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Volume 31:

1. Conversations (Roger Cook-Roger Greenway-Jerry Lordan)(Florence Henderson, Decca 732619: 1969, P: John Walsh, A: Richard Rome) *

2. Ringo's Revenge (Mike Blumberg)(Robin Garrett, Mutual 510: 1964, P: Frank Cari)

3. Doesn't He Know (Dello-Cane)(Christine Holmes, Mercury [UK] MF 819: 1964, with Accompaniment Directed by Alan Braden)

4. All About Jim (Winifred Robinson)(The Pandoras, Imperial 66029: 1964, P: Jerry Ragavoy Production, A: Gary Sherman)

5. Nothing To Write Home About (Charles Wright)(The Francettes, Challenge 59255: 1964)

6. A Penny For Your Thoughts (Robert Stone)(The Penny Sisters aka The Three Pennies aka The English Muffins, B.T. Puppy 45-501 & 45-511, 1964, A,P: Big Time Productions, E: Brooks Arthur)

7. The Sh-Down Down Song (You Better Leave Him Alone) (Sloan-Barri)(The Ginger-Snaps featuring Dandee Dawson, Dunhill D-4003: 1965, P: Sloan and Barri)

8. Multiply By Three (M. Curb-H. Hatcher)(The Starlets, Tower 115: 1965, P: Mike Curb, A: H.B. Barnum)

9. What Good Am I Without You (Merlin)(The Indigos, Verve Folkways KF 5002: 1965, P: Jack Merlin)

10. A Frightful Situation (T. Peacock-N. Mantz)(Mrs. Brown's Lovely Daughter Carol, Challenge 59292: 1965, P: Frank McKelvey)

11. I Go To Sleep (Ray Davies)(Peggy Lee, Capitol 5488: 1965, P: David Cavanaugh, A,C: Sid Feller)

12. Feeling Good (L. Bricusse-A. Newley)(Michele Lee, Columbia 4-43476: 1965, P: Mike Berniker, A,C: Ray Ellis)

13. Mama Saw Me (J. Flanagan)(The Sweets, Valiant V711: 1965, P: Devorzon, Chandler, Sanders)

14. Lullaby Of Love (B. Sherrill-L. Butler)(The Poppies, Epic 5-9893: 1966, P: Billy Sherrill, A: Bill Justis)

15. I Had A Dream I Lost You (Ted Daryll)(The Angels, RCA Victor 47-9129: 1967, P: Ted Daryll, Pierre Maheu, Coordinated by Jim Foglesong, A,C: Trade Martin)

16. Out Of The Picture (J. Goldstein)(Marcia Strassman, UNI 55006: 1967, P: Jerry Goldstein, A,C: Don Peake)

17. Merry Go 'Round (S. Nunn-P. Nunn)(The Gentle Touch, Kapp K-871: 1967, P: Tom Wells, A,C: Carleton Palmer)

18. Look Around Rock (Penny Nichols)(Penny Nichols, Buddah BDA-28: 1967, P: A Coastal Strawberries Production, Directed by Artie Ripp & Billy James)

19. Have You Heard The News 'Bout Miss Molly (C. Connors-M. McGinnis)(The Cake, Decca 32347: 1968, P: Greene And Stone)

20. Greener Days (David Gates)(The Paris Sisters, Capitol 2081: 1968, P: Clancy B Grass III and Don Peake – A Sidewalk Production)

21. Go (M. Gray-M. Jourdan-J. Basile-A. Confora)(Helen Reddy, Fontana F-1611: 1968, P: Bob Halley)

22. If You Could Only Be Me (Roger Atkins-Carl D-Errico)(The Girls From Petticoat Junction, Imperial 66329: 1968, P: Joe Saraceno, A: George Tipton)

23. I've Got To Get You Off My Mind (Gary Loizzo)(Ginny Tiu & the Few, Amaret 45-100: 1968, P: Gary Loizzo & Bill Traut for Dunwich Productions, A: Skeet Bushor)

24. A Place Called Love (Lana Chapel)(Lana Chapel, Dot 45-17192: 1969, P: Bob Tubert, A: Bergen White)

25. Beautiful Second Hand Man (Les Reed; Johnny Worth)(Ginette Reno, Parrot 45-40053: 1970, P: Marcel Stellman, MD: Les Reed)

26. Number Wonderful (Stereo Mix)(Levine-Brown)(Rock Flowers, Wheel SPS-45-282: 1971, P: Wes Farrell for Coral Rock Productions, Inc.)

27. Rainy Day (Jonathan King)(The Angelettes, London 45-1040: 1972, Invented, Imagined, conceived, created, produced and directed by Jonathan King)

28. How Will It Be? (Kramer-Plumb)(Eve Plumb, RCA 74-0409: 1971, P: Neely Plumb – IMC Productions, Inc., A,C: Neely Plumb)

Volume 32:

1. Theme From "Lord Of The Flies" (Leppard)(Ted Heath, London 45-LON9629V: 1963)

2. Magic Star (Tel Star)(Joe Meek)(The Double IV, Capitol 4902: 1963, P: Voyle Gilmore, Orchestra Conducted by Jimmie Haskell)

3. Little By Little (Gordon Mills)(The Pickwicks, Warner Bros, 5492: 1964)

4. Gone (Kusik-Snyder)(Donnie Brooks, Reprise 0261: 1964, P: Jimmy Bowen, A,C: Jack Nitzsche)

5. I'd Do Anything (Warren Schatz)(Ritchie Dean, Tower 102: 1965, P: Ritchie Dean)

6. I'm Lost Without You (Machon; Linnell)(The Mighty Avengers, Press 45-PRE 9746: 1965, P: Andrew Loog Oldham)

7. Thirty-Second Floor (S. Whittingham-M. Bradley)(The Washington D.C.'s, Date 2-1537: 1966, P: Barry Mason)

8. She's My Girl (F. Carroll)(The Coastliners, Back Beat 566: 1966, P,A: Fred Carroll)

9. Hit The Wall (Hutton)(Danny Hutton: MGM K13613: 1966, P: Danny Hutton, C: Gene Page)

10. Don't Do It (Micky Dolenz)(Micky Dolenz, Challenge 59393: 1966, P: Sepe/Brooks Production, A: Charles Wright)

11. I Could Have Loved You So Well (G. Goffin-B. Mann)(Jack Bedient & the Chessmen, Columbia 4-44302: 1967, P: Executive Productions)

