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Volume 21:

1. My World (T. Wine-C. Bayer)(Arnie Corrado, Date 2-1509: 1966, P: Lor Crane, A,C: Arnold Goland))

2. The Hurt Doesn't Go Away (B. Pedrick-M. Gately)(The Inferno, Date 2-1524: 1966, P: B. Pedrick & M. Gately – A Ramal-Wilson Production, A: Ted Kobran)

3. 25 Cents (Hilary Lipsitz-Anne Phillips)(The Golden Bough, A&M 868: 1967, Golden Bough Prod. Ltd. for A&M Records)

4. A Godess In Many Ways (T. Decker)(The Tuesday Club, Philips 40478: 1967, P: Marty Cooper & Ray Ruff)

5. Among The First To Know (Fred Haber)(The Gentle Touch, Kapp K-871: 1967, P: Tom Wells, A,C: Carleton Palmer)

6. It's Sally's Birthday Today (Libby Holden)(Four Below Zero, Double Shot 108: 1967, Promotion in Motion: Irwin Zucker.)

7. Tinkling Glasses (Janssen-Janssen-Keske-Kingsford)(Tomorrow's World, Era 3188: 1967, P: Mark Taylor)

8. The End (Ian Whitcomb)(Linda Ball, Jerden 816: 1967, P: Asher-Nichols-Kaye, A: Roger Nichols)

9. Summer Girl (Now That Summer's Over)(Alvarado Garcia)(The "New" Sound Spectrum, Take 6 1003: 1967, P: Politi & Garcia for Take 6 Productions)

10. Frightened Little Girl (The July Four)(The July Four, Cameo C-480: 1967, P: Plus Productions)

11. I Can't Remember (Dick Wagner)(The Carnival of Sound, U.S.A. 892: 1967, P: Dick Wagner))

12. She Kissed Me (With Her Eyes)(T. Hay-G. Fausz-M. Boyd-H. Lovdal)(The New Lime, Columbia 4-44017: 1967, P: Ray Allen, A: Taylor Hay)

13. Scenes (From Another World)(N. Sheppard-J. Fishman)(The Scene, B.T. Puppy 45-533: 1967, P,A: Neil Sheppard for Bright Tunes Productions, E: Jack Adams & Walley Sheffey)

14. Can't Go Home (N. Brian)(Friends of the Family, Smash S-2144: 1968, P: Joe Renzetti, A: Joe Renzetti)

15. Pageant (M. Black)(Blades of Grass, Jubilee 45-5662: 1968, P: Steve & Bill Jerome For Steve & Bill Jerome Associates, A: Irving Spice)

16. Somebody's Turning On The People (George Alexander)(Goldrush, Dunhill D-4174: 1968, P: An Equinox Production)

17. Day Don't Come (Barkan-Adams)(Fountain of Youth, Colgems 66-1032: 1968, P: Richie Podolor)

18. On A Summer Night (Jerry Goldstein)(The Sugar Canyon, Buddah BDA 58: 1968, P: Bob Feldman & Jerry Goldstein For F.G.G. Productions, A,C: Ronald Frangipane)

19. Friday Kind Of Monday (E. Greenwich-J. Barry)(Finders Keepers, Fontana F-1609: 1968)

20. Magic In The Air (J. Finer-D. Finer)(Group Therapy, Canterbury C-517: 1968, P: Ken Handler)

21. Love A Go-Go (E. Shelby & B. Beatty)(The Lime, Chess 2045: 1968, P: B. Palmer, E. Malick, R. DeLisle)

22. I Need Someone (The Painter) (P. Leka-S. Pinz)(The Music Asylum, Ascot SAS 2238: 1968, P: Eddie Reeves, Eric Nathanson & Steve Nathanson)*

23. (You've Got To) Live For Today (Roger Flax-Mary McDavit)(The NJ Orange, Vanguard VRS 35074: 1968, P,A,C: Roger Flax for Roger Flax Enterprises, Inc.)

24. Wish You Were With Me (D. Gross-K. Allane)(Sunny Monday, Decca 32503: 1969, P: A Haffkine Production, Strings Arranged By Ron Dulka And Art Wayne)

25. Smile (Jason Richards)(A Group Called Eve, Abbey 0100: 1969, P: An Abbey Group Production)

26. Nobody Love Me! (Jimmy Peterik)(The Ides Of March, Kapp K-992: 1969, A,P: Lee Productions)

27. Love Is The Only Answer (G. Loizzo-F. Meyers)(The Golden Horizon: Fontana F-1666: 1969, P: Jim Golden for Dunwich Productions, Ltd.)

28. Come With Me (Rainsong)(S. Holtzman-V. Holtzman-R. Landes)(The High and Mighty: UNI 55221: 1970, P: Scott & Vivian Holtzman for Gulf Pacific Industries)

Volume 22:

1. Anybody Here For Love (Ramone-Ogerman-Raleigh-Barkan)(The Arbors, Mercury 72456: 1965, A,C: Claus Ogerman)

2. Tweedlee Dum's Drive-In (Erik Jacobsen)(Gabriel & the Teenage Choir, Dunhill D-4039: 1966, P: Erik Jacobsen for Sweet Reliable Productions, A,C: Jerry Yester)

3. Impressions (Lee-Reynolds-Addington)(The Jones Boys, Atco 45-6426: 1966, P: A Mudd Island Production)

4. V.I.P. (Flett)(Wishful Thinking, UK Decca F.12438: 1966, P: Tony Meehan)

5. In The Mirrors Of Your Mind (T. Randazzo-V. Pike)(The Definitive Rock Chorale, Philips 40486: 1967, P: A Pineywood Production Produced by Ellie Greenwich and Mike Rashkow, Horns Arranged by Pete Dino)

6. Oh, Don't Come Crying Back To Me (J. Jones)(Something Young, Fontana F-1556: 1967, P: C. Boettcher for Our Productions Co., Inc.)

