetti)

19. Gilbert Green (B. Gibb-R. Gibb)(Soft Pillow, Musicor MU 1345: 1969, P: Basart Int’l. for Flower Pot Productions)

20. Leave Us Alone (G. Simmons; D. Culvar)(Terry Fox, M.O.C. 45-669: 1969)

21. November Monday (B. Martin-T. Wine-C. Bayer-C. Douglas)(Will-O-Bees, SGC 45-007: 1969, P: Bill Traut for Dunwich Productions)

22. My House (Peter Sarstedt)(The Johnstons, Tetragrammaton T-1530, P: Nathan Joseph, A: David Palmer) *

23. Good Day (W.J. Chirino)(Los Vivos, Jamie 1389: 1970, P: Thomas Fundora)

24. Witchi Tai To (Jim Pepper)(Todays Tomorrow, Bang B-577, P: A Teen Town Prodution, Supervised by Jon Hall)

25. Coloured Mile (A.C. Smith)(Design, Epic 5-10623: 1970, P: Motive Music Productions)

26. Don't Let Him Touch You (Jonathan King)(The Angelettes, London 45-1040: 1971, Invented, imagined, conceived, created, produced and directed by Jonathan King, A: Johnny Arthey)

27. I Believe In You (Arnold-Martin-Morrow)(Arnold, Martin & Morrow, Bell 45-135: 1971, P: Arnold, Martin & Morrow, A: Lew Warburton)

28. Due To The Fact That (D. Monda & D. Cox)(Two Brothers, Smobro SB 402: 1969, P: Doug Cox)

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