12. Shot On Sight (M.R. Giles)(The Trend, Fontana F-1565: 1967, P: A Page One Production)

13. The Loser (Mason Houghland-Betty Russell)(Peter Courtney, Viva V-609: 1967, P: Snuff Garrett for Snuff Garrett Productions, A: Al Capps)

14. You're Leanin' On My Mind (Keller-Blume)(Jerry Keller, RCA Victor 47-9221: 1967, P: Bob Cullen, A,C: James Wisner)

15. Rocky Ridges (K. Davidson-G. Tatum)(The Castels, Laurie 3444: 1968, P: Stacy and Kenny Davidson)

16. Flight Path (Jef Labes-Richard Barnaby)(The Apple Pie Motherhood Band, Atlantic 45-2477: 1968, P: Felix Pappalardi for One Toad, Two Frogs))

17. Don't Leave Me (H. Nillson)(Robert John, Columbia 4-44639: 1968, P: David Rubinson, A,C: Charlie Calello)

18. Time Out (Bayer-Fischoff)(Peter Kastner, Colgems 66-1029: 1968, P: Carole Bayer & George Fischoff, AC: Arthur Greenslade)

19. Hi Boy (N. Marzano-P. Naumann-J. Carlvert)(The Yellow Jackets, Smash S-2180: 1969, P: N. Marzano-J. Calvert-B. Gentry-R. Cordell A Big Kahoona Production, A: J. Calvert)

20. Feel Like Trying (Jack Strongman, Clark Sullivan)(Clark Sullivan, Enterprise ENA-9008: 1969, P: Ollie McLaughlin, A: Charles Calello) *

21. Another Day, Another Mile, Another Highway (J. Tipton)(Rainbow Ship, Dunhill D-4207: 1969, P: Motola Productions)

22. I Must Have Been Blind (The Collectors)(The Collectors, London [Canada] M. 17379: 1970)

23. When I'm Gone (W. Bailey)(Lux, Gazette ZS7 8002: 1970, P: A Bob Gaudio Production) *

24. Why Do You Cry My Love (Ryan)(Candy Choir, Polydor {UK} 56369: 1970, P: Bill Landis)

25. Something Old, Something New (Macaulay-Greenaway-Cook)(The Fantastics, Bell 977: 1971, P: Macaulay/Greenaway for Mustard Record Productions, MD: Gerry Shury)

26. A Long Way To Go (B. Mann-C. Weil)(Carlton Dinnall, Barnaby ZS7 2026: 1971, P: Jackie Mills for Wednesdays Child Productions, A: Al Capps) *

27. Girl From The Country (Kent Morrill)(Kentucky Express, Liberty 56212: 1972, P: Andy Di Martino for Armed Productions, A: Bobby West, E: David Brand)

28. Rising Sun (D. Gray)(The Williams Brothers, Barnaby ZS7 2050: 1972, P: Ken Mansfield, A: Daniel Lottermoser) *

29. Theme From "The Avengers" (Laurie Johnson)(The Marketts, Warner Bros. 5814: 1966, P: Dick Glasser, A: Al Capps)

Volume 33:

1. One Good Turn Deserves Another (E. Lewis-N. Blagman)(Don Grady, Capitol 5362: 1964, P: David Axelrod, A,C: H.B. Barnum)

2. Got To Get Her Back (B. Theen-J. Mann)(The Fabulous Four, Brass 311: 1964, P: Don Price)

3. The Dum Dum Song (John Shakespeare)(The Red Coats, Laurie LR 3319: 1965, P: A Steve Rapparport Prod.)

4. Do What You Did (Sloan-Barri)(Willie and the Wheels, Dunhill D-4002: 1965, P: Sloan & Barri)

5. What More Can I Say (Light)(Jeffrey Clay and the Diggers, MGM K13396: 1965, P: Gene Nash A Dino Production)

6. What's It Gonna Be Like (Bob & Bill Cowsill)(The Cowsills, Philips 40406: 1966, P: Shelby S. Singleton, Jr.)

7. Oh Blue (The Way I Feel Tonight) (D. & J. Beaudoin)(The Palace Guard, Orange-Empire OE-401: 1966, P: Orange-Empire Prod., Inc.)

8. No Time (B. Ulvaeus-M. Dean)(The Northern Lights, United Artists UA 991: 1966)

9. I Won't Lead You On (Don Wetzel)(The Minute Men, Parrot 45-318: 1967)

10. Today (I Got A Letter) (J. Sender)(The Fifth Order, Laurie LR 3404: 1967, P: Ray Allen)

11. Tomorrow (He'll Be Coming Home)(Daniel J. Soccorso)(The Steeple Peeple, B.T. Puppy 45-528: 1967, P: The Tokens for Bright Tunes Productions, E: Pat Jacques)

12. Livin' In A World Of Make Believe (Wes Farrell-Tony Romeo)(Good & Plenty, Senate S-2105: 1967, P: Wes Farrell in collaboration with Tony Romeo, A: Joe Renzetti)

13. Picture Me High (Ralph Murphy)(Harper & Rowe, Liberty [France] C 006-90268: 1967, P: Ed Ver Schure & R. Murphy An Ed Ver Schure Prod., A: Cy Payne)

14. Take A Picture (Margo Guryan)(Margo Guryan, Mala M-12,020: 1968, P: John Hill for Daylight Productions, Inc. under the Supervision of David Rosner, A: Margo Guryan & John Hill)

15. Lark Day (A. Podell-W. Schorr)(The Cousins, Verve Forecast KF5078: 1968, P: Harry Ascola & Sal Forlenza for Kenja Prod., A,C: Pete Dino)

16. Night Time Music (J. Vetere-R. Santarpia)(Majic Ship, B.T. Puppy 45-548: 1968, P: The Tokens for Bright Tunes Productions)

17. Breaking Down (Douglall; Burns; Struthers; Frame)(The Societe, Deram 45-DEM-7517: 1968, P: Alan Clarke for Hollies Recording Co., Ltd.)