7. So Much For Mary (C. Andrews)(Jon, Epic 5-10242: 1967, P: Peter Eden, A: Richard Mills & Peter Eden, Prepared for release in the U.S. by Manny Kellem)

8. Wind Chime Laughter (P. Palmer)(The Myddle Class, Tomorrow T-912: 1967, P: The Myddle Class and Goffin)

9. Love Years Coming (Jim Webb)(Strawberry Children, Soul City SCR 758: 1967, P: Johnny Rivers, A: Jim Webb)

10. The Other Me (J.A. Griffin-M.Z. Gordon)(The Surprise Package, Columbia 4-44292: 1967, P: Jerry Fuller, A: Al Capps)

11. The Highly Successful Young Rupert White (Kenny Johnson-Jerry Ritchey-Bob Hopps)(The Chocolate Tunnel, Era 3185: 1967, P: Bakersfield International Productions, A: Gary Paxton)

12. What's So Good About Good-Bye (S. Robinson)(The Giant Sunflower, Ode ZS7-104: 1967, P: Lou Adler)

13. I See Me (Carroll/Kulbeth)(The Coastliners, D.E.A.R. 1300: 1967, P,A: Fred Carroll)

14. Anything Can Happen (When You're Lonely)(W. Wilder)(Phineas & the Lemon Fogg, Scepter SCE-12225: 1968, P: Wilder Bros.-Breneman)

15. Climb Aboard My Dream (G. Knight-F. Neiman)(The Boys and Girls, Smash S-2166: 1968, P: Herb Bernstein & John Ashley, A,C: Herb Bernstein)

16. Electrically Heated Child (Steve Simone)(The Waterproof Candle, Dunhill D-4118: 1968, P: Jimmy Webb, A: Jimmy Webb)

17. Loving You Makes Everything Alright (Young-English)(The Marshmellow Highway, Kapp K-904: 1968, P: Claus Ogerman & Scott English, A,C: Claus Ogerman)

18. Vanilla Days And Chocolate Nights (Ernest Susser)(The Cowboys 'N' Indians, Kama Sutra KA-249: 1968, P,A,C: Jerry Davis A Jerry Davis Production)

19. Sunday Morning 6 O'Clock (John Rhys-Don Dominguez)(The Camel Drivers, Buddah BDA 61: 1968< P: Artie Fields For Top Dog Records)

20. Goin' To California (Jeff Barry-Marty Saunders)(The Sunrise Highway, Decca 32313: 1968, P: Milt Okun, A,C: Tommy Goodman)

21. You (G. Grimes)(Hudsen Bay Co., Smash S-2149: 1968, P: Bill Traut for Dunwich Productions, A: Eddie Higgins, Reed effects by the Gibson Maestro Sound System)

22. What Summer Brings (Thomas Alessandro-Rosario Rizzo)(Roman Rebellion, Mr. G G 818: 1968, P: Buddy Carroll For Bee Cee Productions)

23. Sunshine Daffodils (Neil Levenson)(The Milky Way, Capitol 2453: 1969, P: Neil Levenson for NLM Productions, Inc. – Supervision Artie Kornfeld, A,C: Charles Calello)

24. Warm, Warm Sun (J. Tipton)(Rainbow Ship, Dunhill D-4207: 1969, P: Motola Productions)

25. Lucky Jim (Beckett)(Candy Choir, UK Polydor 56369: 1970, P: Bill Landis)

26. Cover Me Babe (F. Karlin-R. Newman)(The Sunshine Trolley, Trump PRO-5095: 1970, P: Tommy Cogbill & Chips Moman)

27. Lord Baltimore (Steve Hoffman)(Mark Richardson, Global Theater GT-101: 1970, P: Toxie French)*

Volume 23:

1. Amy (Barry Mann-Cynthia Weil)(Barry Mann, Red Bird RB-10-015: 1964, P: Barry Mann for Screen Gems, Inc., A: Barry Mann)

2. Janie Janie (R. Dante-G. Allan)(Ronnie Dante, Columbia 4-43862: 1966, P: Neil Levenson An NML Production)

3. Julie Anna's Gone (Thompson)(Wayne Carson, MGM K13641: 1966, P: Chips Moman)

4. Lizbeth Peach (Anthony Byrne)(Terry Knight, Cameo C-482: 1967, P:B. Finiz and R. Rome, A: Richard Rome)

5. Oh, Kathy (Margo-Margo-Medress-Siegel)(The Steeple Peeple, B.T. Puppy 45-528: 1967, P: Bright Tunes Productions)

6. The Arrival Of Mary (Sullivan-Quirk-Ylinen)(The Excels, Carla 45-2536: 1967, P: Ollie McLaughlin)

7. Bambi (S. Linzer-D. Randell)(Don & the Goodtimes, Epic 5-10241: 1967, P: Randell & Linzer, A,C: Charlie Calello)

8. Alice In Wonderland (R.J. Benninghoff)(The Berkeley Kites, Minaret MIN-140: 1967, P: Finley Duncan for Playground Productions, MD: Arjay)

9. Angela Jones (John D. Loudermilk)(Milk, Buddah BDA 80: 1968, P: A Cymbal-Tobin Production)

10. Epitaph To Marie (Milan)(Ice Cream, Capitol 2321: 1968, P: Milan for Peter Schederyk Productions, A: Milan)

11. Donna (R. Valens)(The New Lime, Columbia 4-44597: 1968, P: Ray Allen)

12. Karen (D. Toops)(The Clean Sweeps, Philips 40556: 1968, P: Dick Toops and Joel Cory for Pie Productions, A: Tom Baker & Dick Toops)

13. Little Mary Sunshine (Ames)(The Magic Ring, Music Factory MU 404: 1968, P: A Steve Ames Production)

14. Mary Elizabeth (A. Gordon-G. Bonner)(The Osmond Brothers, Barnaby ZS7 2002: 1968, P: Gary Klein A Product of Koppelman-Rubin Assoc., Inc., A,C: Kirby Johnson)