18. Everybody's Goin' To The Love-In (B. Brady-J. Samuel)(Bob Brady & the Con Chords, Chariot 526: 1968, P: J. Cash and B. Gordon)

19. Let's Hang On (D. Randell-S. Linzer-B. Crewe)(Johnny Johnson & the Bandwagon, Epic 5-10473: 1969, P: Denny Randell for Double Bar-R Prod. Corp., A,C: Bert De Coteaux)

20. Wild Cherry Lane (Jennings-Ross)(The Shillings, Virtue V-2504: 1969, P: Virtue/Stiles Productions, A: Russel Faith – Virtue & Stiles)

21. Your Love Comes Shinin' Through (Neil Levenson)(The Milky Way, Capitol 2453: 1969, P: Neil Levenson for NML Productions, Inc. – Supervision Artie Kornfeld, A,C: Charles Calello)

22. Ticket For Magic People (D. Ferro)(Ches Bonetrees, Fontana F-1675: 1969, P: Joe Messina, A,C: Joe Messina)

23. As Easy As Singing (A. Roberts-C. Welch)(Georgy, UNI 55269: 1970, P: John Andrew Tartaglia & Austin Roberts, A: John Andrew Tartaglia)

24. The Miracle Worker (James A. Griffin-Michael Z. Gordon)(James Griffin, Viva V-642: 1970, P: James Griffin A Snuff Garrett Production, A: Al Capps, Recorded at Amigo Recording Studios, North Hollywood, California)

25. It's Gotta Be Real (L. Ramos)(The Sunshine Trolley, Trump PRO-5096: 1970, P: Tommy Cogbill & Chips Moman)

26. Wait For The Moment (S. Geyer)(The Curfew, United Artists UAS 50651: 1970, P: Hunter-Levenson Associates)

27. I'm Gonna Give You All My Love (D. Frashuer-G. DeCarlo-P. Leka)(Garrett Scott, Mercury 73052: 1970, P: Paul Leka for Heather Productions, Inc., A: Paul Leka)

28. You're My Baby Now (Barkan-Adams)(Toomorrow, Kirshner 63-5005: 1971, P: Ritchie Adams & Mark Bardan, A: Hugh Montenegro, Music Supervision: Don Kirshner)

29. Someone (Doug Flett-Guy Fletcher)(The Springfield Revival, Verve/GTO MV 10717: 1973, P,A: John Pantry & Keith Potger)

Volume 34:

1. Do Not Fold, Staple, Spindle Or Mutilate (D. Brubeck)(Dave Brubeck featuring Ragu, Columbia 4-44345, 1967, P: Teo Macero)

2. Playboy (R. Esposito)(The "You Know Who" Group!, 4 Corners Of The World FC 4 113: 1964, P: Bob Gallo at Talent Masters Studios)

3. Hide & Seek (Bunker Hill)(The Sheep, Boom BM 60,000: 1965, P: A Feldman-Foldstein-Gottehrer Production)

4. Dance To The Music (Rufus Horton)(The Cinnamons, B.T. Puppy 45-508: 1965, P,A: Big Time Productions, E: Bob Arnold)

5. It Won't Last Too Long (K. Young)(Patti's Groove, Columbia 4-43484: 1966, P: Bob Hughes)

6. Our Last Date (Roybal)(Lenny Roybal, MGM K13478: 1966, P: popAudio)

7. Walk Away (Jurgens-Black)(The Casuals, Monument 45=937: 1966, P: Fred Foster, A: Ray Stevens)

8. What's A Matter Baby (C. Otis-J. Byers)(Johnny Caswell, Luv 250: 1967, P: Madera-White Productions, A: J. Wisner)

9. Come With Me (P. Keaggy)(New Hudson Exit, 2-1576: 1967, P: Carl Maduri)

10. If You Love Her, Cherish Her And Such (R. Haber)(Don and the Goodtimes, Epic 5-10199: 1967, P: Jerry Fuller, A: Jerry Fuller)

11. When It's All Over (Janssen-Janssen-Keske)(Tomorrow's World, Era 3188: 1967, P: Mark Taylor)

12. Baby Baby (Music: by Blondracek, Lyrics: by Robert Mellin)(Symon and Pi, Capitol 2268: 1968, P: Mark P. Wirtz)

13. The Love Game (Dick Reicheg-Eric Weissberg)(The Sunrise Highway, Decca 32313: 1968, P: Milt Okun, A,C: Tommy Goodman)

14. White Horses (M. Carr-B. Nisbet)(Jacky, Philips 40533: 1968)

15. Bad News (J. Finer-D. Finer)(Group Therapy, Canterbury C-517: 1968, P: Mike Post for Amos Productions)

16. She's Got Love (Thomas Frost-Richard Frost)(Thomas & Richard Frost, Imperial 66405: 1969, P: Ted Glasser, A: Al Capps)

17. Fantasy (R. Hughes)(The Velaires, Mercury 72924: 1969, P: Cliff Plegman [Iowa Great Lakes Recording])

18. Angel, Angel, Down We Go (Barry Mann-Cynthia Weil)("Angel, Angel, Down We Go" OST, Tower 519: 1969, P: Barry Man and Al Gorgoni) *

19. Call Me Back To Denver (Sonny Griffiths-Lane Caudill)(Snappers, Imperial 66422: 1969, P: Frank Slay)

20. The Rainmaker (Nilsson-Martin)(Tom Northcott, Warner Bros. 7330: 1970, P: Lenny Waronker Assisted by Harry N., A: Jack Nitzsche)

21. Some People Sleep (Mitch Margo)(The Tokens, Buddah BDA 159: 1970, P,A: The Tokens for Bright Tunes Productions)

22. I've Been Hurt Before (Wamil-McDonald)(Copperpenny, RCA 74-0371: 1970, P: Jack Richardson for Nimbus 9) *

23. My Days Are Numbered (Al Kooper)(The Bad Habits, Paula 353: 1971, P: Ron Di Iulio, A: R. De Iulio & R. Folse)

24. Two By Two (I'm Losing You)(Michael Brown)(Steve Martin, Buddah BDA 219: 1971, P: Michael Brown for White Shoes Music Inc.)

25. Merry-Go-Round (B. Andersson, S. Anderson, B. Ulvaeus)(Bjorn & Benny, Playboy P 50014: 1972, P: A Polar Music Production)

26. The Plastic Cow (Mike Melvoin)(The Plastic Cow Goes MOOOOOOg, Dot 45-17284: 1969, P: Tom Mack, Arr. & Performed on the Moog Synthesizer by Mike Melvoin)

Hidden Track:

27. The Blizzard Song (McFarland)(Trini Lopez, Fresca TRINI LOPEZ SINGS HIS GREATEST HITS Promo EP)

Volume 35:

1. There's Got To Be A Word (The Innocence, Bell Sound Studios Acetate: 10/14/66)

2. Unless You Care (Terry Black, Tollie 9026: 1964, P: Sloan & Barri for Dunhill Prod.)

3. Over The Hill And Down In The Valley (John Herring)(The Poor Boys, General American GA-005: 1965)

4. I Just Need Your Love (B. Rehak-E. Rambeau)(Eddie Rambeau, DynoVoice 207: 1965, P,A,C: Charles Calello for Bob Crewe Productions)

5. Forbidden To Love (Don Glenn Jr.)(Ruffty Craig, Decca 32046: 1966, P,A: Gary Usher)

6. I Knew You Back When (T. Jacobson-M. Tansley)(Jacobson & Tansley, Filmways FW-106: 1966, P: Curt Boettcher Our Productions)

7. In The Name Of Love (K. Rankin-E. Levitt)(Paula Wayne, Columbia 4-43727: 1966, P: Howard A. Roberts, A,C: Sammy Lowe)

8. Turning Round (Flett, Hill)(Wishful Thinking, Decca F.12538: 1966, P: Tony Meehan)

9. A New Breed (B. Florence-F. Manley)(The Luv Birds, ABC 10863: 1966, P: Albert Marx Productions, A,C: Bob Florence)

10. Where You Are (Ray Fox-Neil Sheppard)(Teddy Neeley, Capitol 5967: 1967, P: John & Terry Boylan A Product of Koppelman-Rubin Associates, Inc., A,C: Trade Martin)

11. The Words I'm Seeking (R. Friedman)(Something Young, Fontana F-1556: 1967, P: C. Boettcher for Our Productions Co., Inc.)

12. Get On With It (M. Parker-C. Robbins-F. Parker)(The Definitive Rock Chorale, Philips 40486: 1967, P: A Pineywood Production Produced by Ellie Greenwich and Mike Rashkow, A: Sy Klopps)

13. The French Girl (I. Tyson-S. Fricker)(The Daily Flash, UNI 55001: 1967, P: Charles Greene-Brian Stone A York-Pala Production)

14. Heard You Went Away (B. Puccetti)(Proctor Amusement Co., Laurie LR 3396: 1967)

15. Any Day's A Sunday Afternoon (Joelson-Careaga)(The Collage, Smash S-2150: 1968, P: Steve Douglas, A,C: Perry Botkin, Jr.)

16. Up On A Cotton Cloud (Hammond-Hazlewood)(Colors of Love, Page One 21,001: 1968)

17. Something Happened To Me (B. Terrell-R. Dahrouge)(The Central Nervous System, Laurie 3446: 1968, P: Laurie Productions, Inc., Recorded at Allegro Sound Studios)

18. It Could Be Wonderful (G. Gill-J. Miller-M. Rawley)(The Epic Splendor, The Hot Biscuit Disc Company 1452: 1968, P: John Boylan & James Foley A Product of Koppelman-Rubin, A,C: Trade Martin)

19. Look At Me (Martin/Morrow/Arnold)(Seth Martin, Page One [UK] POF 073: 1968, P: Larry Page, A: Des Champ)

20. Where Is Love? (L. Bart)(Oliver Twist featuring Jimmy Druiett, Epic 5-10472: 1969, P: Sandy Linzer, A,C: C. Calello)

21. In One Small Motion (Armstrong-DeMann)(The Chocolate Company, Eureka 100: 1969, P: Freddy DeMann, A,C: Jack Eskew)

22. Love's Funny (P. Anka)(Michael J. James, UNI 55144: 1969, P: Snuff Garrett for Snuff Garrett Productions, A: John Bahler)

23. High Coin (Parks)(The Fault Line, RCA 47-9771: 1969, P: Rick Jarrard, A: Al Capps)

24. Hey, Pop Musician (Tice Griffin)(The Gross National Product, A&M 1151: 1970, P: Bollon & Plato for Guilford Productions)

25. Now's The Time For Love (Robert Brostoski-Louis Stella)(The Neighborhood, Big Tree BT-106: 1970, P: Jimmy Bryant, A: Riley C. Hampton, E: Brian Christian)