15. Cecily (Curt Boettcher & Sandy Salisbury)(Sandy Salisbury, Together T-101: 1968, P: C. Boettcher, K. Olsen, G. Usher)

16. Heather (L. Pockriss & S. Pinz)(The Pastors, GWP 508: 1969, P: Joe Rene, A,C: Joe Rene)

17. Strawberry Jain (Jennings-Ross)(The Shillings, Virtue V-2504: 1969, P: Virtue/Stiles Productions, A: Virtue & Stiles)

18. Annabelle Jane (Larry Weiss)(Comstock Ltd. Featuring Bobby Comstock, Bell B-842: 1969, P: Larry Weiss)

19. Rainy Jane (Howard Greenfield-Neil Sedaka)(Neil Sedaka, SGC 45-008: 1969, P: Neil Sedaka & Howard Greenfield, A: Irving Spice)

20. Holly Go Softly (Toni Wine-Irwin Levine)(Cornerstone, Liberty 56148: 1969, P: Bennett & Bennett, A: Al Capps)

21. Gina (L. Weinmann-J. Fowler-r. Weinmann)(The Package, Bell B-842: 1969, P: Paulmik Productions)

22. Robin's World (Paul Vance-Lee Pockriss)(The Cuff Links, Decca 32687: 1970, P: Paul Vance-Lee Pockriss, A,C: Rupert Holmes)*

23. Madeleine (C. Dupont-E. Manga-G. Belby-W. Mischcon-M. Clarke)(The Shuffles, Date 2-1670: 1970, P: Lion J. Swaab, A,C: Martin Gale)

24. So Long Susie (Peter Charles Green-Phil Peters)(Faint Heart and Fair Lady Band, Bell B-906: 1970, P: A Shel Talmy Prod.)

25. Photogenic Jenny (S. Geyer)(The Curfew, United Artists UAS-50651: 1970, P: Hunter-Levenson Associates)*

26. Rosianna (T. Cashman-G. Pistilli-T.P. West)(Cherokee, ABC ABC-11295: 1971, P: Steve Barri, E: Phil Kaye)

27. Julie Anne (Shaw; Nelson)(White Plains, Deram 45-85080: 1972, P: Cook/Greenaway, A: Lew Warburton)

28. Amy (Adrienne Anderson)(Featherbed featuring Barry Manilow, Bell 971: 1971, P: Tony Orlando for Daylight Productions & Merenstein-Thau, A: Michael Leonard, E: Steve Katz)

Volume 24:

1. In The Sunshine Days (Hilo De Seda)(Lospekenikes-L. Kusik-E. Snyder)(Dick Glasser & Co., Warner Bros 7094: 1967, P: Dick Glasser, A: Al Capps)

2. Young Daddy (Frances Grays)(The Francettes, Challenge 59255: 1964)

3. Goodbye Girl (Warren Schatz)(Ritchie Dean, Tower 102: 1965, P: Ritchie Dean)

4. You Won't Even Know Her Name (Mike Curb)(The Starlets, Tower 115: 1965, P: E. Ray-M. Curb, A: H.B. Barnum)

5. Five Different Girls (R. Alfred, H. Davie)(Patrick, RSVP 1117: 1965, P: Galligan-Davie, A: Hutch Davie)

6. Trick Or Treat (Randazzo-Pike)(Teddy Randazzo & All 6, MGM K13648: 1966, P,A: Teddy Randazzo)

7. Goodbye (Rudolph Romero)(The Hardtimes, World Pacific 77851: 1966, P: Richard Bock)

8. Walk With Me (Page)(Lenny Roybal, MGM K13478: 1966, P: popAudio)

9. Always You (Tony Asher-Roger Nichols)(Linda Ball, Jerden 816: 1967, P: Asher-Nichols-Kaye, A: Roger Nichols)

10. Boyfriends And Girlfriends (S. Jacobson-F. Anisfield)(The Trend, Fontana F-1565: 1967)

11. Ride With Me (Ron Rich, Caravelle 45-103: 1967, P: A Big Jim Production)

12. Come, Come (M. Holiday)(The Congregation, Laurie 3410: 1967, P: J. Shaw & M. Holiday, A: Mickey Holiday)

13. Boys Can Be Hurt (As Much As Girls)(Benjamin-Marcus)(The U.S. Male, MGM K13838: 1967, P: Bennie Benjamin & Sol Marcus)

14. Would You Believe (Swanson-Knee-Hopkins)(Bob Swanson & the Bee Jays, RSP MU 8-4355: 1968)

15. Maybe Tomorrow (Ed Fournier-Dave Mani)(Free For All, Dot 45-17149: 1968, P: Richard Delvy for Robbins Productions, A: Gene Page)

16. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Ray Davies)(Wild Silk, Kapp K-974: 1968, P: A Shel-Talmy Production A Product of Transcontinental Entertainment Corp)

17. Wait And See (Dudley Ford Baxter-Kerry Hatch)(The Revelation, Music Factory MU-412: 1968, P: Mike Post, A: Kerry Hatch, Manufactured by Andy Productions, Inc.)

18. One Way Ticket (B. Hart-Stephen Lawrence)(Helen Reddy, Fontana F-1611: 1968, P: Bob Halley, A: Arnold Goland)

19. Spanky & Our Gang (Margo Guryan; Mala M12,002: 1968)

20. In My Room (Sagittarius, Together T-105: 1968)

21. The Sun And I (W. Slivinski)(Orange Colored Sky, UNI 55156: 1969, P: Norman Gregg, H. Ratner, A: Walter Slivinski)

22. Twenty-First Century Girl (Ben Peters)(The Sound Laboratory, SSS International SSS 764: 1969, P: Shelby S. Singleton, Jr. for Shelby Singleton Productions, Inc.)