26. I'll Build A Bridge (Sheldon-Keller)(The New Establishment, Colgems 66-5009: 1970, P: Ernie Sheldon & Jack Keller, A: Jimmy Haskell)

27. Morning (Barry Manilow)(Featherbed featuring Barry Manilow Bell 971: 1971, P: Tony Orlando for Daylight Productions & Merenstein-Thau)

28. Nothin' Come Easy (R. Crewe)(The Eleventh Hour, Bell 45-153: 1971, P: Bob Crewe)

Volume 36:

1. Silver Sea Horse (J. Leiber-M. Stoller)(Mike Stoller and The Stoller System, Amy A-11,027: 1968, P: Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller, A: Mike Stoller) *

2. Hot Rod USA (Bobby Darin-T. Melcher)(The Barracudas, Canjo 104: 1964, P: Red Gilson)

3. Rock 'N Roll Gypsies (Roger Tillison)(Gypsy Trips, World Pacific 77809: 1965, P,A: Leon Russell A Snuff Garrett Production)

4. 300 Days (Wilson-Moore)(Britain Brothers, TCF Hall TCF-108: 1965)

5. Excuse Me (Dick Addrisi-Don Addrisi)(Dick Addrisi, Valiant V-742: 1966, A: Don Addrisi)

6. She Wants What She Can't Have (Woodford)(Terry Woodford, Fame 45-1004: 1966)

7. Hollow Woman (J. Johannessen)(Mark IV, Columbia 4-43911: 1966, P: John Simon)

8. Everybody's Gotta Be Someplace (Hilary Lipsitz-Anne Phillips)(The Golden Bough, A&M 868: 1967, P: Golden Bough Prod. Ltd. for A&M Records)

9. One Rainy Day (Mitchell-Prokop)(The Paupers, Verve KF5056: 1967, P,A: Rick Shorter and The Paupers, Supervisor, Jerry Schoenbaum)

10. Is It Love (Leopold-R. Mills)(Jon, Epic 5-10242: 1967, P: Peter Eden, A: Richard Mills & Peter Eden, Prepared for release in the U.S. by Manny Kellem

11. Go-Go Round (Gordon Lightfoot)(Jim Valley, Dunhill D-4103:1967, P: Steve Barri & Gabriel Mekler)

12. Overdose Of Love (J. Levine-A. Resnick)(The Third Rail, Epic 5-10285: 1968, P: A Levine-Resnick-Cooper Production, A,C: Al Gorgoni, A&R Direction: Ted Cooper)

13. Forty Miles (F. Beckett-Bobott)(The Pebbles, Mainstream 695: 1968, P: Rikki Stein for Eddie Barclay Records, A: J.C. Petit)

14. What Can I Give You (Margo Guryan)(Margo Guryan, Mala M-12,020: 1968, P,A: John Hill for Daylight Productions, Inc. under the supervision of David Rosner)

15. How You Gonna Keep Your Little Girl Home (N. Brian)(Friends of The Family, Smash S-2144: 1968, P: Joe Renzetti, A: Joe Renzetti)

16. Come To The Carnival (B. Stone-T. Lynch)(Rumplestilskin Kartoon, Jamie 1365: 1968, P: A Pebble In The Sand Production, A: Bob Stone)

17. La La (Cason-Gayden)(The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show, Elf 90,028: 1969, P: Buzz Cason & Mac Gayden for Russell-Cason Productions)

18. Within A World Of You (Jason Richards)(A Group Called Eve, Abbey 0100: 1969, P: An Abbey Group Production)

19. Mother's Waiting (J. Goldstein-H. Hoffman)(Garry Bonner, Columbia 4-44927: 1969, P: Gary Klein & John Townley A Product of Koppelman-Rubin Associates, Inc.)

20. The Dolphins (Fred Neil)(Dion, Laurie 3478: 1969, P: A Laurie Production – Phil Gernhard, A: John Abbott, Recorded at Allegro Sound Studios)

21. Mind Excursion (P. Andreoli-V. Poncia Jr.)(Jerry Naylor, Columbia 4-45170: 1970, P: Sonny Knight, A,C: Al Capps) *

22. Cha-La-La, I Need You (H. Hillman-B. Goldwyn)(The Shuffles, Date 2-1670: 1970, P: Lion J. Swaab, A,C: Martin Gale) *

23. Umbopo (K. Godley-A. Crème)(Doctor Father, Capitol 2948: 1970, P: Crème, Godley, Stuart at Strawberry Studios, Manchester, England A Strawberry Production)

24. Your Heart's Not In Your Love (N. Sedaka/C. Bayer)(Terry Rice-Milton, CBS [UK] S 5282: 1970, P: Jimmy Duncan, A: Robert Freeman)

25. Runaway (Del Shannon-Max Crook)(Huddersfield Transit Authority, Decca 32956: 1971, P: Tim Rice) *

26. One Way Street (Ed Fournier)(The Gas Station, Happy Tiger HT-582: 1971, P: Richard Delvy & Ed Fournier Product of Richard Delvy Ent., Inc.)

27. With My Eyes Wide Open (Brian Hyland-Bobby Hart)(Brian Hyland, UNI 55323: 1972, P: Bobby Hart & Brian Hyland, A: Jerry Peters) *

28. Feelin' Glad (Ronald Floegel)(Goldrush, Dunhill D-4174: 1968, P: An Equinox Production)

Volume 37:

1. Shame Girl (Usher-Abeyta)(The Neptunes, Warner Bros 5453: 1964, P,A: Gary Usher)

2. Magic Of A Girl (H. Shrager-S. Shrager-A. Chorney)(The Forerunners, Liberty 55852: 1965, P: A Ditto Production)

3. Girl Don't Tell Me (Brian Wilson)(Keith Green, Decca 31859: 1965, P,A: Gary Usher)

4. The Girl With The Heather Green Eyes (M. Discant-G. Wood)(The Arbors, Mercury 72456: 1965, A,C: Dick Hyman)

5. Greatest Moments In A Girl's Life (Brute Force-Paul "Mints" Kahan)(The Tokens, B.T. Puppy 45-519: 1966, P: Bright Tunes Productions, A: Trade Martin, E: Bill Mac Meekin)

6. Oh Gee Girl (E. Lancing)(The Liverpool Set, Columbia 4-43512: 1966, P: Don Law & Frank Jones)

7. You're Not My Girl (B. Hudson-M. Hudson-K. Fillmore)(The New Yorkers, Scepter SCE-12190: 1967, P: A Jerden Production Produced For Brett Productions For Jim Bailey)

8. I Love That Girl (C. Delaney-J. Davis)(The Guilloteens, Columbia 4-44089: 1967, P: John Simon, A: John Simon)

9. Messin' Up The Mind Of A Young Girl (Joey Brooks)(The Rubber Band, Reprise 0637: 1967, P: Mike Post for Joey Brooks Productions, Inc., A: Mike Post)

10. That Girl (M. Foellger-M. Boyd)(The New Lime, Columbia 4-44017: 1967, P: Ray Allen, A: Jim Geyer)

11. Hey Girl (Dart; Rigby)(The Gibsons, Deram 45-DEM-85008: 1967, MD: Arthur Greenslade)

12. A Girl's Imagination (Kenny Young)(The Squirrels, RCA Victor 47-9127: 1967, P: Kenny Young)

13. I'm Down Girl (Don Sallah)(The Boys From New York City, Laurie LR 3434: 1968, P: Action Inc. and Laurie Productions Inc.)

14. That Girl Was My Girl One Time (Allen Reynolds)(The Smoke Ring, Mala 568: 1967, A Rivertown Production for Papa Don Productions, Inc.)

15. Hey Girl (Larry Sanders)(The Lime, Chess 2045: 1968, P: B. Palmer, E. Malick & R. DeLisle)

16. Groovy Girl (L. Zerato-J. Curtiss)(The Waterproof Tinker Toy, Laurie LR 3457: 1968, A: Joe Scott, Recorded at Allegro Sound Studios)

17. The Girls And The Boys (Charron)(Ronny & the Daytonas, RCA Victor 47-9435: 1968, P: Bucky Wilkin, A: Bill Pursell)

18. My Girl Full Of Happiness (T. Watkinson)(The Yeomen, Mainstream 716: 1969)

19. Girl By The Meter (Mark Radice)(Mark Radice, Decca 732525: 1969, P: A Cloak And Dagger Production, A: Artie Schroeck) *

20. The Lovedene Girls (Smith-Barnett)(Bedrocks, Sire 45-4106: 1969, P: Norman Smith)

21. C'mon Girl (Dante-Carr)(Ron Dante, Kirshner 63-5007: 1970, P: Jeff Barry, Strings by Ron Frangipane, Music Supervisor: Don Kirshner) *

22. She's My Girl (E. Maresca-G. Schwartz-E. Greenberg-J. Abbott)(The Yellow Brick Road, Laurie LR 3542: 1970, A Laurie Production, A: John Abbott, Recorded at Allegro Sound Studios)

23. Cover Girl (Tice Griffin)(The Gross National Product, Parrot 45-339: 1970, P: Bollon & Plato for Guilford Productions, A: Nick Barker)

24. Girl Like You (Peyton-Kaniger)(P.K., Bell 45,164: 1971, P,A: David Gates)

25. Girl I've Got News For You (Shapiro/Puccetti)(The Mardi Gras, Map City MC 303: 1970, P: Loupop Productions)

26. I Want You To Be My Girl (Richard Quesseveur-Keith Fawcett)(Choc, London 45-146: 1971)

27. That Girl (Albert Garcia)(Royal Jesters, Bell B-964: 1971, P: Oscar Lawson and Henry Hernandez)

28. Some Kinda Wonderful Girl (R. Berardi-M. Berardi)(Gary Sommers, Laurie LR 3570: 1971, P: John Shaw for Triple J Productions)

Volume 38:

1. Happy Flowers (Johann Sebastian Bach/Arr. & Adapted by Anita Kerr)(The Mystic Monks featuring Jack Sheldon, Reprise 0626: 1967, P: Anita Kerr)

2. A Real Live Boy (P. Sawyer-M. Barkan)(Darlene Terri, Columbia 4-43042: 1964, P: Robert Mersey, A,C: Robert Mersey)

3. My Mom (Darin-Melcher)(The Osmond Brothers, MGM K13281: 1964, P,A: Terry Melcher A TM Music, Inc. Production for Emar Records, Inc.)

4. Club Seventeen (Andreoli & Poncia, Jr.)(The Trade Winds, Red Bird RB-10-020: 1965, P: An Anders-Poncia Prod.)

5. Watch From The Corner (Bayer-Harway)(Carol & Sherry, MGM K13308: 1965, P: Paul Tannen A Tanridge Production, A: Stan Applebaum)

6. Star Of The Show (Gates)(Grady and Brady, Planetary P-107: 1965, P: David Gates)

7. Erase Me (Don Glenn Jr.)(Ruffty Craig, Decca 32046: 1966, P,A: Gary Usher)

8. Shenandoah (Adapted, P. Solomon)(The Beauchemins, Mustang 3015: 1966)

9. John Works Hard (Michael Lloyd)(The Laughing Wind, Tower 315: 1966, P,A: Michael Lloyd for Kim Fowley Productions)

10. Love Is A Magic Word (Tony Luis)(Dawn, United Artists UA 50096: 1966, P: D & L Production, A,C: Tony Luis)

11. I'll Always Remember (Arr. & Adpt. Hope Berg)(The B M O C, World Pacific WP-77829: 1967, P: Richard Bock, A,C: George Tipton, Vocal Arrangements: Ed Lojeski)