23. Don't Go Walkin' In The Rain (J. Day-A. Dischel)(Popcorn Rebellion, Smash S-2249: 1969, P: Joey Day-Alan Dischel)

24. Hello And Goodbye (T. Romeo)(Jerry Vale, Columbia 4S-45118: 1969, P: Wally Gold, A,C: Joe Gardner)*

25. Groovin' On The Sunshine - Sesame Street (Robert Allen-Bruce Hart & Jon Stone)(The Tokens, Buddah BDA 187: 1970, P: The Tokens For Bright Tunes Production, A,C: Norman Bergen, Music By: Robert Allen Jose Rapose, E: Bill Radice)

26. We've Only Just Begun (Paul Williams-Roger Nichols)(Freddie Allen, White Whale WW-345: 1970, P: Smokey Roberds & Eddie Biscoe, A: Roger Nichols)

27. Laugh (Jack Conrad-Paul Williams)(The Neighborhood, Big Tree BT-106: 1970, P: Jimmy Bryant, A: Riley C. Hampton, E: Brian Christian)

28. Thank You For The Love (Noel Wayne Odom)(The Bad Habits, Paula 353: 1971, P: Ron Di Iulio, A: R. Di Iulio & R. Folse)

29. The Plumber's Tune (Eck Kynor)(Murry Wilson, Capitol 2063: 1967, P: Murry Wilson, A,C: Don Ralke)

Volume 25:

1. Girl Machine (Weidler)(Donnie Brooks, Reprise 0261: 1964, P: Jimmy Bowen, A,C: David Gates)

2. How To Be Your Guy (Keith Green)(Keith Green, Decca 31859: 1965, P,A: Gary Usher)

3. Seven Million People (H. Miller-H. Greenfield)(Vern McEntire, Liberty 55781: 1965, P: Dave Pell, A: Gene Page)

4. My Name Is Mud (B. Crewe-E. Rambeau-B. Rehak)(Eddie Rambeau, DynoVoice 207: 1965, P,A,C: Charles Calello for Bob Crewe Productions)

5. I Only Came To Dance With You (Jim Smith)(John Stewart & Scott Engel, now known as the Walker Brothers, Tower 218: 1966, P: Mark Taylor)

6. Party Girl (P.C. Buie-W.E. Gilmore)(The Cowsills, Philips 40406: 1966, P: Shelby S. Singleton, Jr.)

7. To Make Me A Man (R. Hildebrand)(The Danes, Tower 247: 1966, P: Major Bill Smith & Ray Hildebrand)

8. There's A Ghost In My House (Holland, Dozier, Holland & Taylor)(R. Dean Taylor, V.I.P. V.I.P.-25042: 1967, P: Holland & Dozier)

9. A Thousand Devils (Are Chasin' Me)(T. Hay-H. Lovdal-J. Sender)(The Fifth Order, Laurie LR 3404: 1967, P: Ray Allen)

10. Wait And See (David Gates)(Eternity's Children, A&M 866: 1967, P: Crocked Foxx Productions, A: Keith Olsen)

11. Fire Fly (Jeanette Jacobs-Barbara Morillo)(The Cake, Decca 32235: 1967, P: Greene and Stone)

12. Come Ride, Come Ride (Emitt Rhodes)(The Merry-Go-Round, A&M 899: 1967, P: Larry Marks, A: Bob Thompson)

13. I Can't Stop (J. Goldstein-W. Farrell)(The Osmond Brothers, Uni 55015: 1967, P: Jerry Goldstein)

14. Candy (J. Ross- A. Wayne)(The Family Album, Columbia 4-44570: 1968)

15. I Just Can't Get Over You (Bayer-Fischoff)(Peter Kastner, Colgems 66-1029: 1968, P: Carol Bayer & George Fischoff, A: Arthur Greenslade)

16. The Sound Of Children (Edward McKendry-Bodie Chandler)(The Aliis, Reprise 0674: 1968, P: Sonny Burke, A,C: Jimmie Haskell)

17. Bad Day At Black Rock, Baby (J. Dalton-G. Montgomery)(Colours, Dot 45-17132: 1968, P: Danny Moore & Richard Delvy for Robbins Prod.)

18. The Last Time I Saw You (N. Lofgren)(Paul Dowell & The Dolphin, Sire 45-4107: 1969, P: Richard Gottehrer and Bruce Sperling)

19. When I First Saw Her Face (N. Marzano-P. Naumann-J. Calvert)(The Yellow Jackets, Smash S-2180: 1969, P: N. Marzano-J. Calvert A Big Kahoona Production, A: J. Calvert)

20. So Lovely (R. Henn)(Joy, Philips 40555: 1969, P: Don Ralke – Rick Henn Productions, A: Don Ralke & Rick Henn)

21. Someday (Williams-Rose)(Sajid Khan, Colgems 66-1034: 1969P: Stu Phillips for Wrightview Productions, A: Stu Phillips)

22. Get The Message (G. Griffin-M. Gordon)(Michael J. James, Uni 55144: 1969, P: Snuff Garrett for Snuff Garrett Productions, A: John Bahler)

23. A Little Bit Of Love (Never Hurt Anyone)(Sandy Salisbury-Jill Jones)(Thee Prophets, Kapp K-2087: 1970, P: Carl Bonafede, Dan Belloc & Lew Douglas For Spectra Sound, Inc., A: Lew Douglas, E: Brian Christian)

24. One Day Of Your Life (N. Sedaka-H. Greenfield)(Andy Williams, Columbia 4-45175: 1970, P: Dick Glasser, A,C: Al Capps)*

25. Number Wonderful (Levine-Brown)(Rock Flowers, Wheel SP-45-282: 1971, P: P: Wes Farrell for Coral Rock Productions, Inc.)

26. Wonder (Rita Abrams)(Miss Abrams & The Strawberry Point 4th Grade, A&M 1263-S: 1971, P: )*

27. Children Of The World Unite (Cook/Greenaway)(Cleves School Choir; Bell 45,306: 1972, P: Cook/Greenaway Productions, A: Dave McKay)

Hidden Track:

28. A Message To DJ’s From The Old Philosopher * (Eddie Lawrence, * "Philosopher Rock" by: Nick Perito)(The Old Philosopher [Eddie Lawrence], Amsterdam ADJ-1: Unk Date), P: Bob Thiele, A,C: Nick Perito)

Volume 26:

1. Plastic Symphony III (Romans-Fink-Richardson)(Micky Dolenz, Challenge 59393: 1966, P: Sepe/Brooks Production)

2. The Letter (Harris-Terry)(Sonny & Cher, Vault V-916: 1963, P: Sonny)

3. Boss Barracuda (Bobby Darin)(The Barracudas, Canjo 104: 1964, P: Red Gilson)

4. The Rebel (Without A Cause)(M. Curb)(Mike Curb & The Rebelaires, Smash S-1938: 1964, P: Ben-Ven Productions, D: Nick Venet)

5. Sad September (Paxton-MacRae)(Grady and Brady, Planetary P-107: 1965, P: David Gates)

6. Good Times (Vandyke)(Bern Elliott, London 45 LON 9733V: 1965, P: Peter Sullivan, MD: Ivor Raymonde)

7. It's His Town (Penn-Oldham)(Terry Woodford, Fame 45-1004: 1966)

8. Knight In Rusty Armour (M. Leander-C. Mills)(The Magic Lanterns, Epic 5-10111: 1966, P: A Cee Cee Production)

9. For Old Times Sake (Jackie DeShannon)(Raga & the Talas, World Pacific 77847: 1966, P: Jackie DeShannon)

10. I'm Aware (Mike Chain-Dink Kaplan)(The Knack, Capitol 5774: 1967, P: Nick Venet)

11. Walk In The Sky (Carter-Lewis-Alquist)(The Crackerjack Society, Columbia 4-44434: 1967, P: John Walsh & Murray Wecht, A: Jimmy "Wiz" Wisner, S: John Walsh)

12. With All My Heart (Bob Marcucci-Pete De Angelis)(Tony Scotti, Liberty 55958: 1967, P,A: Tommy Oliver)

13. Bye Bye Baby (B. Gaudio-B. Crewe)(The Symbols, Laurie 3401: 1967, P: A President Record London Production)

14. Color Blind (R. Barlow)(Randy Barlow, Mercury 72808: 1968, P: Don Costa, A: Don Costa)

15. Medal Of Honor (D. Brightman-P. Galdston)(The Cisum, Epic 5-10362: 1968, P: Stu Krane)

16. Autumn Concerto (Jack Wolf Fine-Mac Wolfson)(The Up-Set, American Music Makers AMM007: 1968, P,D: Lou Guarino)

17. The Bubble Gum Tree (J. Day & A. Dischel)(Penny Arcade, Smash S-2190: 1968P: Joey Day-Alan Dischel for Power House Productions)

18. Everybody Wants To Be Loved (A. Schroeder-B. Barberis-B Ronga-G. Goehring)(Jorge, Aurora 166: 1969, P: David Mook for Past, Present and Future Productions, A: Joe Renzetti)

19. Wake Up In The Morning (Harry Palmer)(Harry Palmer)(Ford Theater, ABC 11192: 1969, P: Bill Szymczyk, Strings Arranged by: Bert DeCoteaux, P: Bill Szymczyk, Strings Arranged by Bert DeCoteaux)

20. This Is My Woman (Bernstein-Millrose)(The Mod Squad featuring Lee Greenwood, Dot 45-17195: 1969, P: Gerry Granahan, A: Artie Butler)

21. Home (Lou Stallman-Jim Fragale)(The New Kick, Capitol 2682: 1969, P: A Brian Ross Production, A,C: Brian Rose) *

22. No, No You Don't Know (Howard Granville)(Bennett and Evans, Colossus C 129: 1970, P: Douglas Mew, A: Johnny Arthey)

23. Luckie (L. Nyro)(The High and Mighty, UNI 55221: 1970, P: Scott & Vivian Holtzman for Gulf Pacific Industries)

24. Move (Marvin Hamlisch-Alan & Marilyn Bergman)(Larry Marks, A&M 1215: 1970, P: Larry Marks, A: Nick De Caro)

25. It's Straight Ahead (M. Chase-C. Welch-B. Meshel)(Badge, Exhibit EX-4600: 1971, P: Billy Meshel – A Famous Music Production, A,C: John Abbott)

26. Where Does Your Love Go (Jack Cerone)(London Bridge, Capitol 3446: 1972P: Al Capps and Jack Cerone for 1-2-3 Records, Inc., A: Al Capps, R: Independent Recorders, Inc.)

27. Back To You (Carlton Dinnall)(George Clements, West 705: 1972, P: George Clements, A: Jimmy Sullins)

28. Luz (Light) (Alfonso Samano)(The International Bell, Mala 12,030: 1968, P: Dale Hawkins)

Volume 27:

1. I'm So Glad That You Found Me (Buzz Clifford)(The Girls From Petticoat Junction, Imperial 66329: 1968, P: Joe Saraceno, A: George Tipton)

2. Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines (Ron Goodwin)(The Four Freshmen, Capitol 5471: 1965, P: Bill Miller, Music by Gary Paxton)

3. He's Coming Home (Bennett)(The Indigos, Verve Folkways KF 5002: 1965, P: Jack Merlin)

4. Cold Wisconsin Nights (Mike Lloyd)(The American Revolution, Flick-Disc F 902: 1966, P: Mike Lloyd & Mike Curb – A Sidewalk Production)