12. Goin' Back (G. Goffin-C. King)(The Byrds, Columbia 4-44362: 1967, P: Gary Usher)

13. Rainbow Wood (Jeanette Jacobs-Barbara Morillo)(The Cake, Decca 32235: 1967, P: Greene and Stone)

14. St. Clair (R. Barlow)(Randy Barlow, Mercury 72808: 1968, P: Don Costa, A: Don Hockett)

15. Airplane (R. Hewlett-E. Tiley)(Peter's Pipers, Philips 40518: 1968, P: Dick Corby, A: Joe Renzetti)

16. Where Is She (Jack Dalton-Gary Montgomery)(Harper & Rowe, French Liberty C006-90268: 1968, P: Ed Ver Schure & R. Murphy An Ed Ver Schure Prod., A: Cy Payne)

17. That's What A Boy Likes (B. Jerome Jr.-S. Jerome)(The Blades Of Grass, Jubilee JB-5635: 1968, P: Steve & Bill Jerome for Real Good Productions, Inc., A: The Blades Of Grass)

18. First Spring Rain (Roger Gemelle)(The Canterbury Music Festival, B.T. Puppy BTP 541: 1968, P: The Tokens & Shenny Brown for Bright Tunes Productions)

19. The Wind Song (Lana Chapel)(Lana Chapel, Dot 45-17192: 1969, P: Bob Tubert)

20. Nobody's Home To Go Home (Wine, Bayer)(Billie Davis, UK Decca F 12923: 1969, Produced and Directed by Michael Aldred, A: Mike Vickers)

21. Night Of The Lions (M. Malmborg)(Mark Eric, Revue R 11052: 1969, P: Norman Gregg H. Ratner, A: Vic Briggs)

22. With Me My Love (Thomas Frost-Richard Frost)(Thomas & Richard Frost, Imperial 66426: 1969, A: Al Capps)

23. Phantom In The Rain (Robert Gilly & Richard Bowen & Harold Finch)(The Source, American International A-141: 1970, P: The Source)

24. Tears In The Morning (Bruce Johnston)(The Beach Boys, Brother/Reprise 0957: 1970, P: The Beach Boys, A: Michel Columbier, E: Stephen W. Desper)

25. You (W.J. Chirino)(Los Vivos, Jamie 1389: 1970, P: Thomas Fundora)

26. All Because Of You (Paul Vance-Lee Pockriss)(The Cuff Links, Decca 32791: 1971, P: A Vance-Pockriss Production, A,C: Lee Pockriss, Sound: Don Casale)

27. Break Up (Leslie)(Sue & Sunny, UK Deram DM 328: 1971, P: Tony Hiller, MC: Keith Mansfield)

28. The Lion In Winter (John Barry)(Sandy Nelson, Imperial 66350: 1968, P: Scott Turner-Joe Saraceno, A: George Tipton)

Volume 39:

1. The Outsider (Bob Stone-Ben Raleigh)(The Outsiders, Karate 45-505-T: 1964, P: An Edwards-Fleming Prod.)

2. Rainy Day Lovin' (M. Stoker)(Tommy Burk & The Counts, H.I.P. H-101: 1964, P: Natalie Rosenburg)

3. That's What Angels Are For (Barbara Kay, Pye 7N15774: 1965)

4. Beneath The Willow (B. Flick-R. Foley-M. Kirkland-J. Paine)(Carousels, Autumn 13: 1965)

5. Poor Man's Son (B. Hamilton, J. Bratton, R. Savoy, S. Venet)(The Reflections, Golden World GW-20: 1965, P: Rob Reeco & Steve Venet A Wingate Production, A: "Calello")

6. That Misty Look (H. Siosasi-D. Marchand)(The James Boys, Columbia 4-43717: 1966, A Morty Craft Production, A,C: Morton Craft)

7. (We Wear) Lavendar Blue (K. Colley-N. Mantz)(Finders Keepers, Challenge 59338: 1966, P: Jerry Fuller, E: Bruce Botnick)

8. Not The Lovin' Kind (Lee Hazlewood)(Danny Warner, Reprise 0505: 1966, P: Lee Hazlewood)

9. One Million Days (Steff Sulke)(Steff Sulke, Dial 45-4058: 1967)

10. Forever And A Day (T. Knight)(Terry Knight, Cameo C-482: 1967, P: Terry Knight, A: Richard Rome)

11. Lazy Fat People (Peter Townshend)(The Barron Knights, UK Columbia DB 8161: 1967, P: Monty Babson)

12. Don't Look Back (Robinson-White)(The Myddle Class, Tomorrow T-812: 1967, P: The Myddle Class)

13. Ten Story Building (W. Gradus-E. Maresca)(The Cardboard Zeppelin, Laurie LR 3433: 1968, P: Base Hit Productions, A: Dave Mullaney)

14. I Would Love You (Don Addrisi-Dick Addrisi)(The Aliis, Reprise 0674: 1968, P: Sonny Burke, A,C: Jimmie Haskell)

15. I'm Not That Kind Of Girl (The Enchanted Forest)(The Enchanted Forest, Variations 50,010: 1968, P,A: Mort Shuman)

16. Will You Be There (B. Swanson)(Bob Swanson & The Bee Jays, RSP RSP-101: 1968)

17. Dream (Mercer)(Sajid Khan, Colgems 66-1034: 1969, P: Stu Phillips for Wrightview Productions, A: Stu Phillips)

18. What Are You Doing Sunday (Toni Wine-Irwin Levine)(Silver, Jubilee 45-5711: 1969, P: Steve Metz & Charlie Conrad, A: Lou Toby)