5. It Hurts (Blair-Kay)(Danny Warner, Reprise 0505: 1966, P: Lee Hazlewood)

6. I'll Give You Things (N. Levenson)(Ronnie Dante, Columbia 4-43862: 1966, P: Neil Levenson – An NML Production)

7. Baby That's Me (Jack Nitzsche-Jackie De Shannon)(The Cake, Decca 32179: 1967, P: Green & Stone – A York-Pala Production, A: Harold Battiste, E: Stan Ross)

8. The Merry-Go-Round Is Slowin' You Down (A. Wayne-E. Silvers)(The Surprise Package, Columbia 4-44292: 1967, P: Jerry Fuller, A: Al Capps)

9. The Sun Is Green (Ahern)(Chapter V, Verve Folkways KF5046: 1967, P,A: Brian Ahern)

10. No One Was There (Ogerman-English)(The Gates Of Eden, Warner Bros 7089: 1967, P,A: Claus Ogerman)

11. Bird Without Wings (Bruce Cockburn)(3's A Crowd, Dunhill D-4120: 1967, P: Cass Elliot & Steve Barri)

12. The Times To Come (Keith Colley-Knox Henderson)(London Phogg, A&M 1010: 1968, A: Keith Colley – Teen Scene Productions, Inc. – A Product of Lumumba Productions, A: Al Capps)

13. Sunny Day Girl (Jimmy Curtiss)(The Hobbits, Decca 32226: 1968, P: Terry Philips – A Lee Haridan Production, A: Jerry Vance, Jimmy Curtiss, Terry Philips)

14. Thinking Like A Child (Don Nix)(The Gentrys, Bell 740: 1968, P: Dale Hawkins & Don Nix, A: Pruitt-Nix-Hawkins)

15. Do I Love You? (Spector-Poncia-Andreoli)(The Magic Ring, Music Factory MU 404: 1968, P: A Steve Ames Production)

16. The Flower Road (A. Stillman-D. Hyman)(The Mills Brothers, Dot 45-17096: 1968, P: Tom Mack, A,C: George Tipton)

17. After All Is Said And Done (Richie Adams-Teddy Randazzo-Victoria Pike)(Chad Munro, Decca 32256: 1968, P,A: Teddy Randazzo)

18. If You Could Only Be Me (C. D’Errico-R. Atkins)(The Cousins, Verve Forecast KF5078: 1968, P: Harry Ascola & Sal Forlenza for Kenjo Prod., A,C: Pete Dino)

19. Show Me How To Love (Allan Bernstein-Victor Millrose)(Sunny Monday, Decca 32503: 1969, P: A Haffkine Production, Strings Arranged by Ron Dulka)

20. Laia Ladaia (E. Lobo-R. Guerra-N. Gimbel)(The Carnival, World Pacific 77932: 1969, Production & Sound: Bones Howe for Mr. Bones Productions, A: The Carnival, Bob Alcivar, Bones Howe)

21. It Ain't Us Who Make The Wars (G. Allan-R. Dante)(Charity, Philips 40614: 1969, P: Ron Dante & G. Allan for Weno Productions, Inc., A: Ron Frangipane)

22. Back To Dreamin' Again (K. Nolan)(Pat Shannon, UNI 55191: 1969, P: Dick Glasser for Dick Glasser Productions)

23. Better Fly Butterfly (L. Russell Brown-R. Bloodworth)(The Springtime, Colossus C 100: 1969, P: Bob Crewe Presents a Brown & Bloodworth Production, A: Hutch Davis)

24. Come To Me (Al Campbell)(Thee Prophets, Kapp K-2087: 1970, P: Carl Bonafede, Dan Belloc & Lew Douglas for Spectra Sound, Inc., A: Lew Douglas, E: Brian Christian)

25. Welcome To The Rain (Davis)(Mid Day Rain, RCA 74-0338: 1970, P: John Florez) *

26. My Kind Of Music (Mike Appel-Jim Cretecos)(Colage, Bell B-920: 1970, P: Wes Farrell for Coral Rock Productions, Inc., A: Mike Melvoin, Vocal Arrangement by John Bahler)

27. Summer Symphony (N. Sedaka-H. Greenfield)(Jack Gold Sound, Columbia 4-45397: 1971, P: Jack Gold, A,C: Ernie Freeman)

28. Music To My Ears (H. Yoergler-L. Lauri)(Jonie Mosby, Capitol 6424: 1972, P: Steve Stone)

Volume 28:

1. Love In The Open Air (Paul McCartney)(The Tudor Minstrels, London 45-1012: 1967)

2. Bring Back My Beatles To Me (Milton Leeds)(Bonnie Brooks, United Artists UA 708: 1964, P: A Platune Production)

3. Ringo Ringo (P. Sawyer)(Darlene Terri, Columbia 4-43-42: 1964, P: Robert Mersey, A,C: Robert Mersey)

4. Go Go Go With Ringo (Jean Murray-Neil Levenson)(The Whippets, Josie 921: 1964, P: A Dulev Production)

5. The Guy With The Long Liverpool Hair (Tommy Goodman-Dick Ahlert)(The Outsiders, Karate 45-505-W: 1964, P: An Edwards-Fleming Prod.)

6. Norwegian Wood (Lennon-McCartney)(The Frugal Sound, Red Bird RB 10-052: 1966, P: An Island Records Production, A Pye Records, U.K. Recording)

7. You Won't See Me (J. Lennon-P. McCartney)(The Oxfords, ABC 10780: 1966, P: Bernie Lowe Productions, A: Jimmy Wisner)

8. Run For Your Life (John Lennon-Paul McCartney)(The Transatlantics, Jubilee 45-5529: 1966)

9. Day Tripper (Live! From Gazzarri's Hollywood A Go-Go Sunset Strip!)(John Lennon-Paul McCartney)(Dave, Stan & Robin, Startime SR-105: 1966, P: M. Rubini & D. Berrigan)

10. Here There And Everywhere (Lennon-McCartney)(The Mustang, Ascot 2231: 1967, P: A Kar Production)

11. She's Leaving Home (J. Lennon-P. McCartney)(David Essex, UNI 55020: 1967, A,P: Mike Leander)

12. Lady Madonna (John Lennon-Paul McCartney)(The Distant Galaxy, Verve VK 10627: 1968, P: Esmond Edwards, A,C: Don Sebesky)

13. Hey Jude (Lennon-McCartney)(The Lollipop Tree, B.T. Puppy 45-546: 1968, P: Neil Levenson for NML Productions, Inc., A,C: Ed Willis)

14. Hey Jude (Lennon-McCartney)(Captain Milk [Edwin Hubbard], Tetragrammaton T-1542: 1969, P: A Captain Milk Production)

15. She Loves You (Lennon-McCartney)(The Sweet Younguns, Pulsar 2420: 1969, P: Roddon Productions)

16. It's All Too Much (George Harrison)(Monday Rain, A&M 1107: 1969, P: Tom Rizzi for Fireplace Prod.)

17. Golden Slumbers and Carry That Weight (Lennon-McCartney)(Trash, Apple 1811:1969, P: Tony Meehan) *

18. Saint Paul (T. Knight)(Terry Knight, Capitol 2506: 1969, P: A Good Knight Production, A,D: Tom Baker)*

19. Come And Get It (Paul McCartney)(The Magic Christians, Commonwealth United C-3006: 1970, P: Gary Wright)

20. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (George Harrison)(Punch, A&M 1233: 1970, P: Production and Sound by Bones Howe, A: Charles Merriam and Bones Howe, Vocal Solo: Steve Adler, Guitar Solo: Mike Deasy)

21. Across The Universe (Lennon-McCartney)(Lightmyth, RCA SP-45-219: 1970, P: Bob Cowsill)

22. It's For You (Lennon & McCartney)(Springwell, Parrot 45-359: 1971, P: Pink Unlimited & Vinny Testa, Recorded at Eastern Sound Toronto, Canada)

23. Junk (Paul McCartney)(Posse, Bell 45,315: 1973, P: Jerry Fuller for Moonchild Productions, Inc., A: Larry Muhoberac)

24. The Beatles' Thing (J. Moran-A. Johnston-J. Moran)(Moran, Epic 5-10987: 1973, P: Paul Gross)

25. Thingumybob (McCartney & Lennon)(John Foster & Sons Ltd. Black Dyke Mills Band, Apple 1800: 1968, P: Paul McCartney)

Hidden Track:

26. Saturday Nite Special (D. Higginbotham)(The Sundown Playboys, Apple 1852: 1972, P: A Swallow Records Production)

Volume 29:

1. If You Love Me Laurie (Eddie Snyder-Paul Vance)(Ronnie Dante, Music Voice M 503: 1964, P,C: Lee Pockriss)

2. Mary Go-Round (Wilson-Moore)(Britain Brothers, TCF Hall TCF-108: 1965)

3. I Remember Barbara (Lee-Reynolds)(The Jones Boys, Atco 45-6426: 1966, P: A Mudd Island Production)

4. Who Is Sylvia? (Howard Blaikley [Based on a song by Franz Schubert])(The Honeycombs, Warner Bros 5803: 1966, P: An R.G.M. Sound Production, A Pye Records, U.K. Recording)

5. Raggedy Ann (Jerry Fuller)(Finders Keepers, Challenge 59338: 1966, P: Jerry Fuller, E: Bruce Botnick)

6. Linda's Gone (Hill-Lester)(The West Coast Branch, Valiant V-753: 1966, P: Faz-Kav Productions)

7. Miss Charlotte (P.F. Sloan)(The Sidekicks, RCA Victor 47-9079: 1967, P: Bernie Lowe and Bob Cullen, A,C: Bob Louden)

8. Since Ronnie Left For Boston (Bob Stone)(Sons of Cajun, Atco 45-6490: 1967, P: Pebble In The Sand Productions, A: Bob Stone)

9. Carol Cartoon (Johnny Cymbal)(The Eye-Full Tower, SSS International SSS 700: 1967, P: M. Verona & J. Cymbal – A Wild Production, A: Burt Decoteaux)

10. Adora (Houghland)(The Bright Hour, Elf 90,001: 1968, P: A Russell-Cason Production, A: Buzz Cason)

11. Sophia (K. Young)(San Francisco Earthquake, Smash S-2203: 1968, P: Bill & Steve Jerome for Real Good Productions Inc., A,C: Herb Bernstein)

12. Alice In Wonderland (D. Morris-E. Greenberg-G. Schwartz-V. Neuland)(The Central Nervous System, Laurie 3446: 1968, P: Laurie Productions Inc., Recorded at Allegro Sound Studios)

13. I Love You Alice B. Toklas (P. Mazursky-E. Bernstein-L. Tucker)(The Blades of Grass, Jubilee JB-5635: 1968, P: Steve & Bill Jerome for Real Good Productions, Inc., A: J. Abbott & The Blades of Grass)

14. Dorothy The Fairy Queen (J. Murphy)(The Merchants of Dream, A&M 989: 1968, A,P: Vinny Testa, Exec P: Shadow Morton)

15. Mary On The Beach (Jeff Barry)(Hank Shifter, Steed 45-708: 1968, P: Jeff Barry, A: Dean Christopher)

16. Mary And John (H. Cordello-N. Simon)(The Boys From New York City, Laurie LR 3434: 1968, P: Action Inc. and Laurie Productions Inc.)