19. To Give Your Lovin' (Steve Noack)(The Happy Returns, Cadet 5651: 1969, P: Stan Friedman, Recorded In CONCEPT 12)

20. Time Changes (Harry Palmer)(Ford Theatre, ABC 11192: 1969, P: Bill Szymczyk, Strings Arranged by Johnny Pate)

21. I Could Have Heard The Crying (Mocksen-Lipson-Buxbaum)(Daybreak, UNI 55234: 1970, P: Inherit Prod., A: MLB)

22. Friday Mourning (S. Arrell)(Mid Day Rain, RCA 74-0338: 1970, P: John Florez) *

23. Happy Days In New York City (K. Lavoie-P. Gernhard)(Kent Lavoie, Laurie LR 3526: 1970, P: A Phil Gernhard-Laurie Prod., A: John Abbott, Recorded at Allegro Sound Studios)

24. Love Song (T. Randazzo-V. Pike)(The Vogues, Bell 991: 1971, P: Teddy Randazzo, A: Teddy Randazzo)

25. Ten Cents In My Pocket (R. Edelman)(Society Of Seven, UNI 55254: 1971, P,A: Jack Keller)

26. Just Say Goodbye (Tony Hatch, Petula Clark & Pierre Delanoe)(Reunion, Bell 45,287: 1972, P: Dick Glasser, A: Mike Melvoin)

Volume 40:

1. Sweet Smoke (Chalmers & Rhodes)(The Joint Venture, Diamond D-268: 1969, P: Chalmers & Rhodes)

2. A Patch Of Grass (Ed E. Miller & Bert Carroll)(The New Chautauquans, Academy 110: 1965, Vocal Produced by Ed E. Miller)

3. Love You So (Shelton-McGeady-Rayner)(The Robin Hoods, Mercury 72445: 1965, P: Lou Reizner)

4. I'll Kiss Away Your Tears (Billy Goodson)(Bobby Gallant, Soft 780: 1965)

5. Me And My Little Noise Maker (Thompson)(Wayne Carson, MGM K13641: 1966, P: Chips Moman)

6. Cast Your Fate To The Wind (C. Werber-V. Guaraldi)(Shelby Flint, Valiant V-743: 1966, A: Perry Botkin Jr.)

7. Simple Things (J.R. Bilsbury)(The Magic Lanterns, Epic 5-10111: 1966,P: A Cee Cee Production)

8. You Love Me (Linda Parrish-Carl Edmondson)(2 Of Clubs, Fraternity F 994: 1967, P: Carl Edmondson)

9. Monday Kind Of Friday (Danny Jordan)(Dawn's Early Light, Diamond D-224: 1967, P: A Wild Prod. by Verrona & Cymbal for Shelby Singleton Productions, Inc., A: Cohen & Venneri)

10. Mark Twain (T. Clements)(The Giant Sunflower, Ode ZS7-104: 1967, P: Lou Adler)

11. Let's Go To San Francisco (Carter and Lewis)(The Summer Set, Roulette R-4766: 1967, P: Stigwood Yaskiel, Int’l for Jamarnie Music, Ltd.)

12. Talkin' To You (Mike Glasser)(Michael Gram, LHI 1212: 1968, P: Michael Gram A Lee Hazlewood Production)

13. What A Day (R. Morrison)(The Contrasts featuring Bob Morrison, Monument 45-1058: 1968, P,A: Bill Justis)

14. Love Is A Groovy Feeling (W. Wilder)(Phineas & The Lemon Fogg, Scepter SCE-12225: 1968, P: Wilder Bros.-Breneman)

15. Yesterday's Children (S. Nathanson-E. Nathanson)(The Music Asylum, Ascot SAS 2238: 1968, P: Eddie Reeves, Eric Nathanson & Steve Nathanson)

16. Indian Lake (Tony Romeo)(Dr. Wishbone's Revival, Senate S-2112: 1969, P,A: Wes Farrell & Tony Romeo)

17. Shoo-Doo-Bee-Do (Guy-Tate-Finaldi)(The French Revolution, Tower 504: 1969, P: Tony Roman)

18. When Somebody Cares For You (Mike Curb/Guy Hemric)(Mike Curb, Sidewalk S-111: 1969)

19. China, Silver, And Linen (D. Monda & D. Cox)(Two Brothers, Smobro SB 402: 1969, P: Doug Cox)

20. Henbanes Sacrifice (Berdtsson)(Jackpots, Sire 45-4113: 1970, P: A Sonet [Sweden] Production)

21. House Without A Roof (Glen Shulfer & Ron Hanson)(The Orbits, SSS International SSS-794: 1970, P: Ron Hanson for Shelby Singleton International Prod., Inc.)

22. Bye Bye Blackbird (Ray Henderson-Mort Dixon)(Colage, Bell B-920: 1970, P: Wes Farrell for Coral Rock Productions, Inc., A: Mike Melvoin, Vocal Arrangement by John Bauler)

23. I'm Going To Fall In Love Again (Cyril Ornamel-Hal Shaper)(Mary Hopkin, UK Apple 26: 1970, P: Mickie Most)

24. A Sleep Within A Dream (R. Look-R. Donofrio)(Heavy Breathing, Laurie LR 3563: 1971, P: A Laurie Production, A: Heavy Breathing)

25. What Do You See In Marvin (P.J. Vance-R. Holmes)(Warfield County, Odax OD-417: 1971, P: Paul Vance, A: Rupert Holmes)

26. I Could Never Say No (Phil Feliciotto-Robert Morris)(The PJ's, Map City MC 310: 1971, P: Ralph Murphy & Jimmy Woods, A,C: Jack Perricone) *

27. Esperanto (F. Goodman-R. Grasso)(The Grand Piano Company, Ampex X-11032: 1970, P: Fred Goodman, Gene Palumbo & Jim Sofia, A: Gene Palumbo)

Hidden Track:

28. You Tell Her, I Stutter (B. Rose-C. Friend)(The New Happiness featuring the Sound of "Smooth" Lundvall, Columbia 4-43953: 1966, P,A: Charlie Calello)

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