17. Where Sally Waits (B. Nixon)(The Doomsday Machine, Dot 45-17255: 1969, A,P: Theodore and Coffey for Sussex Productions)

18. Dear Emily (S. Kuby)(The Golden Horizon, Fontana F-1666: 1969, P: Jim Golden for Dunwich Productions, Ltd.)

19. Beverly (S. Linzer-D. Randell)(Oliver Twist featuring Jimmy Druiett, Epic 5-10472: 1969, P: Sandy Linzer, A,C: C. Calello)

20. Jeannine (Howard Greenfield-Neil Sedaka)(Neil Sedaka, SGC 45-008: 1969, P: Neil Sedaka & Howard Greenfield, A: Irving Spice)

21. Anna (William Oliver Swofford)(Oliver, Crewe 341: 1970, P,D: Bob Crewe, A: Hutch Davie)

22. Alice McCrea (Tice Griffin)(The Gross National Product, A&M 1151: 1970, P: Bollon & Plato for Guilford Productions)

23. Betty Betty Bye Bye (Jean Peloquin)(Rabbitt, Bell 926: 1970, P: Larry Marks & Lee Hazlewood for Lee Hazlewood Productions, A: Larry Marks)

24. Hey Lenora (David Sandler)(The Rumbles Ltd., Capitol 2903: 1970, A,P: David Sandler) *

25. I've Still Got My Heart, Jo (Tony Macaulay-Greenaway-Cook)(Tony Burrows, Bell B-912: 1970, P: Tony Macaulay for Mustard Record Productions, A: Tony King)

26. Wake Up, Judy (Paul Vance-Lee Pockriss)(The Cuff Links, Decca 32791: 1971, P: A Vance-Pockriss Production, A,C: Lee Pockriss, Sound by Don Casale) *

27. Eloise (R. Donofrio-R. Look)(Heavy Breathing, Laurie LR 3563: 1971, P: A Laurie Production, A: Heavy Breathing)

Volume 30:

1. Theme From Come, Come (M. Holiday)(The Congregation, Laurie 3410: 1967, P: J. Shaw & M. Holiday, A: Mickey Holiday)

2. Mister Sandman (Ballard)(The Osmond Brothers, MGM K13281: 1964, A,P: Terry Melcher – A TM Music, Inc. Production for Ember Records, Inc.)

3. Wait For The Dawn (McGeady-Davidson)(The Robin Hoods, Mercury 72445: 1965, Vocal Produced by Lou Reizner)

4. My Lovin' Baby (P.M. Solomon-A. Kriske)(The Beauchemins, Mustang 3015: 1966)

5. How Nice (M. Constant-L. Kusik)(Arnie Corrado, Date 2 1509: 1966, P: Lor Crane, A,C: Arnold Goland)

6. Dream With Me (T. Jacobson-M. Tansley)(Jacobson & Tansley, Filmways FW-106: 1966, P: Curt Boettcher, Our Productions)

7. The Bells (Michael Lloyd)(The Laughing Wind, Tower 315: 1966, A,P: Michael Lloyd for Kim Fowley Productions)

8. Gypsy (Ron Rich, Caravelle 45-105: 1967, P: A Big Jim Production)

9. Rumors (Blackman-Olsen)(Eternity's Children, A&M 866: 1967, P: Crocked Foxx Productions, A: Keith Olsen)

10. Happy And Me (R. Overman)(Don & the Goodtimes, Epic 5-10199: 1967, P: Jerry Fuller, A: Jerry Fuller)

11. The Trouble With You Is (Toscano-Ferrantino)(The U.S. Male, MGM K13838: 1967, P: Bennie Benjamin & Sol Marcus)

12. My World (R. Kerr/R. Felton)(Cupids Inspiration, NEMS [UK] 56-3702: 1968, P: Jimmy Duncan, A,C: Johnny Arthey)

13. Love Heals (J. Dalton-G. Montgomery)(Colours, Dot 45-17132: 1968, P: Danny Moore & Richard Delvy for Robbins Prod.)

14. Shades Of Gray (B. Mann-C. Weil)(The Will-O-Bees, Date 2-1543: 1968, P: A Dunwich Production for Screen Gems-Columbia Supervision – Bill Traut)

15. Do Unto Others (Sandy Salisbury & Keith Colley)(Sandy Salisbury, Together T-101: 1968, P: C. Boettcher, K. Olsen, G. Usher)

16. Strawberry Sunday (Jimmy Peterik)(The Ides of March, Kapp K-992: 1969, A,P: Lee Productions))

17. Americas (Guy-Tate-Finaldi)(The French Revolution, Tower 504: 1969, P: Tony Roman)

18. Love, Nothing More (Wayne C. Bennett-Craig L. Anderson)(Cornerstone, Liberty 56148: 1969, P: Bennett & Bennett, A: Wayne C. Bennett)

19. I Though I Loved Her (Steve Noack)(The Happy Returns, Cadet 5651: 1969, P: Stan Friedman, Recorded in CONCEPT 12))

20. Daily News (S. Burnett)(The In-Keepers, RCA 47-9713: 1969, P: Pierre G. Maheu)

21. Yesterday Is Gone (Richard Bowen & Robert Gilly)(The Source, American International A-141: 1970, P: The Source)

22. Jack In The Box (Goransson-Hagberg)(Jackpots, Sire 45-4113: 1970, P: A Sonet [Sweden] Production)

23. I Keep It Hid (Jim Webb)(Mark Richardson, Global Theater GT-101-52: 1970, P: Boettcher-Olsen) *

24. I'll Be With You (Teddy Randazzo)(The Vogues, Bell 45,127: 1971, P,A: Teddy Randazzo)

25. Sweet Sad Clown (D. Hildebrand-J. Keller)(Society of Seven, UNI 55254: 1971, P,A: Jack Keller)

26. Brandy (English-Kerr)(Scott English, Janus J 171: 1972, P: Dave Bloxham, A: Tony King)

27. One Stands Here (Jim Webb)(Strawberry Children, Soul City SCR 758: 1967, P: Johnny Rivers, A: Jim Webb)

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